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Teacher, What is the Relationship Between X and Y?

Supplementary lesson teacher answers the students trivial questions. However, the weirdness of the answers were above the students’ expectation… Hence is a Short story of a Short conversation.

Teen Detective – Shroud of Mystery

A mysterious letter of invitation, triggering the mystery of birth. A well-known detective agency, the occurrence of countless mysteries. Solve cases, look for clues to the mysterious organization. Calm reasoning, to uncover the truth behind the mystery. All darkness, conspiracy, under his strict reasoning, will have no place to hide. All truth will eventually come to light!

Terror Infinity

“Want to know the meaning of life? Want to live… a real life?” The world changes when you click YES. In God’s dimension, you have to keep getting stronger, keep evolving to survive one horror movie after another. Do you kill everyone in your way to reach the end as a lone king? Or fight along with your comrades and survive through the support of friends? Everything was just for staying alive. Until you find the secret of God’s dimension. Who is the real enemy?

The 28th Love God from the Clone Shop

More than twenty years ago, two clones were made from excellent organs. Yet, the same physical parts made two very different beings, one being evil and one moral. Human cloning became a battle between ethical integrity and research progress. The Bai Bio-Research Group, an overnight success, battled the secret island-based Bio-Research Base. For two decades, the conspiracies never stopped, and the brutal live-human experiments continued, with Silver Warriors and pirates participating in the rivalry. As secrets were revealed, human nature was tested to the extreme.

The Assassin’s Apprentice

He was an impoverished youth on Earth. Eager to control his own destiny, the youth wholeheartedly pursued to become the most powerful. Possessing a piece of mystical rock, he broke through into a different world of raging frenzy, and set off gorgeous and violent events that shook its core. After a thousand years, there yet remains the legend of the Assassin….

The Card Player in the End Age

Yang Fan, a young geologist who served at a geologic exploration institute, died in a mining accident. When he suddenly woke up, he found himself in the 33rd century, in the same mining hole that had buried him. Upon leaving the mine, he is astonished by a different new world. Since his death, the environment had become so damaged by heavy particle radiation that all the food human beings of his time used to eat had become poisonous and inedible for human consumption. The food now available to him had never before been considered food – things like rats, bugs, roaches, and serpents. However, the card he used in the 25th century to store objects in another space-time was still usable, and some special high-tech tools from his century were available. Better yet, he could equip himself with iron claw-like body extensions by using a chip from an alien called Lianku. The world is now under control of goat-like walking skeletons, the Liankuers

The Case Files of Jeweler Richard

On a seemingly ordinary night, university student Nakata Seigi rescues a beautiful Englishman named Richard from a group of drunkards. Richard is a jeweler who travels around the world to sell jewels to clients. Together, the two begin to solve mysteries surrounding the jewels they come across and their owners, starting with the mysterious pink sapphire ring that Seigi’s grandmother left to him.

The Case of the 27 Knife Stabs

In an alley, a weak woman stabbed a strong man 27 times with a knife and was arrested on the spot. However, there were no signs of struggling at the scene, it was strangely calm. The murderer faced the policeman’s questioning with pure puzzlement, she seemed like she just woke up from a dream. She said she didn’t know anything, she only remembered painting at home… what the hell happened?

The Childhood Friends That I Love Secretly For Ten Years Suddenly Ask Me To Come Out

Gu Yu has been in love with his childhood friend secretly for ten years, but it doesn’t matter anymore, because there is a white moonlight* in the other’s heart that he has been yearning for so many years but unable to get. Until on a certain day, the childhood friend suddenly comes and asks him to come out of the closet. Jiang Rongye: Let’s come out. Gu Yu: … When they run into Mother Gu and Mother Jiang downstairs— Jiang Rongye: We are together. Gu Yu, Mother Gu, and Mother Jiang: … In fact, everything is just a facade. After the two families finally accepted the fact that they are together— Mother Gu: How are you two couple recently? Gu Yu: Oh, We’re separated. Mother Gu: What? Gu Yu: Well, he went after his white moonlight. Mother Gu: … The Jiang and Gu, two families’ hearts was shattered. *White moonlight : someone a man cherished in memory and loved but unable to be with.

The Chronicle of the Oriole Island

The Oriole Island belonged to the famous and notable Murong family. The current island owner was a young girl Murong Qiang. Because of her father’s death, she was surrounded by lots of ambitious people in the capital. Then she went back to the Oriole Island with her widowed mother and young sister. Murong Qiang’s sister, Murong Wei, a gorgeous beauty was engaged with the nobleman Ren Shiqiong, but she eloped with the famous painter Xu Zihui. So Murong Qiang married Ren Shiqiong instead of her sister. The story was such simple: younger sister ran off with another man, older sister married her fiance instead of her! But because of the author’s clever description methods, this short story with less than 40,000 words was particularly interesting and vivid! The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind. But sometimes, it is hard to find out who is the oriole and who is the cicada. Seven people said the same story, but the whole story was not clear until the end, and the story was always reversed back and forth. Maybe in the end you were going to ask me, was this the original story? I don’t know either.

The Deer King

A father and daughter’s epic adventure starts now! A group of warriors undertake the role of fallen soldiers, as they step up to protect their homeland from the mighty empire, Toule (“Tsuru”) Doku. Van, who lost his wife and child to illness, was at rock bottom, as he battled against the depths of despair. He was captured, enslaved, and forced to work in the salt mines. One night, a group of mysterious dogs attacked the mines, causing a mysterious disease to break out. Van survives, and discovers a child named Yuna who also escaped infection. Together, the two survivors must confront a crisis that had never been seen before.

