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With Contract Skill Many Brides!

When in a panic I got onto the train, it’s a female only car and all the girls around are junior high school girls and high school students… and then invokes a different world summoning! Relax… This is not a story about a boy who got summoned to save the world because of demon king, but more a little bit fishy.

With One Smile, the Sword Tramples the Mushroom

Once upon a time on Tianyan Mountain, there grew an evergreen tree next to a small dirt mound overlooking Soul Splitting Cliff. At the base of this tree was a dry, shriveled, and timid little lingzhi mushroom. Every day when people passed by, it would squeeze its eyes shut and think, ‘don’t pluck me for soup, don’t pluck me for soup…’ Until one day, a ray of white light shone down from the skies and turned her into a human. Or rather, she gave it her all so she could become human, up to the moment she met him. As it turned out, he and she were both monsters. Though the world was so big, there wasn’t a place for either of them in it. What are Demons, Monsters, Immortals, and Humans? Everything they did stemmed from a desire to share their warmth as fellow monsters. For love and justice! Little mushroom! Transform!

With You for Thirteen Years

Hai Ruo (Female Lead): Gentle and affectionate, university professor teaching ancient literature and the history of ancient literature, a spinster, a goddess in most people’s eyes. Chu Chengyu (Male Lead): A cool elite, capital god, cold and hard to approach, but actually longing for the warmth of a family. Black cat DongDong (Real? Male Lead): The poor stray cat that was picked up by the female lead (actually the male lead), the whole body jet black, amber eyes, usually cold, in fact becoming dull and cute in a second after being teased. Really really love you. Really wish to be together with you forever. But there’s no helping it, reborn as a cat, in the end can only—— Be with you for thirteen years. All knowledge of raising a cat is the author’s nonsense, some believable and some not, please identify yourself.

Without Showing This Wound

A noble daughter, executed on false charges, returns from death to the past.

Wizard’s Tale

A story about a pitiful girl slaved around and then abandoned by her relatives after robbing her parents’ fortune that she was supposed to receive on her eighteenth birthday. On the brink of committing suicide, she was stopped by a mysterious old man who nagged her about youth and life and then later on gave her a suspicious address claiming it is where she can find job. Eventually, it led her to the residence of a wizard. Then she just found herself under a life contract sealed when the wizard named Brylle Zaffiro kissed her. And the job is for her to be a housekeeper, cook, errand girl, research girl, and maid!

WoE 2: Lustrous Desires

Hiroto Moriya is a Beta and a tattoo artist. Barely living off from his own expenses and the eagerness to support his family, he entered the underground business without thinking. He had a fateful encounter with an Alpha named Kyouya Sagano. And since then became addicted to him.

WoE Side Story: An Alpha’s Dilemma

First impressions could be misleading. Stupid doctor; Izumi Aki, was always mistaken as an Omega because of his feminine looks. When his new secretary slash personal assistant (airhead) Hanamichi Chihiro came, he learned how ridiculous life really was.

Wolf’s Love

Official Summary: In short, this is the story of the debt a “Yang Bailao” picks ups for a little wolf cub. Translator’s Summary: Xu Bei finds himself between a rock and a hard place when faced with a man named Ban Datong who wants to off him and his only escape being a cliff that if fallen down, will certainly kill him. Faced with these options, Xu Bei throws himself down the cliff, making his already battered and bruised body suffer even further damage. Struggling from falling unconscious, Xu Bei encounters what he thought was a young white dog that he soon realized was actually a wolf cub! Seeing that it was too young to survive on its own and would also die very soon, Xu Bei finds solace in this and offers the only bit of food he has on him, a normal piece of chocolate. Xu Bei: Eat this, it’s a magical potion that grants immortality. Lang Jiu: I can become a human now. Xu Bei: ??? Important: HE, Xu Bei is shou and Lang Jiu is gong. Also, please don’t feed dogs or wolves chocolate.)

