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Deep in the Act

To save Gao Zhun from the shackles of his invisible illness, Fang Chi overcomes obstacle after obstacle, inching closer and closer to his heart. But… Everything you have done so far amounts to nothing more than a technique? What about… Your feelings? —– Can the course of human feelings ever be truly understood? In an attempt to diversify his career, Zhang Zhun agrees to co-star with award-winning actor, Chen Hsin. Their first task, by the director’s orders: 15 days of cohabitation in a couple’s room. 15 days of watching raunchy movies in the same bed, in preparation for the filming of their first scene together. Yet, things begin to go wrong as they get into bed for the camera. No one on the set is safe from the passion of their performance. No one is exempt from the heat of their desire. Even the director cannot help but fume: Have I ever asked them to take things this far? But… isn’t it our job to go deeper into the act? —– You are my secret sunshine. Chen Hsin risks everything in his possession as Zhang Zhun walks down the path of no return. How should they define the bond between them? Perhaps it should not be known as love, for love is too heavy and terrifying a word for them. And yet… There will never be another film like this! Your performance and the feelings you conveyed will never be surpassed! This is a masterpiece that belongs only to the two of you! When their eyes meet – before the camera, according to the script – Zhang Zhun feels the tips of his fingers go numb. Who is he? Has he become Gao Zhun? Or is he still Zhang Zhun? Who is this before him? Is it Fang Chi? Or is it Chen Hsin? —– When the filming comes to an end, the characters will recover, the actors’ passion will fade, and they will forget each other eventually as they return to their individual paths. In the end, how should they make sense of it all? Have they truly been hopelessly and deliriously in love? Or have they simply lost themselves too deeply in the act?

Delta In The Darkness

“The incident occurred on June 6th, between 8:00 and 9:00 in the afternoon. The victim was strangled in her room. The room’s sole door was locked from the inside. The door was on the mansion’s second floor, in a position easily visible from the large banquet hall below. On the night in question, many people happened to be present in that hall. Despite this fact, not a single one of them witnessed anyone other than the victim enter or exit that door. On the opposite side of the room was a large window, but it had also been locked from the inside. Horokusa Junpei, the detective, had been keeping watch over that window for the entire time the incident is thought to have taken place, and furthermore, his part-time assistant Takanashi Nerina had also been positioned such that he could see the window easily. They could both confidently assert that they’d seen nobody enter or exit through the window. Even so, behind the window in question, a figure other than the victim was witnessed by Takanashi Nerina. Therefore, there is practically no doubt that an unknown person was in the room, and that naturally, such a person is extremely likely to be the assailant. However, at a glance, this incident was unmistakably unrealistic. Despite having no entrance they should have been able to use, someone had entered the room and killed the victim, plus every possible way they could have left was locked from the inside. That alone would be enough to classify this a bizarre murder case. But in a further surprising development, the method of killing was precisely the same as the deaths of three other women in the past three years. Once per year, following a certain strict rule, they had continued to commit these crimes.” Do you like light-hearted mystery games like Dangan Ronpa and Phoenix Wright? Then you’ll probably love the murder mysteries of Hiroshi Mori! Those games were probably inspired by Mori with their senses of comedy and casts of strange, quirky characters. Rather than just writing mysteries, Hiroshi Mori sets up his books as “games” pitting the author against the reader, daring you to solve the mystery with the clues he gives you. If you imagine each individual novel as a super blown-up version of a single Dangan Ronpa chapter, it’s really fun to “play” them.

Denpateki na Kanojo

The story centers on a belligerent delinquent named Jū Jūzawa and a strange girl named Ame Ochibana who suddenly vows complete loyalty to him. “Denpa teki na Kanojo” or literally, “electromagnetic girlfriend,” refers to the denpa-kei sub-genre of stories imply that bizarre behaviors are caused by electromagnetic waves.

Deposed Empress General

You are the ruler, I am a subject, you want loyalty, I’ll give you loyalty. You are the ruler, I am the subject, you want my sacrifice, I will sacrifice for you. This lifetime, we’ll only be ruler and subject…… cannot become the one who accompanies you to experience everything. A deposed empress, a failure of a substitute. Charging into battle, he was the emperor, and she, his general. But within the intimacy of their military tent, he was her husband, and she, his wife. But everything was star-crossed. For the one he loved the most, he would push her into hell again and again.

