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Your Highness, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

Marriage with the villainous ‘Ice Emperor’—despite his harsh words, the voice of his heart is super sweet!? The Princess of the Southern Kingdom, Tistye, who can read people’s heart, is married to Gaizel, the King of the Northern Kingdom, which is renowned for its outrageous cruelty. Contrary to his relentless cold words, she can hear the voice of his heart, which is surprisingly mellow—his gap almost causes her to die of embarrassment!

Your Husband’s Leg is Broken

There is dog blood, a substitute and there is also a white moonlight (bai yueguang – something that is always in the heart but not within reach) but I am a good cookie.

Your Majesty, I Want You

The 17th Emperor of the Empire was a woman. Purely thanks to the Duke of Roark was she able to overtake the throne against her brothers. “Your Majesty, I’m ready to follow your will.” He was the emperor’s loyal supporter and every noblemen bow their heads and wag their tails at his command.  Yet, despite his devotion, the emperor treats him coldly. But little does the public know that inside closed doors, she belongs to him. * In the dead of the night. The door is wide open and the duke entered the emperor’s room without permission. “Get out,” he said to the servants, eyes locked on the emperor. The emperor looked at him and said, “I’m begging you, not today…” Before him, her dignity was useless and authority whisked away. She was weak. “Your Majesty, today you enchant me. I’m afraid I can’t hold it in any longer.” His eyes glided over her sweet body and tore her clothing apart without hesitation. “Sorry, I’m afraid that it may be a rough night.”

Your Majesty’s Wife’s Advice

The world has been told that his majesty in the north is greedy and warlike, dominating the commerce and trade in the west, cutting off the waterways in the south, and the army has been pressing on the border of the country for many years, forcing the people of Tianfu to breathe…. As everyone knows, he is only to ask his wife for his heart, to buy her the gold, the southern country’s satin, revenge and bully her Empress of the country. On a certain day, to the brothers said, why did Aye go to find Auntie when she finished hunting? Xiao Xiao’s little prince is disdainful, and Aye wants Auntie to scream. This is the case with his wife. The skin of the wife and the daughter are soft, and the hunting and smashing of the skin are all looking for a mother, bitterness. The domain Xunyu used the military methods he had learned all his life in the reincarnation of the peace, who told him that he had lost her in the past, and the way to chase his wife in this life is so long, it is hard to get it, how soft the skin?

Your Most Faithful Companion

Cen Sen left for Australia to develop his overseas business market during his first year of marriage with Ji Mingshu. When he returned home after three years, Ji Mingshu threw a divorce contract to his face in an attempt to end this widowed-like marriage. The man closed his eyes, pressed the sheets of paper down for three seconds in silence, before throwing them back onto the desk. “Mingshu, I respect your decision, but I think I should remind you what was on our prenuptial agreement,” Cen Sen said with a calm expression. “After our divorce, you might not be able to collect the exclusive Birkin handbags, ride a private plane to enjoy Milan’s fashion show, or auction a Sri Lanka 15 karat Padmaraga Sapphire diamond ring so easily…” He continued. “Hold on!” Ji Mingshu suddenly realized the error in her judgement. “I think… I can tolerate this marriage a bit longer.” –What a pleasure it will be for me to be your most faithful companion for life.

Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day

Big changes and bigger twists. In a drama inside of another drama, he’ll find his way to get prettier and prettier. Shen Jintai gained access to a system that allows him to jump between stories of books, and it can make him more and more beautiful and sexy by completing missions. He soon received his first mission: Stop being the leading man’s suitor, be his rivals in love instead. And took away from him the person he was meant to be with.

Yume No Kuni

I wonder if it was a dream. Or is it a truly occurring event? Now I do not know anymore. But I still remember the thing of that summer day still clearly. That was a hot day.

Yuri in Which the World Will End in Ten Days

A story in which a woman, after learning that the world would end in ten days, sets out to finish one last thing: murder her ex-girlfriend. However, she ends up befriending, and spending the world’s final days with, the little sister of her ex-girlfriend instead.

Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite (LN)

ouki died in a traffic accident and was reborn in a fantasy world! However, instead of being the hero of legends, he ended up reincarnating into an overpowered demon. Having no desires to become the Demon Lord, he sits around in the Demon Lord’s castle as a random low rank guardian. One day, the Hero’s party comes to attack and on a whim he knocks out the entire hero party. Healing up the Hero party and then preparing to send them back to town, he notices the female priest and falls in love at first sight!

Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (LN)

Youki died in a traffic accident and was reborn in a fantasy world! However, instead of being the hero of legends, he ended up reincarnating into an overpowered demon. Having no desires to become the Demon Lord, he sits around in the Demon Lord’s castle as a random low rank guardian. One day, the Hero’s party comes to attack and on a whim he knocks out the entire hero party. Healing up the Hero party and then preparing to send them back to town, he notices the female priest and falls in love at first sight!