Wolves’ Den

She was kidnapped— kidnapped and put into a private men’s prison. “In this prison, if you are not obedient… be prepared to face the consequences.” “Damn it, what are you crying for? Open your eyes!” Bai Zhi cowered into the corner. She was like a little lamb dropped into a den of wolves. One wrong move and she’ll be eaten alive. —In short, this is the story of a pure and sweet FL domesticating a pack of prison wolves. The meat is fragrant and the plot is a little mind-boggling, but this pseudo-thriller is a truly wholesome story. There will be… The Beastmen’s huge thing filled with thick essence. Being pounded and expanded by giant beasts from the front and back. Being tied up to the bed doing h with the beastmen. The giant barbed thing of the beastmen husband. The female lead quick transmigrates and is h’ed by all sorts of wild beasts. The Male leads are all beastmen, all smut. Imprisonment with NP (numerous partners) novel.

Womanizing Mage

This is the story of Long Yi, who was killed because he took revenge for the girl he love. Before he dies, a strange lightning carries his soul into a different realm. How will he live, when the first thing he noticed upon arrival is that, the man whose body he possessed is raping the country’s princess?

Women-Hating Duke Feels Lust Only For One Aristocrat Lady

“Don’t worry, father. I’m going to this evening party to find true love. I’m already 19…it wouldn’t be surprising for me to meet my fated person any time now..” “Julia…It takes three days by carriage to reach the royal castle. Try to stay quiet as much as possible and not make any trouble.” Stay quiet, you say?!! What exactly have I done wrong? First groom candidate tried to marry me to obtain the rank, despite having multiple lovers. I only exposed his relationships at the public place. Well, I did gather the lovers he deceived as the proof, but the fact that they beat the shit out of him has nothing to do with me. Next man, who possessed the rank of the Knight, with my help realised that he was romantically interested in other men and left happily while holding hands with his male lover. I only deserve to be praised for making him realise his true love. The last groom candidate who was a civilian officer, even tried to kill me after his illegal deal with black market merchant was revealed. I managed to escape by a hair’s breadth, but if anything, I think that’s more of a feat, because if things went on, flour’s price would shoot up and many people would starve to death during the winter. Well, all of this…means that neither of those men were my fated person.

World Customize Creator

Tagami Yusuke, led by a mysterious voice, is summoned to another world, “Caltsio”. He was just a young video-game lover, but Fate decided to make him become the “Evil God of Calamity” of this world, obtaining the ability to create and customize everything, Customize Creation.

World Defying Dan God

Official Description: Young Chen Xiang had a fateful encounter with a goddess & demoness and received their peerless heritage, divine pulses, ultimate martial arts, and transcendent alchemy techniques, which gave him an easy ride in his journey of cultivation. When hungry, he refines some spirit pills to eat as snack, when lonely he flirts with the goddesses, when bored he teases those martial artists who came to beg for spirit pills, when tired he let his beautiful wives massage him. Synopsis by xianxiaworld: Chen Xiang had been struck with misfortune, he was born without a spiritual vein so he cannot practice martial arts. However it was just his luck that he had a fateful encounter with some mysterious beauties. This made his life take a turn for the better down the path of cultivation and alchemy. This new and exciting world is filled with immortals, devils, gods, and mystical heavenly beasts. As he starts his lifelong adventure, he comes across many secrets and mysteries hidden in this world. Explore with our hero as he contemplates these tantalizing and profound mysteries and reaches the peak of the martial way, while he flirts with women, makes friends and challenges the lords, immortals, and devils of the martial world.

World Hopping: Avenge Our Love

“The dream you lost because of love, I’ll help you get it back on this redo with my own hands.” Song Yucheng is an eminent personage among the legal practitioners known by the moniker ‘Expert Home-Wrecker’ specializing in handling divorce cases. Because of an unexpected event, a quick transmigration system binds with him. From then on, he transmigrates through various worlds one by one while especially smacking the faces of all the self-centered scum men and the manipulative two-faced women in these worlds. If you have 100 reasons to give crap to me, then I too have 10,000 ways to break up with you.”