Desharow Merman

In order to fulfill his lifelong wish and graduation project of researching merfolks, DeSharow, a student of Biology Department of Russian Navigation Academy, went on a long distance voyage with his mentor, Rhine, and caught a special species of male Merfolk in Iceland. Little did he know that this mysterious dark and evil creature has long regarded him as his “prey”(cough cough spouse) and have been invading his body leading to an unexpectedly trigger to a thrilling conflict. In the end, can the merman’s instinctive desire be prevail or not, and whether the research of DeSharow can proceed smoothly under the obstruction of his mentor with the same misguided idea? What is the real purpose of the investigation and what seems to be hidden in the presence of military forces when a terrifying conspiracy dating back to World War II began to emerge….? With the development of the research and the frequent occurrence of various dangerous incidents at sea, emotional struggle, and instinctive love, DeSharow soon discover some incredible connection toward the evil black-scaled merman and how his body had undergone some unique variation.

Devil’s Examination

In order to get the eternal life, the male protagonist Gao Ying and the female protagonist Zhu Xun Ling entered the two horrible classrooms respectively and needed to take the exams again and again. However, this is not a common written test of the school. They are put into worlds that are cursed by the ghosts, experiencing countless horror, viewing countless supernatural event to answer the questions on the test paper about the phenomenon of spirituality. When the score is less than 60, there is only one result: death! In order to get eternal life, they will continue to walk with the god of death until the two of them meet… in the fated moment!

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Su Chen lost his sight in an unfortunate, unanticipated encounter. He was unwilling to give up despite suffering one of the most tragic fates possible in the human realm, and fought on. Su Chen wants to use his own efforts to create a completely new destiny, both for himself and for mankind!

Do You Think You Can Run After Reincarnating, Nii-san?

Five years since I graduated from high school, and within those years, at the same time I was confined by my younger sister, but it all ended when I ran away and died being hit by a truck. At last I’m free from my devil-like sister! Well, that’s what I thought but my sister was reincarnated with me at the same time in the same world. But this time, I’ll escape from my sister’s clutches and live my life in a different world freely. With the strongest weapon and class I received from god. Geez onii-san, cheating on me is unforgivable you know~

Don’t Concern Yourself With That Book

Living for the sole aim of escaping! ‘Light of Rusbella’ was a depressing romance novel. Wishing for a new life, Asili Rosé was reborn as the 8th wife of the Estrian Emperor. She thought she was born with a golden spoon, but it was actually just a gilded spoon? Once she realized that nothing but ruin awaited, she found a diary foreshadowing the future… It foretold Asili’s death by the hands of the Crown Prince, Castor! [“What does the empire mean to you?” After asking this, the Crown Prince smiled so very beautifully. And then he killed me.] Unfortunately, Asili kept coming back to life, and continued to be killed over and over again. As she continued to relive her deaths, she slowly lost her smile and changed. …Let’s try to survive first. __ “What can I do for my elder brother?” “Well.” __ Pale sky blue hair fluttered finely in the wind. He smiled weakly, before parting his dry lips. “Call my name.” “…” My head quickly snapped up. “Call me… Amoru.” His fingertips skimmed along my inner wrist.

Don’t Read this Novel

It gets boring if you only read love stories, right? Try this novel. But don’t read it by alone! Make sure there’s someone with you since you might start feeling strange. Or you might just hallucinate about things that couldn’t be. This novel is not for those with a weak spirit but for those who want to work their mind and strengthen their heart. The more you read, the more you will think and the more your heart will beat. Don’t believe it? Try it…

Doomsday Lord

The world had started doomsday, and I struggled for a year, before I died under an enchanted beast’s claw. Heaven has given me another chance, back a day before the end happen. Will I be able to change my fate, and that of my loved ones? Now, I will start my journey on becoming the strongest on the planet that the Gods have changed into a game world.

Dungeon Defense

Do you know how this world ends? Become the hero and defeat the 72 Demon Lords. The game that was boasted as the absolute hardest strategy game, 『Dungeon Attack』. I used to be the ‘hero’ that had accomplished everything in this game, but after answering a suspicious survey, I found myself in the game as the weakest Demon Lord, 「Dantalian」. With only my eloquent tongue and my memories of conquest as a hero—. In order to survive as Dantalian. I shall tear this world apart.

Dungeon Hunter

I failed and will challenge again. There is no room for failure in my second life! 72 dungeons and their owners that appeared on earth. And the Awakened. I am a hunter that will devour all of them.

