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A 29 year old civil employment exam student wakes up in a blank white room and meets a baby angel. This baby angel informs him that he died in his sleep due to heart disease like his father and grandfather. Remembering his mom and their last conversation he says that he will take on a series of life and death tests that the baby angel offers him. From this point on he must put his life on the line and fight in the stage called ‘Arena’. And Every time he clears a test he will have the ability to gain abilities and weapons to increase his strength to clear all the tests and get his life back. This is his story of his fights in the ‘Arena’.

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Chapter 115 1 week ago
Chapter 114 2 weeks ago
Chapter 113 3 weeks ago
Chapter 112 3 weeks ago
Chapter 111 3 weeks ago
Chapter 110 4 weeks ago
Chapter 109 1 month ago
Chapter 108 1 month ago
Chapter 107 1 month ago
Chapter 106 1 month ago
Chapter 105 1 month ago
Chapter 104 1 month ago
Chapter 103 1 month ago
Chapter 102 1 month ago
Chapter 101 2 months ago
Chapter 100 2 months ago
Chapter 99 2 months ago
Chapter 98 2 months ago
Chapter 97 2 months ago
Chapter 96 3 months ago
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As of today I am at ch. 59, I like the story a lot, did not feel like most other novels that I have red the recent years, It got a good story with family/friend interactions and while keeping the main goal (The arena), I can imagine that people prefer action, but this is a bit mixed, in my opinion it's pretty unique, a good read. Can't say anything about the future yet, but I'm at chapter 59, for now it left me a good impression!

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