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The Singing Voice of the Dragon Echoes in the Sky

“Don’t come just to give me spirit energy as if it’s fodder” Called by a mysterious voice, unconscious Ryuusei Moriya wakes up in an unfamiliar place. It was Elman, a country in another world where dragons soar in the sky and a dragon king ruled. “According to an ancient contract, you have to live as consort to the dragon king….”, was what he was told. And then, a crimson-haired dragon king, Fei Wan, appeared before a confused Ryuusei. But what’s this, he looks like a small/little child..! Because the king is deficient of [Spirit energy] which is a life nourishment that only Ryuusei can provide through physical contact, he has degenerated and remains in a child’s form even though he’s an adult. Conspiracy over the throne, Bond between master and servant, a mysterious death in the past, a fated mate’s love!

The Six Immortals

Author Synopsis: Bi Fan has been bullied his entire life, but he never gives up. His drive to make something of himself keeps pushing him to the limits. Then when all seems lost, something extraordinary happens, an unexpected turn of events that change his life forever. Synopsis: Six circles exist between the heaven and earth. Bi Fan, weak and lonely, grows little by little and takes the world by surprise. As the wars for power, glory, fame and money rage on, ‘The Six Immortals’, a tale of Love, Hatred, Regret, Passion, Rivalry and Self-Sacrifice unfolds.

The Sketch Artist

A battle of skill between police and criminal suspects, the only weapon a pencil! See how these young Chinese investigators use intelligence and conviction to restore truth to the world. One Portrait. Twenty-four sketches. Over ten thousand drafts. More than thirty brutal murders. A single trace of evidence, dozens of tests, over a thousand inferences, six cunning suspects and unique situations…In The Sketch Artist, police sketch artist Zhang Chi and trace specialist Gu Shi walk hand in hand down a dangerous road, confronting a diabolical, hidden villain. Close comrades-in-arms or intimate lovers, when facing life or death it’s all instantly insignificant. But can these ardent young officers win the respect they deserve? When deadly peril strikes will they have the courage to respond? Can these closely-joined lovers rely on their remarkable special skills to defeat the hidden murderer? Wait and see…

The Sole Monster Tamer in the World ~I was Mistaken as the Demon King When I Changed My Job~

The ocupation that I, Noah Whitefield, was given by the heavens was no other than “Hero”. The moment I was to be recognized as such, I would be pushed into a journey where I couldn’t return until after I defeated the Demon King. But this job is such a hassle, so excuse me if I decline. So after desperately searching for a way to change this profession, I decided to look for a book that could change jobs. But the words I heard after changing professions were… ――You are now a Demon User. Thus, I became the world’s only Demon User, a skill to make a variety of monsters into my companions. In the first place, there were no demons that me, a former “Hero”, couldn’t defeat. So slowly, a big army of monsters started to be built. But wait! I’m a Demon User followed by monsters. I just want to befriend monsters, I don’t want to be thought to be the Demon King just because monsters are following me.

The Stranger’s Homeward Journey

Luo Shaoheng could never have imagined that the man he rescued in an alleyway that night would change his life forever. He was the one he had been searching for his entire life – his soulmate. With him, he experienced the sweetest love, yet he also experienced the irrevocable pain of separation through death… To his surprise, the lover he had thought had perished in that car crash ten years ago appeared in front of him once again. However, he had no memory of him nor the time they spent together… “It doesn’t matter. I’ll use this chance to make you fall in love with me anew.”

The Survival Game

The first time I took a plane, I don’t know what happened, but as soon as the plane took off, I fell asleep for no reason. When I woke up again, the plane that was originally full only had fifteen people left. No sign of the captain and the flight attendants. It was pure darkness outside the window, and all I could hear was the sound of the engines roaring. Suddenly, the mysterious flight announcement turned on. “Welcome aboard to the Wailing Flight, there are only fifteen people onboard, and only a few can live to get off this plane!”

The Tale Never Ends

The discovery of an invincible sword in the Mortal Realm brought about blood and carnage in its wake. Follow the tale of a group of young friends from a small town and their strange experiences… with the supernatural. So began the adventures of these young friends as they encountered the paranormal, the ghastly, and the indescribable, as they wended their ways to unravel mysteries and uncover secrets that would make your hair curl…

The Trembling World

When [The Trembling World] first started, it had a problem which trapped several hundred thousand players within the game. Liu Gan, a quadruple amputee in real life, who had joined the game on server release date, but a system error wrongly recognized for his prosthetic limbs, causing them to become fully functional in game. Once within the game world, he had a combination of human limbs that were as strong as metal. With one punch he could break trees, and with one kick he could break down a wall. With such a cheat, Liu Gan decided to continue playing instead of praying for help like others did. To continue existing in this virtual world, he must become the ultimate player. However, after a while, he discovered that this game was no longer just a game… UPDATE: May 17, 2016: The novel gets more realistic with a very high similarity to The Walking Dead series. The only difference is the leveling up aspect. (Disclaimer: Any character names, plots are merely coincidence and do not imitate in real life.)

