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Hero Manufacturing Machine ~A Job to Make Children~

Yusharurushu Braveroad or 「Sharuru」for short is a royalty and also the youngest blood relative of a hero. He has low chance in rights to succession so he willfully lived as an adventurer. Since his nine elder brothers had died in succession, he was selected to be the stallion of the next generation heroes. He began with the beautiful female knight(Assassin), and the unrelated widow. He inseminated his sisters-in-law one after another.

High Society

This is the story of a woman using a group of men to step into the upper society. She’ll use every means.

Himekishi ga Classmate! ~ Isekai Cheat de Dorei ka Harem~

A High School Boy without friends, Odamori Tooru reincarnated into Fantasy World after a bus accident on a School Field Trip. The job that was drawn, 『Slavemancer』a Cheat occupation that dominates the minds of other. Tooru begins to immediately enslave women with that power. However, a Bishoujo of a classmate who similarly reincarnated, Himeno Kirika is a 『Princess Knight』of Justice who has appeared before Tooru… 「Once this happens a Former Classmate, Adventurer, an Elf, A Demon, a Princess, all of these will be collected as slaves!」

History at the Library

Perdi, known widely throughout the continent, is a very famous author of adult novels. But Perdi’s true identity is actually Vivian, the Imperial Night Librarian. Vivian sends over the 4th draft of her latest novel to her publisher to be reviewed, but her work is criticized because the way she writes hetero s*x scenes isn’t erot*c at all. “What, so you’re saying I’ll only know what sexual relationships are like after I experience it myself? But what can I do when I’m bound to a chastity contract?” Unfortunately for Vivian, she had to sign a chastity contract in order to be hired as an imperial servant, and has been forced to remain a virgin ever since. Worse still, only a member of the imperial family could break the contract… but Vivian only has eyes for Ray, a mysterious man who visits the library every night. But as it turns out, Ray is the imperial archduke and the emperor’s brother! One day, he approaches her with a sweet offer that she can’t resist…

Hollywood Hunter

Many years later, a Chinese mainland director unexpectedly returned to Hollywood in 1986, and began his legendary journey to take control of the world’s largest film and television industry center step by step.

Honey, Let’s Go!

The greatest trial for love is time. The ultimate test for any relationship is whether or not time can change the feelings of a person. Honey, Let’s Go! enables us to view a different angle of love, its power and its limits. The story told the tale of Qiao-er and a strange vampire. Sleeping next to such a horrifying being everyday, what happen if she falls in love with it? All she can think about is him, about the short lifespan of humans and the immortality of vampires. The girl is not very bright, and her thoughts have always been slow. The vampire have been cultivating for a thousand years. Where is the end for their romance? Could there really exist a path of escape for the both of them? Honey, Let’s Go is the tale of love between worlds. Could they stay together forever more or will they be forced apart, doomed to eternally search for each other from one life to the next?

House of Sweets ~un petit nid~

He only needed one thing important to him—and that would be enough. Kase has been recently laid off. He’s dreading the job search process when Agi, the tough-looking owner of a bakery, calls out to him and gives him a job on the spot. Kase is unsociable and doesn’t know how to deal with people, and the warm friendly atmosphere of the bakery leaves him unsettled and confused. A fire at his apartment somehow ropes Kase into living with Agi, and as they spend more time together, Kase feels helplessly attracted to Agi’s gentle hands. The kinder that Agi treats him, the more Kase finds himself dependent on Agi, and Kase’s overflowing feelings almost overwhelm him… Former yakuza turned bakery owner x Antisocial loner trapped in the chains of the past

How Do I Dominate the World?

Pirate captain: “…” Merman: “I will raise you later. Don’t cry.” The pirate frowned: “But I’m not just after money.” The Merman wondered, “What else?” The pirate captain’s eyes sparkled, “I want to be the best pirate in the world.” The Merman thumped his chest and said, ”Leave it to me.”

