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After Exchanging Shadows

Ruan Yesheng is an out-of-date star; while Xi Mo, who had risen to fame within the same period, was now like the Goddess of the people. That was the case, until a horrifying attack which happened without warning, occurred at the conference. You who have admired that one person so greatly, until one day, you became her. – After a time spent being shocked, Ruan Yesheng was secretly happy for the next three days. You who would hate that one person so severely, until one day, in which you became her. – Xi Mo only felt the urge to kill.

After I Dumped the Villain

In 9012, the world became a high-temperature melting furnace, animals and plants died, urban infrastructure was paralyzed, water and electricity were cut off, the world became a large-scale hunger arena. Su Mian was reborn three months before the end of the world, and accidentally got a scarlet jade gourd, which opened the planting space. She resolutely ended her college course, returned to her hometown to farm, and built up high walls to resist the famine era. ————- After the end of the world, the major hidden families had come out of the mountain. Luo Hansheng, the first person who came out, was ruthless and unkind. No one knew that he had been having the same dream for years, in that dream, he spoiled a woman almost insanely, and then the woman stabbed him and ran away. The man sneered. When he found this woman, he would definitely cramp her and make her feel ashamed. Later, the man found Su Mian in the cliff hole of Xiaoshan Village and coaxed her, “Follow me, I can give you everything you want ~”

After I Got Married, Those Who Betrayed Me Were Reborn

For some unknown reason no matter what Ruan Tang does, he is regarded as black-hearted lotus by people. Any relationship he has falls through, every friend and lover leaves him for his younger brother Ruan Xi. After his reputation is thoroughly ruined and all his loved ones have either left or betrayed him, he decides to give up. So when his family tries to pressure him into marrying one of the most infamous royals, Duke Auston, he agrees. After he marries Auston, he finds this infamously ugly, disabled Duke to be surprisingly cute and decides to seriously pursue him. Ruan Tang finds not only his happiness, but also a caring husband who helps avenge the grievances of his ‘poor, bullied’ Omega.

After My Death, The Villain Blackened Again

Bound to the ‘enthralling tens of thousands system,’ Yan Ge thought she would enthrall all living things and become a tree-born winner. She never thought that the Big Boss she helped out would keep on blackening. This book is also called “The Big Boss’s Woman Runs After Sleeping”, “The Woman In Question Is An Endangered Tree”, “Every Blackened Big Boss Has A Black-Hearted Woman”, “My Woman Has Become A Tree With Countless Lethal Weapons”, “World Of Plants And Animals”.

After Our Divorce, I Still Wore Your Jacket

Yuan Ye and film emperor Fang Shaoyi were married for ten years. After a stamp from the Ministry of Civil Affairs, they got divorced and their red booklets became green booklets. Back when they had gotten married, they had proudly announced the news to the whole world. After their divorce, though, neither dared to speak up, determined to hide this development. Film emperor gong vs writer shou. Regarding accompaniment, regarding companionship. Regarding those things inseparable and difficult to speak of about affection. Summarized in one phrase: We were in love for thirteen years, and then we got divorced.

After Parting Ways, A Reunion

From school to society, from love to parting ways, from fairy tales to reality.

After Rebirth I Became Spoiled

Su Meng, the tough girl who could change the light bulb and carried the bucket of the water by herself, was reborn as a teenager and got a big golden finger. She wanted to reach the pinnacle of her life by relying on gold fingers, but there seemed to be something wrong? After rebirth, the daily life of the people around her became like this: Female Classmate A: Look at that Su Meng, she would cry when even touched. It is really crazy. Female Classmate B: Su Meng always has a good smell on her body. Neighbour C: Su Meng from the house next door looks really good, just like a porcelain doll which can easily break when touched. Neighbour D: Su Meng is so spoiled, who raised her? The big man raised his lips and smiled evilly, “Your father, I, did what, do you have an opinion?”