The Trial Game of Life

“Player K27216, Tang Cuo, at 23:05 on April 1, 2019 of the Solar Calendar, confirmed dead.” “Failed to clear the Trial Game of Life.” “Survival duration: 24 years, 4 hours, 8 minutes and 6 seconds, Rating: A, Initial character score: -5.” If death is just the beginning, If survival is a game, Are you ready for it?

The Truth About the Abandoned Engagement Was Surprising. ~ Her Plan Was Spectacular ~

Francois was scouted by the prince and welcomed as the bride of the royal family, but she was suspiciously abandoned by her fiance and her engagement broken. However, Prince Doris’s brother, Lloyd, struggles to reveal the truth as such a pure beauty cannot commit sin.

The Ugly Man’s Big Transformation

Synopsis: Chen Youzai was born ugly. He was always looked down upon and despised by his classmates and other people around him. It would have been better if he was pragmatic and virtuous but he happens to be the shameless, showoff type. One day, he unexpectedly helps an old uncle who was drowning in a lake. It turns out this uncle was a deity. The uncle rewards him with a silver coin that will give him the ability to change bodies with anyone. He was hesitant to use the silver coin at first; but after being rejected by his crush, heart broken, he chanted the spell and wished from the silver coin to become the most handsome man in the world. He did wish for a big transformation, but how did he end up getting caught up in a situation he didn’t ask for? Excerpt: He smiled coldly like a ghost, so much that it made him shudder. “Where did you get this mark on your chest?” “Why do I have to tell you?” he bravely said. “What if I want to find out?” “Hm… you want to pursue me? Unless… unless you are two legs!!…? You really are two legs!!” He stared, pretending to be surprised, and then loudly argued: “It’s a mosquito bite… It’s really a mosquito bite, ah ah, don’t come here, help…”

The Ultimate Past

Promising district Captain Anton was sturdy and strong. When he was trolling for hookups in a nightclub, he met Jimmy…. He wouldn’t have imagined that three days later, when he reported to the Special Investigation Unit, Jimmy became his direct boss. Neither did he know, the progress of his case was challenging the bottom line in Jimmy’s heart, step by step…… Men are chained by their past, unable to escape. How to wash away cautiousness and dignity, find a new starting point, and begin again…… The flashy city, The enormous swirl, The black swells in the night, And the man that will never be happy…… Whether to be carried away by sorrow, or be driven by hate? Whether to fight for justice, or to fall and to betray? A cop seeking justice, A life full of betrayal, That with each step brings them closer and closer to the war of the wealthy, With a mysterious past hidden behind the power struggles…… ---------------- “When all the love gradually faded away, I was left with sins, taking care of the single ember left in my heart.” Thirty years, this giant gap, lying in front of me is uncrossable. Fate is like an unfathomable riddle game. Gazing across the river to the other shore, which one is me? “Dead men tell no tales, Anton. Let the past be past!” Warning: rape, violence, abuse, character deaths

The Ultimate Student

Always looked down upon by others, Ji Feng gains technology far more advanced than the present, as he discovers its abilities, he begins to walk a path far from ordinary. With X-ray vision allowing his to find jade stones in rocks. With this futuristic technology, Ji Feng accomplishes something no-one can compare to. This is the beginning of a legend.

The Unloved Princess Solves Cases

Mu Wanqing was a forensic investigator from the 21st century until one day, she was sent back in time to the Jing Hua dynasty and became the appointed consort of a loyal and brave prince. Unreasonable, ill-mannered, arrogant and headstrong, the original princess had earned herself a long stay in the cold palace. Avoided by the mass, shunned by the prince, and ignored by the butler and servants, she was left to fend for herself in a hostile environment. What is this shitty situation? Do you take me for a Hello Kitty because I don’t roar?! Therefore, she relied on the skills she gained as a forensic investigator to solve problematic situations inside the prince’s estate, give back the justice for the victims, educate the ignorant servants and establish a great reputation, laying a solid foundation for her status in the prince’s household. To survive, she did her best to worm a place into his life and unbeknownst to her; she ended up falling for the talented and charming prince who sometimes showed to her a rare kind expression. Unfortunately, good things don’t last forever. In order to marry the honorable Princess of Qing Yang, he planned a trap for her and framed her for adultery. Then, he stripped her of her princess’ title and kicked her out of the house successfully. She learned the hard way that if men were trustworthy; pigs could climb trees. Homeless without a penny, she thought hard on how to survive the new ordeal because as a woman, her four arts sucks, so she can’t sell her talent. It was out of the question to sell her body. Shit! She only had skills for autopsies, but the yamen doesn’t hire women! Caught in an impasse, she finally sells her freedom and became a slave girl. In a household torn with disputes, they assigned her to take care of the sick third young master. Hehehe! This time she will grasp well on this new opportunity to reverse her fate. Breaking unsolved cases, answering the plight of people, meeting countless people, step by step a modern girl will forge her way to the peak.

