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Supernatural Clairvoyant

Fang Shen’s eyes undergo perplexing changes after being hit by thunder. The change helps him acquire inscrutable and powerful life-death eyes which are able to launch many functions like clairvoyance. With the superb and magical eyes, he can dominate the world.

Supernatural Girlfriend

Snippet: “Boss…I’m really sleepy….” My eyelids were starting to feel heavy. After all, it was past 3am. Most normal people would be asleep by now. “From now on, don’t call me boss. During this 24 hours date, we are not in a boss subordinate type of relationship.” Suyang whispered in my ears. “If you’re tired, then take a nap. I’ll wake you up when the sunrise begins.” Then, he tightened his grip and I felt so much warmer in his embrace. “Let me sing you a lullaby.” Suyang suddenly suggested. “Lullaby? Why lullaby…?” “Isn’t it common for couples to sing to each other? I read it online.” Suyang explained. Before I gave him consent, he began to sing, “Pig…..your nose has two holes…” I smacked Suyang, “What type of lullaby is this?” “Stop interrupting. I purposely chose this song for you. You’re ruining the atmosphere.” “You’re the one ruining the atmosphere!” I couldn’t help but giggle hysterically. I turned over and saw how serious he was. It made me laugh even harder. “Stop being so funny!” —— Lin Yixin has had the ability to see ghosts ever since the car accident. However, it felt more like a curse than a blessing until Yixin almost died in the hands of a masked killer one day. The killer got away, but Yixin realized she had an advantage no one else had. Since she was able to see the ghosts that were following him, it meant she could pinpoint his exact location. But how was she going to obtain the evidence to prove his guilt? Join Yixin and her unexpected boss/roommate, Suyang, as they solve crimes and mysteries together! Not only will this intense novel make you tremble in fear, it will also make you smile from joy.

Supreme Pill Saint

In the Left Hand Miracle Medicine, in the Right Hand Mighty Kung Fu, and with a hundred years of memory, a reincarnation, He must rise to the top of the world, with invincible position and control.

Surprise! The Supposed Talent Show Was Actually–?!

Wu Jin, as a trainee from a certain entertainment company, had a peerless, stunning face. He was qualified to debut as a C-Rank performer even if he just sat there and did nothing. After signing up for a certain talent show, the shining path to stardom beckoned to him–– Wu Jin: Hold on, why is this show different from what we agreed on? Wasn’t it supposed to be about jumping around, dancing, and singing songs? Why do you have to send me out into the wilderness… Program Producer: You’re a once-in-a-century high appearance value competitor! We’re relying on you to save the program’s ratings! Wu Jin: … I seem to be on the wrong show. Wait a minute, this isn’t an idol show, it’s a fighting survival reality show ahhh!! Ten months later, the little cutie who had been thrown into the show–– Turned into a human weapon. Powering up through various instances, slight entertainment circle elements. Extremely overpowered gong x little cutie who grows to become an overpowered shou. Completed Instances Round One – Wilderness Survival Round Two – Cellular Spaces Round Three – Tarot Card Formation Round Four – Cretaceous Period Revival Round Five – Palace of Versailles Round Six – Time Warp Round Seven – Ancient Talent Show A brief single sentence introduction: Debut! Survival reality show!

Survival Game (Unlimited)

When Yu Su opened an APP, her ordinary, boring, and constrained life changed in the blink of an eye. An inescapable hotel, a hide-and-seek game of death…–One suffocating mission after another. Somehow, those missions were also related to reality…

Survival Qualification Test

The world regained consciousness. It was surprised to find ‘little animals’ doing a lot of ‘unauthorised’ things on its body. At midnight, in the year of 2018, a voice appeared in the minds of all citizens: “Hello, parasites.” A reaper gong, who doesn’t like to talk and strikes once to hit ten VS a fake white lotus and river god shou, who pits to kill.

