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Eaglewood Crumbs

This is a wondrous story of a millenium lotus fairy called Yandan. According to the order of appearance of male characters: Mr. Mountain Lord is a gentle and silent caring man, yet he had made Yandan as the worst example for girls who want to marry. Mr. Taoist Master is handsome, but his words are sharp and blunt. He caught Yandan, the lotus fairy, and locked her into an enchanted equipment and tortured her mentally over and over. Mr. Palace Lord is knowledgeable and elegant, although has a weird habit of using other’s faces. There is one thing in common between those guys, which is the fact that they are all prudent and shrewd. Lotus Fairy took advantage of her hardworking, considerate, eloquent, and flattering company in a struggle between them.

Eastern Palace

She is the much loved and spoilt ninth princess of Xi Liang country. She embarked on the road to Central Plains (Zhongyuan) for an arranged marriage. He is the almighty and powerful crown prince. Because of a political marriage, he is forced to marry a foreign princess. He has his own beloved concubine, Zhao Liang Di. She has her own life, escaping from the palace to ride horse, disguising as a young man, chasing thieves, sending lost children home and drinking wine. Initially, their lives are like two parallel lines, never intersecting. However, the fight for power and position in the eastern palace, endless gossip, and hidden murderous intentions lead her to get involved step-by-step. After surviving a near death experience, she suddenly recalled what happened three years ago: His blind date with her ​​in the desert, He beheaded the white-eyed wolf king in Tian Gen mountain for her sake. They held a grand wedding on the prairie. However, he also brought her disaster, a bloody genocide … River of Forgetfulness, to forget a love. When her memory returned, how should she choose? (Credits: this part is translated by peanuts on bookshushengbar.)

Eaten By The Tyrant I Raised

Ronée once happened to save a young boy. Despite his rare golden hair, she had thought it nothing more than a coincidence. “Ronée, love you. i want to be with you forever.” “Thank you for loving me.” But the boy had been twelve at that time, and she had been seventeen. “But we can’t be together.” The age gap was difficult enough, but her father would want to hand her off to a suitable marriage candidate. He was sure to oppose it. So, she rejected him. She had thought that they would never see each other again anyway. However… “There is no other woman in my eyes but you.” Ten years later, he appeared before Ronée again, having become a king. “Thank you for loving me. But…” You, a king, and / cannot be together. Ronée made up her mind to give him a realistic answer. He whispered quietly to her, his eyes flashing dangerously. “We still can’t be together?” * A very young and feeble child became the ruler of a continent; his soft and frail hands had become the strong and rough hands of a man. The king, Nabel, slowly moved on top of Ronée and wound himself around her like a vine. “Where did you learn a thing like this?” The childlike Nabel no longer existed. He was dangerous; no, even more than that. Nabel smiled sleepily. “If it’s for you… can even learn even these sorts of things.” At those words coming from the lips of the man with the noblest blood on the continent, Ronée’s eyes widened.


Ebony Voniak. She was sentenced to death for the terrible crime of murdering her father and fiancé. Be polite and keep your mouth shut as if you are a dead man. She waited for the day of her death, but was instead told she had a guardian..and was instead released and sent to the Archduke’s castle. She thought she’d be assigned chores or be locked up in an underground prison. Or murdered without a trace..?..but… “Okay, now, put your feet in the water, and tell me if it’s too hot.” “Are you a slave, Ebony Voniak?” “Why do you not claim ownership of yourself?” The Archduke Dante Bord Schneider continued to bother her. How suspicious…but…her life that was once only filled with darkness began to shine. “Why are you like this to me?” Will she be able to safely adapt to this new life?

Eight Treasures Trousseau

Everyone in the City of Jing thinks that bestowment of marriage between Xian Junwang and the di daughter of the Yi’an Marquis House is to insert a fresh flower into manure. Xian Junwang was that fresh flower and the di daughter of Yi’an Marquis House was that manure that was not liked. It is said that what is heard is false, seeing is believing. Who knows what the truth really is?

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn

Bathed in the love of her imperial family and her husband, Yun Shang was a spoiled princess and the envy of many at the Royal Court. Her life had been perfect right up till the moment when she realized that everything was just a sham, a ruse designed by the Empress to ruin Yun Shang. After enduring bitter treachery and being poisoned, Yun Shang died with a broken heart and an unfulfilled vow of vengeance. As if God was answering her final request, Yun Shang found herself reborn like an immortal phoenix. She was eight again, and all her memories from her previous life remained intact. The others, however, did not remember the events leading up to her death. Determined not to repeat her mistakes, Yun Shang planned to rain hellfire onto the treacherous, backstabbing villains for all the heart-wrenching pain they had once inflicted upon her. He was the handsome and smart prince of the Ning, who was revered as a battle-hardened general that knew no match in the world. He had thought he wouldn’t settle for anyone until she showed up. A seemingly innocent young princess and a gorgeous prince. Where would their relationship lead them?