After Reverse Transmigration, I Became the Four Arch-Enemies’ White Moonlight

Jin Yanliu, the man with divine facial features, mega-rich, is viral at the age of twenty. One day, he finds out that he is actually living in a book called “Taking Turns to Dote on.” In the book, his body is the one that someone else’s soul will transmigrate into. According to the plot, the soul will spend his money, enjoy his fame, and use his beauty—to seduce the four big shots within the story. Ha! It wouldn’t matter if he didn’t know, but he’s got to fight back since he knows already! As a result, Jin Yanliu set his eyes on the four big shots from the text. The first big shot: His brother who looks mellow and calm on the outside but is actually sick and dark with paranoid and fanatical deviations. The second big shot: his well-known archrival in the showbiz world. The third big shot: The cautious leader of his anti-fans and has extreme fighting strength. The fourth big shot: The tyrannical, cold blooded disabled bigshot who never experienced any warmth. Jin Yanliu personally groomed them all to be his worst enemies. After doing so, he set free his inner self, became unbridled with arrogance and squandered money. Soon, he went from the legend of the entertainment industry to the joke. Finally, he jumped into the river, just as the novel had foretold. Transmigrate! Transmigrate! Better transmigrate fast so that you could receive this mess and be oppressed by these big shots! But… Why isn’t he transmigrating?! Why?! Befuddled, Jin Yanliu was quickly surrounded by the big shots. They stared at him with red eyes filled with hatred, yet they couldn’t help but yearn for him. F*ck. A bit too exciting, this is.

After Swapping Bodies With My Arch-Nemesis

Every single student in Yi High knows that the school bully – Chen Yueyang and the school genius – Shen Shicang have been at each other’s necks ever since their freshman year. During the start of their senior year, the duo somehow swapped bodies in a dramatic turn of events, and because of this, they ended up becoming roommates. On the night of the final day of their University Entrance Exam, the school bully confronted the school genius in a back alley not far from the school back gate. Shen Shicang, “ Are you looking for trouble?” Chen Yueyang, “Trouble and I are inseparable.” The following morning, with his hands on his waist, Chen Yueyang began contemplating his life. Why was his life so different from what he had in mind? /tableflip The cold and sophisticated school genius gong x the rough and playful school bully shou 1v1, shou MC, HE, Sweetness +++++ Review: In the top high school in town (Yi High), the school genius swaps bodies with the school bully in a mysterious accident. In order to continue living a normal student’s life, they have no choice but to become roommates, and they are forced to accept this new reality and learn how to act just like the original owner of their ‘current’ body. As time passes, the school bully finds out that the school genius is actually a teen runaway, and the school genius finds out that the school bully is actually an obedient child at home… The novel is written in a relaxed and humorous manner, redefining what it means to be a school bully and a school genius. It also sheds some light on the cultural and social differences between the southern and northern parts of China, various brief adventures are also included resulting in a hilarious and addictive novel.

After the Cannon Fodder’s Rebirth

“White Moonlight (Bai Yueguang) lies within a certain part of the heart, you are my unspeakable wound.” Having the natural constitution of being a White Moonlight, He Ziming, after his death, got bound to the “Cannon fodder’s Counterattack System,” and thus began his journey of being reborn as all kinds of cannon fodder, helping the original owners of the body he is occupying fulfilling their wishes, face-slapping the protagonists and becoming their White Moonlight. Because I like you, I die, but to you I am as insignificant as a bird’s feather. However, I still want you to remember me for your whole life, to engrave my name into your heart and soul so deeply that your heart will hurt by only thinking of me.

After the Divorce With the Male

Tian Li, a 17-year-old girl, had two male gods in her heart; one was Liang Jinze, a popular fresh upcoming actor, and the other was Liu Lang, a school idol. Then, Xiao Liang blindly confessed to her! Tian Li secretly prepared herself to agree during the date with Liu Liang. But when she arrived at the venue, she waited for Liu Liang to arrive. And when he did, he only spoke, “Let’s divorce.” “As long as you agree, I am willing to leave the house.” Tian Li looked at the man with turbid eyes and grieved, “I support you if you are clean.” Looking at her twenty-five-year-old body, she sighed in her heart. Sure enough, those who loved early wouldn’t end well! She was forced to go eight years into the future, and even had a baby. The years had mercilessly taught her that it was not just about feeding or killing pigs, that even if she found another man, the young fresh meat wouldn’t just replace the old one. Finding new love wouldn’t close the injury that the old heartbreak had left behind.

After the Ending, the Magical Girl Earnestly Hides Her True Identity

“Sorry! ……I am…not a little girl anymore……!” Reincarnating into another world, she spent 16 years saving the world…as a magical girl. After becoming 26 years old, the former magical girl, Mitsukasa Michi gave a sideward glance to her comrades who were being lauded as heroes, while she alone hid her true identity and lived a normal life as a teacher at a school for people with supernatural talents. If she desired it, she could have status and fame and money in her grasp. However, she had a reason that ab~solutely forced her to hide her true identity… This is a unusual modern day fantasy about an adult woman, who cannot reveal herself as a magical girl, unconsciously raising flags with her former ikemen comrades, young male colleagues that she has friendly relations with, as well as beautiful female students, all while desperately trying to conceal her true identity.