The Defeated Dragon

A world full of magic and wonders, where dragons stand for metals, sprites stand for farming, knights cultivate qi, mysterious wizards dwell. In this world, a man who had transmigrated into the body of a baron, follows the prompts of mysterious symbols to change his destiny.

The Deity of War

An underprivileged prodigy, a cruel, ruthless world, and an epic story of battle and conquest. A young man with an exceptional inheritance leaves the small, rural city from which he hails on a journey to find the girl of his dreams. He defeats countless prodigies, sweeps through all forces that dare to stand in his way, and progresses step by step toward the pinnacle of all the worlds! “I’m not targeting any gods in particular. All I’m trying to say is that all gods are trash in my eyes!”

The Demon-Like Lover of the Playful Lord

Mu Chang’an went back in time and found herself extremely unfortunate to become a teardrop hanging on a pagoda tree. After she finally turned into a pretty woman, she was made the fifth bride of King Rui. She tried every means possible to flee from the marriage, only to find herself entangled with a playful lord for her whole life.

The Demoness Is Not Evil

They say Gentleman Xiao Yao (carefree) Liu Feng is a famed righteous pugilist. He himself thought that even if he isn’t considered noble and benevolent, he is at least of honourable character. But only when he met her, did he realise that he is very well capable of being such a lecherous man. At every little moment he is constantly wanting to take advantage of her, always trying to touch her soft slender hands. It’s hopeless, who told this lady to just be so interesting, causing his heart to helplessly be moved by her—- Her appearance looks like that of a refined lady from a well off background, but in reality she is nothing like that inside. Not only highly skilled in martial arts, her sharp tongue is also highly skilled, capable of angering people to a whole new boiling point. Her ways of doing things is also extremely bold, completely treating the principle of impropriety between men and women like an old fart. He had only jokingly invited her to sleep with him, yet she actually pats the bed beckoning him to attend to her (?) Even going to the point of shooing him out the room after eating him dry, finding him to be too obstructive on the eye, what a way to shoot down his self-esteem. Ai~ to fall for such a unique girl, causing him to be filled with joy one moment, and filled with sorrow the next. Overjoyed when he has her by his side, sorrowful when she acts so elusive. If that was not enough, she didn’t even leave a single note behind and disappeared without a trace, causing him to become like an abandoned husband searching for his wife. Little do they know that this is an important test to see if these two people can be together…..

The Eccentric, the Beauty, and the Detective: Kiriki Junka’s Mystery Log

Kiriki Junka was a high school student and a self styled detective with unparalleled beauty; however, he was a highly eccentric individual. His partner Suzaku Rouji spent his days being dragged around by him as the two of them were faced with many mysteries: a painting that cried tears of blood, chalk that somebody broke, the strange actions of an old man in a coffee shop… The curtain is raised on this fresh school-mystery-comedy. Bookmark; write your comments, critiques, and reviews; and sink your teeth in!

The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady

A story of time-travel. Sly and cunning, she unexpectedly became a sickly noble lady whose fiancé is mercenary and demotes her to a lowly concubine. She sneers and bravely breaks off the engagement. To hell with scumbags, marry heirs to lords, blind the courts with her brilliance. But, my Lord, we agreed that we are only partnering to scheme against others, when did you start to treat acting as real? Hey, hey, don’t touch me. The Lord smiled slyly, “Your hands are too cold, let me help you warm them… Your feet are cold too, let me help you warm them.” “Why don’t you just say that my whole body is cold and you need to warm it all up”, Murong Xue said indignantly. The Lord nodded, “Good idea!” Murong Xue – speechless. Hey hey hey, where, where are you putting your hands?

The Female Supporting Role Shows Out

Lin Dan has been bound with a supporting system to do auxiliary tasks to maintain the plot in countless small worlds. To put it bluntly, she is a female supporting role or the expendable, and uses her humble self to fulfill the greatness of others. Being confused, persistent, crazy, unable to love, unable to gain, Lin Dan has experienced too much failure and pain. When she fully understands and decides to unbind the supporting system and to return to the original world, she is hacked into the 3,000 worlds on the way back to continue her struggle. When she loses her memory, Lin Dan is no longer confused, so she decides to follow her own way, and discovers her own law finally–only when you love yourself seriously can you get the love of others, and as long as you live out yourself, no matter how insignificant it is, it will come to a day you become the leading role. If you are in full bloom, butterflies will come to you by themselves.

The Forgetful Detective Series

Okitegami Kyouko is a famous detective who solves cases in a single day. In fact, she has to, since her memories only last for one day before they ‘reset.’ However, for important things, she writes messages for herself down on her body with a special pen. One of her common clients is Kakushidate Yakusuke, a man who is often wrongly suspected of committing crimes. There is also a live-action drama adaptation of this story. The original novel’s story is about a detective named Kyōko Okitegami who is also known as the forgetful detective. She forgets everything in a day, but solves cases the same day. (Her name has the Japanese word for “today” in it.) An unlucky young man named Yakusuke Kakushidate somehow ends up as the suspect in every case, and he always asks for the detective.

The Former Hero Wants To Lead An Ordinary Life

Satou Kakeru has long accepted that his past life’s memories of being a Hero in a fantasy world has no place in the current modern society. Until one day, the Demon King – Suzuki Teru – transfers into his school and throws Kakeru’s normal life out of its axis. An incident leads to their separation and three years later, Kakeru’s big brother drops a bomb on him. “They say the key to reviving the Demon King is in the academy island.” About the Title. 勇者だった俺は今世こそ平凡な人生を歩む! is the actual title of the story which can be roughly translated to “I, who was a hero, will walk an ordinary life in this world!”