Elizabeth is out of Love

“Back when we were children, she used to be cute, but now, she’s nothing but an oh so upright noble lady, the kind which I despised the most. She’s no different from the other noble ladies now.” Such was the complaint of Elizabeth’s fiancé, the prince, which she accidentally overheard. Huuuh—!? Isn’t it because you wished for me to become your fiancée that I had to undertake the lady’s education—!? It is the story of a lady who fell out of love, discard the prince, and attain her own happiness.

Emperor’s Conquest

She was born into a powerful family of the nobility, a blue-blooded aristocrat as capable as any man. He rose from humble origins up the military ranks, an iron-blooded knight with high ambitions. A transaction for power severed her from her childhood sweetheart. A tardy encounter was the beginning of his and her vow to meet life and death under heaven, standing shoulder to shoulder. Political intrigue, dynastic succession struggles. He trampled through it all in the toil of becoming emperor. Old enmities became new disputes, concerning life and death of entire families. She entered once more into the palace, changing the entire political climate of their world. Meeting once again, they had become strangers. The peach blossom were all fallen, no more than a golden age grown cold.

Empire BOSS and His Sweet Wife

She was drugged by her cousin sister, who mistook the bed of empire junior, and was crushed. After that, he married her, who incarnated a ferocious beast, and plundered her. He is a great personage in the West-harbour city. He holds great power, who is endowed with extraordinary talent, acting with great determination, and turns his hands over in the business world. Cheng Nuo thought that such an emotionless marriage, as long as they get along well with each other, but when He Zikai’s little nephew stood in front of her, Cheng Nuo panicked, and she actually married her first love’s uncle. Cheng Nuo thought that as long as she was gentle and clever, the man would spoil herself for a lifetime. However, when her husband appeared in public with other women in his arms, her comfortable life was broken and she fled with a broken heart. Five years later, when they met again, He Zikai recognized her at a glance and pressed her straight into the corner. “Woman, in this life, don’t want to escape from the palm of my hand.”

Empress with no Virtue

The Story begins with our Ye Zhen being made into an Empress unwillingly. On the night of the wedding she kicked the Emperor down from their bed which resulted him to look for his concubine instead. Since then they both have a growing dislike for one another.

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Wife

Mu Ru Yue, was a successor to her medicinal aristocratic family in Hua Xia. After being murdered by her enemy, she reincarnated in the body of a recently deceased good-for-nothing Miss in the Mu Family of the Martial God Continent, who had been beaten to death. In the throne room, she smilingly received a marriage notice to have a change in marriage to wed the infamous Ghost King from the Kingdom of Zi Yue. It was well-known that the Ghost King was stupid and foolish, with a ghost-like appearance. But who knew that he was actually the most two-faced person? Everyone laughed, thinking that a good-for-nothing was well-matched to a fool, but not in their wildest dreams did they even consider that she was actually a peerless genius in the making. When Mu Ru Yue looked at the man, who had a handsome God-like look, she said, gnashing her teeth, “Ye Wu Chen, you lied to me. How are you a fool at all?” The Ghost King chuckled as he affectionately embraced her. “By your side, I’m willing to be a fool that you can freely order around.” Miki’s summary The previous owner of Mu Ru Yue’s body had been poisoned. Because of this, her meridians were blocked, hindering her cultivation, which eventually led to her being known as trash. After being beaten to death, Mu Ru Yue, who had originally been a successor to a medicinal aristocratic family in Hua Xia, reincarnated into her new body. They want to seal my path? I will train to reach the peak of the realms! They give me a foolish prince as my husband? I can make do with him. It would be easier for me to deal with him, rather than with other candidates who would be thrown at me in the future. I shall strive to become powerful enough that nobody will be able to mock or kill me.

Entertainment Circle: It’s Not Easy To Be the Wife of A Celebrity

The Su family has twin daughters. They were like the sun and the moon; one sister was bright and had a carefree disposition while the other one was demure and reserved. But it never occurred to anyone that when the twins grew up, the introverted sister would step into the entertainment circle and became a well-known flower! While the other one packed up her school bag, and aiming to become a doctor of Geology, sailed all the way across the ocean! One day, while the other sister’s intoxicated face was exploring the wild, a manager with a group of bodyguards tied her up and brought her to a variety show! “What bedroom scene are you trying to make me do?! Let this old woman go!!!” “Su Jishi, your sister left a retirement letter and disappeared! All her endorsements, variety shows, and movie contracts add up to more than three billion dollars in liquidated damages! If she still won’t show up, then you have to take her place for the meantime! “What?!” “By the way, she’s currently dating the vice president of XX Group and you have an appointment with him tomorrow night.” Manager: “You are three centimeters taller than your sister, two degrees darker than her skin…your hair is fifty centimeters shorter, and a mole is missing from the corner of your eye. The most important thing is that you are ten pounds heavier than her! Starting today, you have to strictly follow a diet to lose weight! Are you allergic to anything or abstain from any food? Woman: “I’m not a vegetarian.” Manager: “…” The president held the woman’s face in his hands and affectionately said, “Dear, this mole on the corner of your eye was made to be kissed by me.” The woman raised her hand to wipe off the mole: “Sorry, this mole was only painted!”