After the Hero Broke the Engagement With Me, the Village Girl, I Became an Amateur Tamer, but I Can Tame People Too!

It’s been 3 years since I promised to marry the brave hero. But hero, who defeated the demon king and saved the world, after returning didn’t remember the village girl Setsuna at all. “Good Luck!” She shouted, before fleeing from the scene. Setuna, who was basically a girl with no common sense, planned to quit her job of farmer girl of village and switch to her dream job … a tamer! But … On the field in the application form, she chose “captives trainer”. She jokingly tried out her skills on her childhood friend, the guild’s receptionist, Lilim, and to her surprise, it was a success! She looked disconcerted at Lilim, who started calling her by her nickname. “It isn’t a hobby!” This is the story of a village girl who has a power that can brought even the heroes (and friends) to their knees.

After the Rebirth, the Male God Have Seen Me

As a member of the popular combination, the famous traffic in the entertainment circle, Xiaosu Luosu, girlfriend powder, sister powder, and pro-mother powder all over the entertainment circle, is the only one who has a delicate body and has no acting skills in the north and south of the river. However, who can think of it from the best idol to the unpopular star that nobody cares about overnight. However, Luo Su, who was born again, found that Ji Yun, a film singer who studied the acting skills, was known as the ‘old play bone’, had a soft spot for him. The prestigious director’s character is so strange and odd, but he is addicted to him. The fervent little boy who is very popular is hot on his search. The paparazzi who mastered the direction of the entertainment circle became his ‘dog leg’. However, all this is no match – The film emperor actually became his value powder. Luo Su: This is impossible, the cold movie king can not be so superficial! Shadow Emperor: I am actually a face value party.

After the Sweet Ending

Xu Youwei didn’t even know that she’s like a second female lead in a sweet romance novel. She liked the male lead for more than ten years. After creating reckless stir ups for the main couple, she got exhausted… The male lead and the heroine are still married and so she angrily married the second male lead who also likes the female lead. Thinking that these two people would torture each other in their life. An unexpected one night stand changed the direction of things… Isn’t the second male lead dedicated to the heroine all his life? Now, why is he pestering her every night, did he want her dead?!

After Transmigrated into a Book, I’ve Gained an Entire Family of Cannon Fodder

Qi Xing Chen gets transmigrated, he transmigrates into a pleasure reading novel about showbiz world and becomes a cannon fodder of this novel. This character’s name only appears one time on the tombstone, because he gets killed by the main male lead of the book. Due to this, Qi Xing Chen can only say you reap what you sow to the original owner. However, his goal now is to stay alive throughout the story, so that he can somehow return to the real world. But, when he seems to have some issue when he knows about his new family’s style. Cannon Fodder Dad: I’ll buy you a private jet and build a private airport next to our family’s mines. Isn’t it enough for you to play for half a month? Cannon Fodder Older Brother: The Hollywood movie that we co-produce and the hottest IP drama of the year, you can chose between the two. Cannon Fodder Younger Brother: (push the paparazzi’s head into the muddy water) Oh, you dare to secretly take pictures of my brother, I will make you see the sun rising at the crematorium forever! Cannon Fodder Childhood Friend: Xing Xing’s graduation project is being mocked by the entire social media? Teaching Assistant, give him my projects so he can play with them. So, Qi Xing Chen, who has not been spoiled all his life, waves his hands in tears: Isn’t it just to kill the popular male lead? Don’t waste your life away, let me do it! * Later, the male lead has calmed down from his high and buttoned up, looking at Qi Xing Chen on the sofa with flushed face and curled toes: “Not enough or pretending to be dead, hm?” (thinking that he could) change his fate! Bottom x most-sought-after star! Top — You’re the brightest star in my night sky.

After Transmigrating into a Short-lived White Moonlight, had a HE with the Villain

Sang Yuanyuan transmigrated into a sadistic romance ancient fantasy novel, becoming the male lead’s ill-fated beautiful white moonlight that died early. The male lead loves her, the male supporting character loves her too. The female lead was injured and broken-hearted because being loved, trampled and abused by all men for she had a face that was similar to hers. The relationship with male lead was full of twists and turns, tortured between life and death, and finally had a Happy Ending. Sang Yuanyuan : “ I’m sorry, I 一 first don’t want to die, second don’t want to be abused. So I choose to run away with the villain. Excuse me, goodbye.” The villain squinted his long eyes, with a lazy posture and lips smiling like a spring breeze—— “Besides me….are nothing but hell.” She contemplated for three seconds. “Does the hell have land?” “….. there’s a wasteland.” “Does it have water?” “…… only blood.” He wants to see her panic and lose her head, waits for her to scream and escape, but after blanking for three seconds the woman’s eyes instead shine faintly. “What a good opportunity to try a new variety!” “……” He who always lingers in the deepest darkness, has never thought that there would be a person who can fill a whole wasteland with flowers and grasses.