The Urban Legends of Monsters

With the development of human civilization, something called Metropolis begins to appear on the planet. There, buildings are towering, roads are puzzling, and nights are sparkling with lights. A variety of humans lives there – they rely on the city to survive while they also help the survival of the city. However, humans may not realize, each time they build a building, they construct a viaduct, they light up an all-night-glowing lamp, that thousands of creatures will have their homeland lost, that they will never see the familiar starry sky when they once again look up. Humans may never care where they come and where they go. But to survive, they have to force themselves to adapt to the new environment, adapt to the humans, and adapt to such a metropolis. Humans may never realize, that they are not only sharing the cities with just plants, dogs, cats, birds, or insects – there are even creatures that are smarter than humans, and that disguised under human appearance, either out of goodwill or out of malice, living in the city, to survive, to prey, and to evolve. When a city gets large, there will be all kinds of creatures…

The Villainous Celebrity Wife of the CEO

The Su family has twin daughters. They were like the sun and the moon; one sister was bright and had a carefree disposition while the other one was demure and reserved. But it never occurred to anyone that when the twins grew up, the introverted sister would step into the entertainment circle and became a well-known flower! While the other one packed up her school bag, and aiming to become a doctor of Geology, sailed all the way across the ocean! One day, while the other sister’s intoxicated face was exploring the wild, a manager with a group of bodyguards tied her up and brought her to a variety show! “What bedroom scene are you trying to make me do?! Let this old woman go!!!” “Su Jishi, your sister left a retirement letter and disappeared! All her endorsements, variety shows, and movie contracts add up to more than three billion dollars in liquidated damages! If she still won’t show up, then you have to take her place for the meantime! “What?!” “By the way, she’s currently dating the vice president of XX Group and you have an appointment with him tomorrow night.” Manager: “You are three centimeters taller than your sister, two degrees darker than her skin…your hair is fifty centimeters shorter, and a mole is missing from the corner of your eye. The most important thing is that you are ten pounds heavier than her! Starting today, you have to strictly follow a diet to lose weight! Are you allergic to anything or abstain from any food? Woman: “I’m not a vegetarian.” Manager: “…” The president held the woman’s face in his hands and affectionately said, “Dear, this mole on the corner of your eye was made to be kissed by me.” The woman raised her hand to wipe off the mole: “Sorry, this mole was only painted!”

The Way of the Evil

This is a detective story filled with all kinds of people—from those with abnormal behavior to the mentally unstable—with numerous absurd cases with handsome men and beautiful women interwoven in them. A series of missing children, corpses down the drain, a murderer who died and was revived, an obsessive, serial bomber who targets public buses, the bloody words on the walls belonging to a family all murdered…….

The White Moonlight in One’s Heart Self-Saving System

Readers usually see that within a story, every male god will have a special woman in his heart, his vermillion mark, his glittering moonlight… This person is definitely both beautiful and intelligent as well as good-natured. Only – for some reason, this person passed away early on, leaving an overwhelming sense of regret and agony for the male god, also tormenting the readers and causing them to forever be unable to forget her. Li Yuebai: Don’t cry, perhaps I can help somewhat. This book is called #A hundred and one methods to change the death ending# System: Ehem ehem, even though you don’t have a golden finger, you still possess a high IQ! Mind games! Brain hack! Straight path ahead! Enemies whatever, all dealt with! Schemes whatever, all destroyed! Consecutive victories… However, why the heck would I always be pushed down by the male lead, the boss, or the second male lead? Even realizing that they are all the same person at the end?

The World after the Fall

This is the story of a man who refused to return to the past even after everyone else (apparently) did.

The Zashiki Warashi of Intellectual Village

Intellectual Villages are old fashioned rural villages recreated with cutting edge technology. Those villages attract the Japanese monsters known as Youkai. The high school boy Jinnai Shinobu lives in one of those villages and has a Zashiki Warashi living in his house. He tends to run across Youkai with unnerving frequency and this often leads to trouble for him.