Environment Protection After Rebirth

Wei Ying’s body was invaded by a wild ghost, and her soul floated like a lone ghost in the mass graveyard. This was planned by her stepmother and stepsister, which led to the loss of her family property, her reputation, and even the forced dissolution of her marriage with her boyfriend, Tang Yu. She was reborn back to the age of 17, weighing 150 pounds. Her classmates laughed at her as a “fat and ugly monster.” But she relied on the “environmental protection” ability and lost weight and became more and more beautiful. Not only that, but she also relied on “environmental protection” to improve her skills and strength. She could easily punch eight strong men flying one meter away.. In order to continue to become more beautiful and stronger, Wei Ying was forced to engage in environmental protection. Later, netizens discovered that the rich girl who participated in “The Youth’s Evolution” actually led the second generation of the wealthy kids to pick up garbage in the show. ——– In his last life, Tang Yu, a fierce rich gangster, lost his fiancée Wei Ying. He killed Wei Ying’s enemies with his own hands. For him, in the world without Wei Ying, even billions of wealth were mere dust. At the age of 18, after rebirth, Tang Yu found that the person in his heart secretly picked up garbage in the school. Tang Yu: “………” The ruthless gangster held a littering classmate by its collar: “If you f*cking dare to litter, I will kill you!” The classmate silently stuffed the garbage into the schoolbag, shivering in horror.

Ever Ever After

Aelia Elgar Ilyanna, she met her death by the hands of the Crown Prince, her fiancé and the man she thought was her Prince Charming and true love’s kiss. In her wedding dress, she closed her eyes and burned to death in the castle that set afire in blazing flames. That was her end. But, she returned to the past, realizing how foolish she was to cling onto the love she thought they had, and so she begins to live for herself and without regrets. On her journey of self discovery, she meets someone new…

Every Vicious Woman Needs a Loyal Man

Lou Yao Yao wasted her life fighting over a man, only to find out he wasn’t worth it in the end. Because of this man, she accidentally killed her rival in love, and even ruined the man who had always been watching over her. Getting reborn as her 20 year old self, there is still time to fix everything. Lou Yao Yao decided to live as a genuine vicious woman. After getting her hands on the loyal like a dog man, she would show that cheating couple what pure loving affection looked like. Taken from Girly Novels

Everyone But Me is Reborn

Her father is a coward and senselessly filial. Her mother is weak and gullible. Her elder brother is a wastrel. When she married into the Wangfu, she suffered and was coldly treated. And by the time she was in labour, she was fated to die with the unborn child in her belly. This was supposed to be Ning Nuan’s life. However this time, everyone but her is reborn. Ning Nuan is at a loss. She felt that her dad has suddenly become the pillar of the family, her mother’s temper became fierce, and even her elder brother, who would only walk the dogs and play with birds all day, has begun picking up books and reading them carefully. There is also that juvenile that shows up at the wall of her courtyard everyday, calling her “Ah Nuan, Ah Nuan” with an honest face.

Evil Child Black-Bellied Mother

On the surface, she was the widely despised man-chasing idiot, but was actually the owner of the world-famous and widely acclaimed chain store “Singing Lady.” On the surface, he was the bloodthirsty Ghost King that cursed all his wives to death. However, he was actually the head of an infamous assassins clan, and his power was heaven-defying; creating terror in the hearts of all who heard his name. With an imperial edict, she was bestowed to him in marriage. However, he kept on refusing to obey the edict and sent people to kill her. The day of the wedding, she packed up her things and ran away, and finally did he realize that his heart no longer belonged to him but to her…

Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort

She, Gu Ruoyun, a famous good-for-nothing in the country of Qinglong, orphaned, born weak, the shame of the general’s household, was eventually beaten to death by her own grandfather after a dispute with others where she did nothing wrong. After opening her eyes again, leaving behind that weak body, she’s no longer the good-for-nothing miss of yesterday! Holding an ancient treasure within her body, contracting the four mythical beasts, even the top experts of Qinglong are fighting to become her attendant…… Pills? That’s nothing, she can refine a handful anytime. Are low level spiritual weapons that strong? Even her subordinates use high level spiritual weapons. You have a high level spiritual beast? Sorry, she already has an army of sacred beasts behind her dominating all! Only, can anyone tell her, what’s up with this powerful devilishly handsome man! Why does he keep shamelessly pestering her, and refusing to give up!

Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei

She is a two-faced and fierce hidden ghost doctor, Before crossing, she was despised by everyone and is widely known as a “waste”. The contract of the ancient spirit, The cultivation speed that rivals the gods, She will show everyone just how blind they are. With poisonous powder in her hand, who dares to bully her people! they are looking for death! What Ninth grade medicine pellet? Her adorable pet eats them like a jelly bean. He’s so capricious! He who is always coquettish at her named as the “Night Prince”, everyone thought he was cold and indifferent, but why in her eyes he was so difficult, haunting. “Why are you staring at me like that?” “I wonder when you will become my woman.” A fine needle was pressed against his waist, she laughed “Prince, you keep urging this devil, if this poison really goes in you, you can only be a eunuch in this life!”

Fairy Tale of the Demon Princess

Short story of the demon princess and her life.