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Broken-Winged Angel

Shi Qing Xia is practically an angel. Kind, sweet-hearted, and good at her studies, she was admitted to the top university in Taipei. However, the living expenses for the metropolitan city were far greater than she had ever imagined, so she started to work as a private tutor for wealthy families to make ends meet. On her first day of work, she met Zhao Yi Bo and Zhao Yi Xuan, a pair of neglected 16-year-old genius twins whose prosperous and wealthy parents heartlessly abandoned them in Taiwan. Shi Qing Xia found them to be gentle, compassionate, friendly, clever, mysterious, pitiful, and attractive. But appearances can be very deceiving… Because behind those sweet smiles… Deeply twisted and cruel demons lurked, waiting to rip apart the wings of this angel, condemning her to an eternity of conflicted bittersweet suffering — a rollercoaster ride of a heart-wrenching, twisted, and tragic romance more extreme than what someone so innocent could possibly imagine.

Brother-in-Law, I’m Pregnant!

Having a dark and twisted personality, his beautiful and gentle sister was the only light in his life – but that devil suddenly appeared and stole his light, making him go crazy. In any case, he cannot absolutely let that devil become his brother-in-law and defile his sister, he must save her from that devil’s evil clutches! But unfortunately he did not succeed, instead that demon found his greatest secret and, violated him…. After discovering that he was pregnant, he immediately decided to commit suicide, but before that, he wanted to tell the devil “Brother-in-law, I’m pregnant”, and see what that devil would do! What the! The demon said he wanted to marry him??? No! He did not want to marry the demon, although he unconsciously had started to fall in love with the devil…

Bunny Husband

Second book in Yuan Yuan’s series 老梗也是梗系列之(AKA We were supposed to have died in a plane crash, instead we transmigrated/reincarnated). The stories consist of three modern settings and three historical. __ What?! When people transmigrate, they became emperors or mighty heroes. Why did he transmigrate to a Xiǎo Guān?! In modern times, he had been a superb man women chased after. In this historical time, he has become a peerless receiver! If he wasn’t careful, his little red flower will be forced to ‘go to sea’! No hesitation, he must run away- On his escape, he was rescued by a chivalrous woman! Immediately, he fell in love. The sad thing was his modern bully’s self-esteem was totally shattered in this historical time. So he stuck to the chivalrous woman. The person to be molested was him and the person to be protected was him! No way! She was the current Lord of her sect?! But to his dismay, she already had a fiancé who was her cousin…

Civil Servant Gets a Gentle Dream

Pricia, the daughter of a lower aristocrat, has a slight magic power. So slight, in fact, that no one outside of her family is aware of it. While working at the Royal Palace, Pricia meets Prime Minister’s secretary and upper class nobleman Creet Brody, whose hectic work draws him to her and her magic hands.

Clinging President – My Girl, I Want You

“Within half a month, I will make you climb on my bed on your own initiative!” What the heck! The guy was insufferable at times – self-centred and narcissistic. First, he talked nonsense in front of the whole school, then adopted every possible means to compel her to submit. This pretentious and imperious man could not be her Mr. Right! Even more unexpectedly, he turned shame into anger and should force her to have sex with him. Humph! As a modern new woman, she would not yield so easily just because of a thin cherry. In view of his family background, she had better slip away. But there was some force guiding them—call it God, destiny or fate. After eight years, he, as boss of the company which she worked with, was again brought to her by this kind of force…

Coming Twogether As One

“It feels good to be on my knees when we’re kissing.” Su Zhou suddenly blurted out prior to dozing off. “So, it turns out you didn’t like kissing before because I was too good for you.” “It’s not that…” “I know,” Xie Luyang embraced Su Zhou firmly from behind. “You want to love me on your knees, right?” “Hmm.” “You love me, don’t you?” “Hmm.” “I love you too.”

Conqueror of Hell


Crawl Between Another’s Legs

Ye Feng feels that he is very humble, knowing that the other party does not like men, he still can’t restrain the desire of the flesh, seize the opportunity to seduce the drunken subordinates, take the initiative to open his thighs, indulge himself in surrendering to men. Under the crotch, let a man ride on him, gallop freely, and water him. He secretly loves the sunshine that does not belong to him, and hides all his love in the excuse of “drinking chaos”, maintaining the most normal relationship between the upper and lower sides. However, he tried to put aside the physical relationship between the two but attracted the other’s attention.