Suspended Life Game

The second round of the game will now begin, with this round adopting the Werewolf Game White Wolf King’s version of the game rules! Player No. 5, Shen Mu, your identity today is the “guard”! Once the sky darkens, please close your eyes… Guard, please open your eyes, who is the player that you wish to guard today? Shen Mu: Of course it’s my little cutie No. 10! System warning! You cannot choose the same player to guard for two consecutive nights! White Wolf King: …blast out this No. 5 affectionate love dog! The third year amnesiac uni-student, Shen Mu, was drawn into a surreal game by an unknown force——the Suspended Life Game. Only the winner could return to the real world, and their original life, while the loser will be erased for eternity! In the first round of the preliminary game, Shen Mu (indifferently) discovered that he was the only one of the 12 players who had amnesia (crit hitx1), not only did he draw the most troublesome killer role(crit hitx2), but he was also assigned on a team with a mentally confused foolish (little sweetie) teammate and a little girl who was still in elementary school (crit hitx3). Yet after the preliminary game, how would the subsequent real “official game” be different, what type of crisis would it conceal? Since the past is completely blank, life and death was uncertain for the future, then he must enjoy his current life and battle on!

Sword Art Online

In the year 2022, gamers rejoice as Sword Art Online-a VRMMORPG (Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) like no other-opens its virtual doors, allowing players to take full advantage of the ultimate in gaming technology: NerveGear, a system that allows users to completely immerse themselves in the game world by manipulating their brain waves to create a wholly realistic gaming experience. But when the game goes live, the elation of the players quickly turns to horror as they discover that, for all its amazing features, SAO is missing one of the most basic functions of any MMORPG-a log-out button. Now trapped in the virtual world of Aincrad, their bodies held captive by NerveGear in the real world, users are issued a chilling ultimatum: conquer all one hundred floors of Aincrad to regain your freedom. But in the warped world of SAO, “game over” means certain death-both virtual and real…

Sword Art Online – Progressive

One month after Akihiko Kayaba’s game of death began, the death toll continues to rise, two thousand players having already lost their lives to the ultra-difficult VRMMO world of Sword Art Online. On the day of the strategy meeting to plan out the first-floor boss battle, Kirito, a solo player who vows to fight alone to get stronger, runs into a rare, high-level female player. She gracefully dispatches powerful monsters with a single rapier that flashes like a shooting star in the night…This volume contains three stories, including “Aria of a Starless Night,” which details how Kirito came to be called the Black Swordsman, and “Rondo of a Fragile Blade,” the tragic tale of a young blacksmith that takes place before the second-floor boss fight.

Sword Art Online Alternative – Clover’s Regret

«Asuka Empire». A long-living Japanese-style VRMMO game that started service in the midst of the SAO Incident. This game, where Yuuki, Ran and the others formed the «Sleeping Knights» guild, also had a hidden story―― The Battle Miko Nayuta and the ninja Koyomi. The two girls who met in «Asuka Empire» by chance and became friends encountered a strange Priest in-game. The elderly priest wished to request help from a «detective» to «solve» a certain quest. And he planned to pay 1,000,000 yen for the job. The two girls were shocked by the exorbitant payment, but the «detective» who accepted the strange request was an equally strange young man. All of his stat points were invested into «luck»―― meaning that he was a tricky player who was absolutely weak in battle, but had an extremely high rare item drop rate…… The solution of the mystery in a cutting-edge VRMMO world by the «shady detective» , along with the two girls, now begins.

Tada, Sore Dake de Yokattan desu

On the will left behind by the 14 year old suicide victim K: “Taku Sugawara is the devil. Nobody should believe his words.”

Takarakuji de 40-oku Atattandakedo Isekai ni Ijuu Suru

Kazura was selected as the winner on a lottery that he bought on a whim and received 4,000,000,000 (billion) yen. To evade the hyenas that smelled the scent of his money, Kazura took refuge on an old residence that had been handed down from generation to generation. When Kazura was investigating the place that would become his shelter, he stumbled on a certain room where it was possible to go into and back from another world. The Culture and Technology level of that world was relatively low. The protagonist sometimes brought goods, sometimes brought technological knowledge. At that world, he would find his true value as a person.

