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Uchouten Kazoku: Nidaime no Kichou

The second book from Uchoten Kazoku series revolves around Professor Akadama’s estranged son, Nidaime’s return to Kyoto.

Ukikumo Shinrei Kitan

‘Once a spirit is exorcised, there can be no return.’ An encounter with the strongest exorcist! Red eyes that can see the spirits of the dead. Here are the roots of the Psychic Detective Yakumo series! The older sister of aspiring painter Yasohachi is behaving in a strange manner. It seems to be the work of a ghost – there is no way to talk to her. Yasohachi is at a loss regarding what to do and goes to meet a man famed for his ability as an exorcist. The man’s skin is unnaturally pale and he covers his eyes with a red cloth. Entranced by this man unlike any other who can see the spirits of the dead, Yasohachi finds himself wrapped up in a number of incidents.

Ultimate Teacher

Fang Yan is a Tai Chi Clan descendant, but because of a barbaric woman’s intolerable bullying, he escaped from the Clan and abandoned his Martial background to become a language teacher at a Private High School. Thus, the ultimate teacher was born!

Umeibo no Byouin de Kanojo to Hanashita Ikutsu ka no koto

2nd place in Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi~! 2019 comes a new one-shot by Ishikawa Hiroshi. – Sou Uehara visits a Seaside Hospital. He was once hospitalized at this very place. His former companions suffered from an enigmatic disease that killed them off to the point of extinction. Those who survived however, have still not been discharged yet. Sou reminiscences the events that happened “That day”. The disease’s spread to a certain region of a city, The deaths of the adults it lead to, The power of an affected child, And furthermore the conclusion of the battle――.


Lin Wuyu is the academic god of his high school: calm, confident, and forever effortlessly able to get first place. Ding Ji flaunts his excellent memory and specializes in the art of hoodwinking others through fortune telling. These two people who initially don’t have anything in common meet due to the spinning gears of fate. Lin Wuyu discovers that the seemingly sloppy, careless Ding Ji is in fact outstandingly smart. After a series of hilarious misunderstandings, the reason why Ding Ji is unwilling to be called a prodigy gradually reveals itself. Two equally clever and exceptional teens, with similar yet not completely identical family troubles, slowly grow closer as they deepen their understanding of each other, little by little. The author’s writing is humorous, with a natural, flowing style. The personalities of these two sharply contrasting teens appear vividly and realistically on paper. Lin Wuyu’s occasional childishness under his cool-headed academic god appearance and Ding Ji’s kindheartedness and liveliness that can’t be concealed by his street king energy are revealed by the author’s various and amusing plots.

Undefeatable – League of Legends

When the Chinese athlete laughed that video game championships existed, you, as a professional esports player, should use your size 42 shoes to measure just how long his smug face is! When parents, relatives, friends, and all of society all squint at your video game profession as improper, all you, as a true lover of esports, can do is to show them a unyielding view of your back! Have you ever imagined that in four years, esports would be one of the events on the Olympic fields. A hair-raising showdown that combines hand speed reactions under a second, great coordination from a five man team, and the ultimate limits of the human response time– –it is the video game competition! Let the enthusiastic followers of the world yell ‘Demacia’!!

Under the Oak Tree

The daughter of a duke, stuttering young Maximilian, married a knight of humble birth at the insistence of her father. Her husband left for expedition after the first night. Three years later, he comes back as a famous knight of the whole continent. How would Maximillian face him?

Under the Power

In the final years of the reign of Jiajing Emperor during the Ming Dynasty, Lu Yi of the Jingyiwei (male imperial secret officers) is commissioned to investigate the disappearance of funds that have been set aside for river repairs in Yangzhou. He is assisted by Yuan Jinxia of the Liushanmen. The two accidentally become involved in a conspiracy. The talented female constable Yuan Jinxia gets into a disagreement with the hot-tempered Jinyiwei Lu Yi over a case that they are both involved in. Jinxia thought that she’d never encounter Lu Yi again in this lifetime, yet fate has its way of bringing two people back together. Government funds have been stolen and Jinxia receives orders to assist Lu Yi in his investigation. They are unable to get along at first, but learn to work together through the hardships. Eventually, they develop feelings for each other to become lovers. However, things go awry when the truth about the past comes to light. Jinxia is the orphan of the Xia Yan case from many years ago and she bears the burdens of the bloodshed that destroyed her family.

Underdog Versus Boss

Feng Kai Ze and Da Tian Ting are childhood rivals. Feng Kai Ze is the love child of a ruthless tycoon. He resents his father for his mother’s death. When his father forces him to leave his mother’s hometown, he steals Da Tian Ting’s diary. Da Tian Ting resents her mother for abandoning her and her father to marry her mother’s first love. Unbeknownst to Da Tian Ting, her father’s friend betrays him by stealing her father’s invention. She believes her inheritance is from her father’s life savings. Da Tian Ting loves her father. She agrees to marry her father’s friend’s son. On the eve of Da Tian Ting’s wedding day, her fiance cheats on her. She cancels the wedding and breaks off the engagement. When Da Tian Ting hits rock bottom she reunites with Feng Kai Ze. She doesn’t recognise the adult Feng Kai Ze. She thinks he is a handsome pauper and plans to recruit him as her wedding date to her ex-fiance’s wedding. Feng Kai Ze recognises his childhood rival Da Tian Ting. Initially Feng Kai Ze wants to use Da Tian Ting to defy his father’s order for him to marry the daughter of a businessman who is blackmailing his father. Feng Kai Ze and Da Tian Ting join forces to take revenge on the people who hurt their mother and father respectively. Blind by revenge, Feng Kai Ze and Da Tian Ting can’t see cupid’s arrow targeting their hearts.