Crimes Of A Hyper-Intelligent Being As A Human

A dark story in which a human-shaped intelligent life created by cloning technology blends into human society and distorts justice and ethics.

Crossing the Crowd to Chase Love

The day she wore it, she became the wife of two men ( means she open her eyes, she transmigrated into newlywed marry a girl who has two husbands). She later became the Queen of the country. Her life has been cherished by seven men.

Crying Mansion – Torture shows

Crying Mansion… this is a membership mansion which tortures girls and lets their members enjoy watching the girl’s agony The members are a very few people of high social status A harsh torture show is held everyday using the slaves in the mansion In the torture the young girl slaves breasts and genitalia are tortured while their screams never stop There is no sweet pleasure given to the girls with rotors or vibes, only pain is given to their immature bodies The girls are restrained from unnecessary movement and are punished in narrow cages, their whole lives are spent in the same cage Everyone of the girl is personally caught by the club And once a girl is caught she will never be released for a lifetime

Cuck S*ave in Training

To be honest, life with my wife isn’t going too well. I try as much as I can to compromise, but we can’t even have a proper talk. He looked about 32, stood 178 meters tall, quite handsome. Suddenly, a ridiculous idea came up in my mind: I’ll have this man satisfy my wife.

Cuck Slave in Training

To be honest, life with my wife isn’t going too well. I try as much as I can to compromise, but we can’t even have a proper talk. He looked about 32, stood 178 meters tall, quite handsome. Suddenly, a ridiculous idea came up in my mind: I’ll have this man satisfy my wife.

Curing Incurable Disease With Semen

I have a little sister that is hospitalized because of an incurable disease But one day, by her request, we did sexual things. But since then, my little sister got better, and finally she completely recovered. Does doing ecchi things with me cure sicknesses? I was doubtful at first, but then I also had sex with other female patients who’s incurable. Because all those female patients achieved complete recovery, I cured incurable diseases behind the scenes and became the Founder of a sect, on the outside I’m a person who supports incurable diseases and assumed the office as a representative. Then during many years, I had sex with women that had incurable diseases, then after they’re cured I impregnated them. I was called “Founder-sama” and looked at with respectful eyes by the women, this is the story of how I became so.

Curse Eater

The series follows a special kind of shrine maiden who specializes in exorcising Sex Gods

Daily S*x Life of a High School Student

After the divorce of sixteen-year-old Li Jiajia’s parents, she was deflowered by her father and began her slutty s*x life.

Dance With The Devil

The demon who looked like an angel, Duke Valafar, was discriminated by other demons due to his appearance, causing him to become a shut-in in his castle. The only one by his side was an incubus subordinate. One day, when a blood-stained angel fell in his territory, he met Archangel Uriel. Kidnapped by Uriel, the fate of Valafar who was added to the harem is…!? Brute (kichiku) angel x arrogant (oresama) demon.

Dare ga Otome Geemu Dato Itta!

The protagonist has reincarnated into the body of the capture target’s dying younger brother in the fantasy ADV otome game, “Trickster Dreams in the Mirror.” Though the sickly protagonist regains the memories of his former life, his personality did not carry over. This is the story of a supporting character whose only role was to die, breaking flags so that he may struggle to live even a little longer. As a result, this is a story of a slightly different flag that was broken.

Dark Blue and Moonlight

Yan Fei was a young marketing director and Haiqing dreamt of studying art. Yan Fei has a boyfriend, Jimmy. Haiqing was still single. When Haiqing spotted Yan Fei at a local swimming pool, he secretly took a picture of the pretty young man. Through a series of unfortunate events, the two end up talking to each other and Yan Fei decided to give Haiqing his number, hoping they would meet again — the chemistry between them was instantaneous. But as chance or fate would have it, Haiqing dropped his phone in the swimming pool and he never got the chance to call Yan Fei. Not long after, Haiqing met Ping Jun and the two started dating. However, this was only the beginning. Haiqing could not forget Yan Fei; and Yan Fei could not forget him either.

Dark Civilization

When the heavy curtains of night descended, darkness fell upon the earth. What will later be known as the dawn of the “Dark” era, humanity once again unfolded a new path of evolution. While retaining the memories of surviving ten years in the apocalyptic world, Ye Chen awakens back on the very day the disaster struck; all he can do is protect the people dear to him, and then…. With the might of an ant, set foot upon the pinnacle of this world! The people lost in the thralls of everyday life, aimlessly struggling for survival in this world, move forward; there will surely be a path only you can open….