Tales of Herding Gods

There’s an ancient saying in Great Ruins, ‘Don’t go outside when it’s dark.’ In Great Ruins, the disabled elders of Disabled Elderly Village picked up an infant by the riverside and named him Qin Mu, raising him up with blood and sweat. This day, as the night descended and the darkness shrouded Great Ruins, Qin Mu left home… Become a villain undulating in the spring breeze! That’s what Blind told him. This is the rise of Qin Mu’s road to becoming a villain!

Tales of the Blood Night

Suspicious cases, blood and family tangles. Science fiction background, fantasy content. (That’s really all for the synopsis in the original.)

Tales Of The World Devouring Serpent

Fang Yun has become a snake and got a system, the system requires him to brush up to 10 million reputation values, or face eternal death. So Fang Yun began to crazily upgrade! A beautiful outdoor streamer in the mountains, facing the camera and the live friends sending gifts but was caught by a one-meter-long python. 3,000 meters above the sea surface, Lake Logar is suspected of the appearance of water monsters, causing a large number of tourists to explore. On the calm sea, a luxurious cruise ship is slowly moving forward. Visitors stood on the deck as the sea breeze blow. Suddenly, someone found that under the water behind their cruise ship, a black shadow hundred of meters long is following closely.

Tales of Yu Pavilion

Welcome to Yu Pavilion The Strangely and Prudential of Devil Tavern Drinking Wine, Tell the Story of Kindness and Bitterness Between Human and Inhuman Listening to the Tales of the Parallel World Saw the Darkness of Human And the Brightness of Demon Run into the Wonderful Adventure And the Legend of Love

Tang Yin’s Adventure in Another World

“Tang Yin’s Adventure in Another World” mainly narrated that Tang Yin had an outstanding skill, but he had no use of that in the real world; he could only be an assassin. Then, he went to another chaotic world. His strength had been maximized on the life and death battlefield. Here, he could wave his weapons unscrupulously; here, in order to survive, he had no choice to embark on his way of the king. Everything about him could only exist in the legend…

Tantei High [Erityian Tribes, # 1]

Raine is a normal student in St. Petersburg Joseph Academy, but one day she was summoned to the Principal’s Office and was informed that she was expelled from the school. She also learned that she’ll be transferred to a strange school in the middle of the forest, so she did not feel secure. But because of this transfer, she would enter a world that is very different from what she is used to. A world where she can discover her true identity and the world where she really belongs to.

Tantei wa Mou, Shindeiru

I, an ordinary high school student, Kimizuka Kimihiko, who easily gets involved in things, was appointed to take care of mysterious attache cases by mysterious men in black suits. After meeting a beautiful angel-like detective girl, named Siesta in a hijacked plane, I became her assistant. And from there– [You deal with the beehive, and I’ll restrain the enemy.] [Don’t make plans that make me the victim.] We had those kinds of foolish conversations, all while being completely broke every day and fought against . Even when there were hurricanes, the weather-beaten duo sleep past it. Sometimes when we saved money at a casino, we would jump around on the beds at a resort hotel, only to be broke again the next day. We would walk through deserts, traverse through jungles, conquer mountains, cross oceans– The great detective and her assistant would go through these dazzling adventures– Until she died. And this story starts from 1 year after that incident. I’m the only one who’s left, but I carry on her remained wishes. This story is far from over..

Taoist Doctor

There are five skills in Taoism: That is, spiritual practice, medical skills, numerology, anthroposcopy , and divination. As a Taoist doctor, Zhou Jinyuan can tell fortune and save lives. However, when a doctor can draw talismans and do alchemy, at the same time he is a very young… He has to prove himself is not a liar! … Zhou Jinyuan: Seeing a doctor? Wait for me to finish this talisman. Patient (panic face): ? ? I’m sorry that I disturbed you.