It’s the vacation of a lifetime, a trip to a remote island filled with geniuses–and murder. On Wet Crow’s Feather Island, a tiny speck in the Sea of Japan, lives Akagami Iria, the exiled daughter of a powerful family. Born into great wealth, she was a princess of the highest pedigree–until she was cut off by the leader of the Akagami Foundation. For the last five years, she’s lived on Feather Island with her maids. But she hasn’t been alone. She has invited the best minds Japan has to offer to come and stay with her. And so nineteen-year-old college student Ii-chan and his best friend, computer genius Kunagisa Tomo, find themselves as Iria’s guests at her elaborate mansion. Surrounded by fascinating women–a chef, a fortune-teller, a scholar, and an artist, not to mention his own friend Tomo–Ii-chan is feeling a little overmatched intellectually. But the sudden discovery of a grisly murder sends the island into shock. And Ii-chan discovers that he does possess a bit of genius: the ability to discover what is real and what is fake… who is who they claim to be–and who is a killer.

Zi Xinyu’s Short Stories

“If I gave you the chance to become a human, would you want to?” Back then, I simply smiled and said, “I don’t want to become a human. I want to continue being a bird, soaring freely in the skies. That’s perfect for me.” As things changed with the passage of time, all of a sudden, I really wanted to become a human just once. Thus, I asked the god, “Can I still have another chance to become a human?” However, the god shook his head, “You’ve already missed your opportunity. Furthermore, even if I gave you a chance now, you wouldn’t live past a single day.” “That’s fine, even half a day is fine. I just want to be a human for once.” With shining eyes, I pleaded earnestly…

Zombie Kiss

“Ariya”, a man enticed by death… “Vakin”, a man who admires those with will to live… And “Lilith”, an Angel’s Corpse in between two extremes… These are the stories… Of a bond spiraling into madness.

Zombie Princess

The reign of the zombie queen ended, and her soul transmigrated into an ancient historical novel. She thought she could finally be a human and enjoy food. But, the stupid system sent by the heaven said– ”Your food experience is over. You’re in a zombie state. I ask the host to work hard to gain hatred points of the male and female lead of the novel. Every 1 point of hate value can be exchanged for 1 minute of delicious food. Come on host!” Luo Fu: “… gain hatred points. Sounds good!” This is a story of a vicious female who constantly gains hatred but remains alive and eats happily.

Zombie University

Song Fei’s university life is nothing unusual. He takes compulsory courses, skips optional ones and signs up for Level 4 and 6 of English exam. If there is indeed something that bothers him, that must be his top-student, annoying ex-boyfriend that he can’t seem to stay away from – Qi Yan. As it is usually the case, ex-boyfriends are just like villains – if you stay too close to them they’ll be snobbish, yet if you stay too far from them they’ll be angry. He believes that college would pass by this blandly, until that day, an infected student runs into the examination hall… The zombie virus quickly spreads like wildfire, all types of communication are disrupted, and the campus becomes Hell. No one knows what the outside world has become, and no one knows if they should “stay put to wait for help” or “break away from danger”. Song Fei chooses the latter, and Qi Yan becomes his comrade in arms. There are absolutely no omnipotent magical skills or larger-than-life martial arts techniques. They can only rely on their wisdom and tenacity to survive in this most familiar campus! — In summary, this is a tale of college-age blooming flowers (aka, the country’s pride and future) fighting for their life against zombies! A mundanely non-magical yet strangely joyful, extremely down-to-earth and super hopeful story of the most ordinary students using the most unusual combat methods for survival.


A thousand years ago in an alternate dimension that is somehow different than ours, a holy war was taken in the human realm on the surface of the earth that lasted a decade. A giant dragon appeared out of nowhere and put an end to the war by sealing away the leader of the god, demon and fallen angel races. A thousand years had passed since the war, but the humanity has yet achieved an eternal peace. Remnants of the three races which had lost their leader are still appearing in the human realm from time to time with an aim of seeking a way to unseal their king. ZoNe, a special organization was created to encounter such situation. Humans with special ability are scouted and recruited as a unit of anti-forces called The Excel. Will the three races be able to resurrect their kings or The Excel will be able to prevent it? Meanwhile, as they’re battling against the three races, the secret behind of holy war starts to surface.


A collection of short stories by Otsuichi which resembles a Zoo with its many short stories covering different topics, settings, and genre. Identical twins brought up in the same household where one is treated like dirt and the other a princess. The last man on the planet builds a robot to bury him as he muses about his own impending doom. A family tries to find their father’s spare blood as he bleeds to death after having been stabbed by a kitchen knife. And many others.