How Many Tomorrows There Are

Deeply-closeted Xiaoming has downloaded a zipped file and opened one of the texts at random. He closed it immediately after two pages because he found it way too kinky for his tastes, and can only faintly recall the cannon fodder and the antagonist. Waking up later, he became that cannon fodder on his way to tomorrow’s killing gauntlet reality show. Failing to return even after reciting the core values a hundred times, he could only pick up his sword. As long as the tragic fate could be rewritten, it’s fine to become tainted or whatever.

How to Tame My Beastly Husband

‘I’m sure I was……dead.’ Annette Bavaria, a woman from the most prestigious noble family in the Deltium kingdom , returned back to the day of her wedding. The groom’s face was fierce as they entered the hall for the ceremony. He clutched her arm tightly because he hated Annette terribly. Now they were going to have a hellish marriage again, hurting each other. *** “Don’t do this, Rafael.” “Shh, Annette. If you really want me to stop, please don’t open your dirty mouth. I’m going crazy right now because I want to squeeze it right in.” She looked at her husband tearing her clothes with tearful eyes. He was still horribly mean, arrogant, and a beast who only coveted her body. If she didn’t want to die again, she had to tame this wicked beast somehow. There was no other option.

Hua Hua You Long

In order to help their chief find a wife, the bandits kidnapped a woman from the bottom of the mountain in order to offer her up to him. The chief of the mountain stronghold, Lu Cang falls in love at first sight with the absolutely stunning beauty! However, on the night of the consummation…

Hunter Club – Antihero

A bald uncle just happens to fall into a foreign world, and this is the story of him climbing from the bottom to the top.

Husband You’re so Bad

Five years ago, on the eve of their wedding, she fled with his best friend and made him a joke. However, her life was not so beautiful! They met again She was a single mother, depended on others.

Hypnotising a Female Knight and Playing With Her


Hypnotized Harem

My beloved grandfather who cherished me passed away. My father asked me to organize the articles that he left behind. While rummaging through one of my grandfather’s boxes, I found a smartphone that would forever change my life.

I am a Super Sorcerer

Wu Lai was an ordinary high school student. One day he was struck by a flash of lightning from a different world, and suddenly entered a fantastic world full of magic and swords. Since then, he started a totally new life. In this supernatural world, he had his ups and downs, experienced numerous battles, subdued powerful evil beasts, and fell in love with a belle. His nickname “Demon King” was remembered throughout the ages there. Stay or return was a question. In the face of this choice, Wu Lai, with the nostalgia and gratefulness for the original world, finally chose to stay… Here was the legend of “Demon King”…

I am an Alpha

Also named “I am a vegetable” “President Shen’s Wife Died” “Big Brother has more presence than me” Nothing is more honorable than being an Alpha. Strong, intelligent and handsome. Unlike Betas that are one of many, or Omegas that are delicate and vulnerable. Even more honorably, I am an Alpha – An alpha who had been vegetative for twelve years.

I Am In The Middle Of Being Hypnotised

Eh? I am hypnotised? That’s a good one~ Please stop it though because it can’t be true. If it really was, though, then that would be hilarious. I am just doing what I want to do. I am not being manipulated by anyone. My dream? That’s kind of an unusual question you’re asking. It’s fine, I’ll tell you. I want to become my boyfriend’s Perverted Meat Toilet, but is there something the matter? Huh? It’s strange? What is? I don’t understand at all. Boyfriend? My boyfriend is…huh? Please wait a minute… I-I have one! I just forgot about him for a moment!

I and My Husband Sleep in a Coffin

My name is Wang Xiao Mie. I’m online asking for help. If you wake up and find yourself sleeping in a coffin inside a tomb and wearing a red wedding gown,and lying next to you is a real devil husband. What should I do if he wants to have a wedding night? Can I faint? After fainting will I be able to transmigrate back? Waiting online. It’s very urgent.

I Awoke to Find I Was the Girl Swordsman That Protects My Cousin

This is the first of a three-novel series with two spin-off novels. The title describes the basic premise well enough: It’s about a boy who suddenly discovers he transforms into a girl whenever his female cousin in danger.