Undying Patient

Su Jinzhi never died despite being ill for a long time. It came to the point in his life where he believed that he would die this time. However, once he opened his eyes, he didn’t expect that he was kidnapped and tied to a Love Life System. The System told him that it was because he did not give up his love for life even though he was ill to that point. As a result, in this lifetime, he would continue to use his sick figure that was not willing to die to save all those who did not love life in this world. He should rouse their passion to live, encourage them to love life, and teach them to be harmonious with society! Su Junzhi: I want to enjoy life first. I will only have the power to save the world after I taste love. System: Host, please listen to me. You cannot fall in love with this person. You will become damned if you fall in love with this person. Su Jinzhi: Isn’t life there to be enjoyed? Why fear death? Shouldn’t becoming a ghost offer you freedom once you die? – During the moments I forgot, you loved me. – However, during the moments that I remember you, I love you.

Unfortunately, My Engagement was Cancelled, but I Don’t Care Anymore!

The story of my trouble because of the s*upid First Prince.

Unmotivated Detective Work


Unmotivated Hero’s Tale (LN)

There is a town called Karin in a faraway land from the capital city of the kingdom of Clarith. There lived a military man named Yui Istats. ­Being solely known for his laziness, he lacks any motivation, completely not making any progress in the tasks assigned to him. Nevertheless there was a particular mission for him. Disguising himself as an inconspicuous person, he was advancing daily internal inspections in order to correct the decaying deeds of nobles. And before that kind of him appeared the princess Elise. From the strong sense of justice she tried to resolve the present state of affairs with her own hands, and was kidnapped by a sect that didn’t approve her actions. And Yui, who was called ‘good-for-nothing’ by Elise, came up with a plan in order to rescue the princess?! Lackadaisical hero(?) is sent, the tale of a hidden hero! Unique military history fantasy, part one! (Synopsis translated by ErikaWalker)

Unmotivated Hero’s Tale (WN)

To the west of the continent that is the Small Kingdom Claris, there is a young officer who was known as “The Deadbeat of the Royal Capital”. At this Golden Age of Magic, he was unable to utilize most of them, and was relegated to the countryside as a result of being a defective officer. However, he who doesn’t have motivation in the first place was pleased with the relegation, and was even presuming an easy retirement to the countryside. But contrary to his wishes, the turbulence of the times required him to stand in the center stage of history. This is the story of the “Deadbeat of the Royal Capital, also known as “Carlin’s Daytime Lantern”, the unmotivated young officer Yui Ystats, “The Hero who Saved the Country” and how he was involved to the disturbance of the continent.

Unnamed Memory

“As long as you’re the master of that sword and I’m a witch, someday you’ll have to kill me for real.” As a child, Oscar, Crown Prince of Farsas, had been cursed to be childless. At the age of 20, he paid a visit to Tinassha, the strongest witch in the continent, to break the curse. He came back bringing Tinassha along as his protector, and in the one year until his contract with her expired, he got embroiled into her past, and an even greater destiny.


Gu Hong Jian practically lived for Lin Si Ze. Then one day, she died. Afterwards, she found herself as a ghost—incapable of leaving Lin Si Ze.

Upkey Girl

Aura of a star, I can see it. Let’s foster a proper Girl Group!

Upon the Wind and Melody of the Lute

This is a ‘royal fantasy’, The tale of a boy becoming a hero. The setting is a world of swords and magic, with a ‘demon king’. On the 200th anniversary of the end of the Great War with the Demon King, the Freislein Kingdom is preparing for its memorial. Busily progressing these preparations are the first princess Celestina and her two younger sisters. Nearby is their childhood friend, an apprentice under the court mages called Alex. However, there is a creeping shadow over this ceremony wishing for peace. On the day of the ceremony, something happens that engulfs not only the Freislein Kingdom, but its neighbouring countries into a serious incident, Alex and the others’ fates are also greatly changed…

Urban Banished Immortal

I, the mighty Telepath Starlord, got banished into the mortal world. The days in the mortal world are much better than those in heaven! Everything is here — money, authority and most importantly stunning beauties! I am from a rich family. Yes, I am indeed wealthy now. The kind of wealth where you would not want to displease me. Domineering CEOs, military big shots, business geniuses, you name it — I know them all! I know everything you are thinking about. You can’t defeat me anyway, how are you going to go against me? A century in the mortal world is only equivalent to a hundred days in heaven. As an urban banished immortal, I will enjoy the heck out of my time in the human world and a huge commotion would arise in heaven!

Usotsuki – Uso o Tsuku Tabini Nagametakunaru Tsuki

What does it mean to “like” someone? And what exactly is all this “love” nonsense? Sixteen-year-​old Kaguya Takemiya can’t wrap her mind around this “romance” mumbo-jumbo, and nobody would explain it to her — not her family, her friends, or even her boyfriend(?). This stuff doesn’t show up in any textbooks, yet it’s all over the damn place. People throw that phrase around so casually, even when they’re not sure of their true feelings. As for Kaguya, well, every time she gives those three words a try, it comes out as just two: “How boring.” It’s a pretty awful thing to say to a loved one, whatever the hell that means. But no matter. There are more pressing matters at hand, namely, the masked individual who has been quietly staring at her…