Eaten By The Tyrant I Raised

Ronée once happened to save a young boy. Despite his rare golden hair, she had thought it nothing more than a coincidence. “Ronée, love you. i want to be with you forever.” “Thank you for loving me.” But the boy had been twelve at that time, and she had been seventeen. “But we can’t be together.” The age gap was difficult enough, but her father would want to hand her off to a suitable marriage candidate. He was sure to oppose it. So, she rejected him. She had thought that they would never see each other again anyway. However… “There is no other woman in my eyes but you.” Ten years later, he appeared before Ronée again, having become a king. “Thank you for loving me. But…” You, a king, and / cannot be together. Ronée made up her mind to give him a realistic answer. He whispered quietly to her, his eyes flashing dangerously. “We still can’t be together?” * A very young and feeble child became the ruler of a continent; his soft and frail hands had become the strong and rough hands of a man. The king, Nabel, slowly moved on top of Ronée and wound himself around her like a vine. “Where did you learn a thing like this?” The childlike Nabel no longer existed. He was dangerous; no, even more than that. Nabel smiled sleepily. “If it’s for you… can even learn even these sorts of things.” At those words coming from the lips of the man with the noblest blood on the continent, Ronée’s eyes widened.

Elizabeth is out of Love

“Back when we were children, she used to be cute, but now, she’s nothing but an oh so upright noble lady, the kind which I despised the most. She’s no different from the other noble ladies now.” Such was the complaint of Elizabeth’s fiancé, the prince, which she accidentally overheard. Huuuh—!? Isn’t it because you wished for me to become your fiancée that I had to undertake the lady’s education—!? It is the story of a lady who fell out of love, discard the prince, and attain her own happiness.

Empire in Progress

Regardless of what country Each country had to fight for the right to exist Let us together to experience that unprecedented war Let us revisit the greatest war in human history, the Second World War .

Entertainment Circle: It’s Not Easy To Be the Wife of A Celebrity

The Su family has twin daughters. They were like the sun and the moon; one sister was bright and had a carefree disposition while the other one was demure and reserved. But it never occurred to anyone that when the twins grew up, the introverted sister would step into the entertainment circle and became a well-known flower! While the other one packed up her school bag, and aiming to become a doctor of Geology, sailed all the way across the ocean! One day, while the other sister’s intoxicated face was exploring the wild, a manager with a group of bodyguards tied her up and brought her to a variety show! “What bedroom scene are you trying to make me do?! Let this old woman go!!!” “Su Jishi, your sister left a retirement letter and disappeared! All her endorsements, variety shows, and movie contracts add up to more than three billion dollars in liquidated damages! If she still won’t show up, then you have to take her place for the meantime! “What?!” “By the way, she’s currently dating the vice president of XX Group and you have an appointment with him tomorrow night.” Manager: “You are three centimeters taller than your sister, two degrees darker than her skin…your hair is fifty centimeters shorter, and a mole is missing from the corner of your eye. The most important thing is that you are ten pounds heavier than her! Starting today, you have to strictly follow a diet to lose weight! Are you allergic to anything or abstain from any food? Woman: “I’m not a vegetarian.” Manager: “…” The president held the woman’s face in his hands and affectionately said, “Dear, this mole on the corner of your eye was made to be kissed by me.” The woman raised her hand to wipe off the mole: “Sorry, this mole was only painted!”

Escape the Infinite Chamber

One day, Luo Jian woke up from his sleep and found himself in a locked chamber where the door and window were all sealed. A note with a few lines written on it was tacked to the wall: “Escape from this room within an hour, otherwise, you will die.”

Escaped Wife of a Tyrant CEO

When she woke up, Nuonuo became a seventeen-year-old little escaped wife of a paranoid man in the book. The male character was cold and indifferent. The college entrance examination countdown calendar in her classroom showed two hundred days. She lowered his eyes and studied for the exam. Under all circumstances, she just wanted to take the college entrance exam and leave him! However, it took a long time for Nuonuo to understand the truth. People who are loved by such paranoid men can never run. Run? You can’t run away in this life.

Even I Have Become a Beautiful Girl, but I Was Just Playing as a Net-game Addiction

The story follows the High-schooler Futsu Jintarou, whose confession was rejected by his crush. His misfortune continues, As news of a gender-change disease turns Jintarou into a beautiful silver haired girl. The shock of it causes him (her) to try to escape from reality by playing the VRMMO, Clan/Clan… His game character Taru uses the same girl appearance as in the Real and the Alchemy skill, which most players call a trash skill. He meets lots of fellow adventurers, and becomes stronger within the game world of Clan/Clan’s slogan, ‘When one becomes an adventurer, they can fight, steal, control, explore, invent, create, and do anything as they like’. He meets a wide variety of adventurers that help him(her) grow, Taru hides what happened to his(her) appearance as a bug to his friends who also play the game, and hides the fact that he(she) had become a girl in real life. When summer vacation is over, he(she) will have to show their face at school. This about one of the best National-class adventurers, The story of the Alchemist who won a war without even taking a single step. When a normal high school student suddenly turns into a beautiful girl, what would they do? The answer is to become a net-game addict!