After Transmigrating Into the Cultivation World, the School Topper Was Reborn

A rebellious girl transmigrated to the world of cultivation. Then she was reborn again in her world! Having passed the rebellious period of youth, she decided to turn around and reinvent herself! She studied hard, and improved every day, struggling to succeed! Campus Forum: Surprise! That Shā mǎ tèi entered the top ten in school! That Shā mǎ tè crushed Straight-A students! That Shā mǎ tè became the scholar! That Shā mǎ tè came first! [Shā mǎ tè (杀马特) is an edgy aesthetic that comes from China. Very similar to Japanese Emo. Shā mǎ tè involves spiking one’s hair and dying it unnatural colors, dark makeup focusing on the eyes and lips, and shocking/statement-making accessories such as religious symbols, dog collars, or anything representing death and darkness.] In order to resist the cold violence and injustice from her family, and to attract the attention of the family, the female lead became Shā mǎ tèi. After transmigrating through the world of cultivation, the female lead came back. She realized that the rebellion had no effect other than wasting her own life. She no longer needed any attention. She studied every day and get to the top in the face of her despicable family. This novel starts with a group of rebel Shā mǎ tèi, who then work hard, and finally find their own ideals in life. Love, and all kinds of emotions are intertwined, the story is full of inspiration and positive energy.

After Transmigrating, She Became the Mother of Two

After waking up, she transmigrated into the body of a notorious actress with the same name as hers who was married to a wealthy man and had children. Her mother-in-law did not like her, her husband did not love her, and the children one five year old and the other one did not even recognise her. Jian Yi’s head was filled with water. What was more stupid- She actually wanted to participate in a reality show with the babies? Raising two kids? Then she had a lovely time being with the two children, but why did the legendary husband who didn’t love her get closer to her? ‘Wait, this bed is too crowded, don’t come up!’ Su Zixuan: I do things in my legal capacity, what’s wrong? When ‘Mom and baby’ show was not aired, the audiences were like- AAA: Do you want to restore your bad public image using your babies? BBB: Taking advantage of the child to get married, and now using the child to clean up your social media image. Jian Yi doesn’t your conscience hurt? CCC: Jian Yi, be yourself. After the program was broadcasted- DDD: Jian Yi, please marry me! EEE: Is that the nanny? Did she get a master’s degree from a world class university? She is so haughty! FFF: Mother-in-law, please accept the little girl. GGG: I can’t wait for the Goddess, but I can wait for the little male God and the little Goddess to grow up! WWW: Mom!

After Transmigrating, the Wealthy Actor and I have a HE Ending

Sheng Xing Ze accidentally gets pulled into an absurd BL story and becomes the cannon fodder villain who only lives up to three chapters of the book. In order to survive, he decides to stay away from the protagonists. #You follow your unrequited love, I will follow my mediator dream# The director and his wife are having a quarrel: Sheng Xing Ze: I’m coming! After that, the filming crew watches as the director runs around confessing his love to his wife on a loudspeaker. The Idol King and the Idol Queen breaks up: Shen Xing Ze: I’m coming! After that, the news of the Idol King kneeling down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend is all over Weibo. The president and his wife wants to divorce: Shen Xing Ze: I’m coming! Later on, the president books out the entire building to apologize to his wife. The Film Emperor and his boyfriend quarrels: Shen Xing Ze: …Don’t get in my business. The Film Emperor: …. #Got found out that I’ve mistaken my spouse likes to wear women clothes, what should I do, waiting for response# Shen Xing Ze’s fans have always been in distress, their idol is so different from other idols. Other idols will try to compete for a chance to be the male lead, but their idol only focuses on being the golden mediator. Other idols’ fan meetings will have games for them to play to win the idols’ autographs, their fan meeting is about requests to sort out family conflicts and couple quarrels. The Film Emperor and other famous celebrities are willing to let him gain some popularity from them, their idol will straight out reject them because he doesn’t know them well. #Idol wants to retire from acting to become the host of a blind date show#