World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort

She was a pungent new military recruit, Cheng Xue. A woman who solely loved cherry blossoms. After crossing over, she was met with mishap and inexplicably chased down. When her escape led her to encounter cherry blossoms, she also encountered him.   He was dressed in blinding white, pure and clean. When the flowers faded and fell, she made a firm decision. He was a soaring dragon. Every time he saw her in distress, he would save her, always, and treat her problems as everyday occurrences to comfort her.  She fell in love with him, and he…    The dust of her previous life had settled. In this life, she viewed the cherry blossoms and walked along a rough road. Everything in the world, except for life and death, was shiftless.   The cherry blossoms intertwined their fates and also brought them devastation…

World of Cultivation

Zuo Mo is a zombie faced low level cultivator in a minor sect of a little world. Ever since he was picked up by the sect leader two years ago, he has no memories of his earlier life except a recurring nightmare. Navigating the rigid class structure and intricacies of the cultivation world, as one of the lowest possible of the lowest class, Zuo Mo’s dream is to earn money, and lots of it through being a spiritual plant farmer. A chance occurrence reveals that someone powerful had changed Zuo Mo’s features and erased his mind. The money grubbing zombie decides to set out on a journey of cultivation to find out answers. Fate colludes with chance, the drums of war are beating, the ghost of his past is coming. Will his passion for money overcome the difficulties posed by “one sword to kill them all” sword cultivators? OR World of Cultivation is the tale of a disgruntled young man and his quest to be the best farmer he can be, at least if it wasn’t for those annoying people keep getting in the way of his pursuit of agricultural excellence. Will conspiring forces turn him into a sword cultivator, or will he manage to throw off the shackles of fate and grow the best darn crops in the sect? Those airheaded cultivators dream of too much nonsense and don’t know how to live properly, they need to get a real job to earn some jingshi for a living like a normal person.

World Record

Year 2140, the world is full of superpowers. Those who can create fire. Those who can create water. Those who use supernatural power. Those who use sorcery. And the only one without powers Originally, he should be weak. But somehow, he is—-considerably strong.

World Reformation Activities of the Dark God — Loving Humans So Much, I Reincarnated in One —

At the genesis of the world, the ‘Dark God Entropy’ was defeated in the fight between the five other Gods, and was sealed. And then, after 1,600 years, the seal of the God of Darkness was released and he is liberated. The God that was now free didn’t really have any special intent for revenge and didn’t have anything to do, so he decided to reincarnate as a human and enjoy the life of a human being. The human that had obtained the soul of the Dark God and was born as ‘Kuromiya Haine’, a human that -while being human- possesses the powers and memories of the God of Darkness. The strongest existence. While saving the heroes that fight monsters, and fighting against the other Gods that are trying to rule the humans, he acts in order to make the world a better place.

World Strongest Rearguard – Labyrinth Country and Dungeon Seekers

A heavily overworked businessman takes a nap on a bus headed to a corporate retreat. He awakens in a fantastic labyrinth city, immediately being informed that he has been reincarnated after dying in a bus accident and must work as a dungeon seeker. Confused, the former businessman heads to the registration point to get his job, only to be hit with two huge and horrible surprises: The first is that his pushy boss lady who had worked him to the point of collapse in his former life has also reincarnated here. The second his job received from registration is unknown and unreadable—no one will party with him and will treat him like an invalid if they find out this secret! He is forced to hire a sub-human mercenary to party with him, and things will only get worse from there as he is forced to confront the deadly nature of his new, reincarnated, occupation.

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent (LN)

A man who was once called the world strongest agent ended up becoming a teacher after his retirement to train the new generation of agents. After many years of training his disciples, he is killed at the age of 60 by the ploy of a secret organization and was reincarnated in another world with all his past memories. Though he was surprised by the magic and the strange species of that world, he adapted very fast to his condition as a newborn and took advantage of it. He acquired special magic and gained a massive amount of strength thanks to his tight discipline in order to reach his goal: resume his career as a teacher which he left halfway through in his previous life. This is the story of a man who based on the memories and the experiences of his previous life, became a teacher who travels through the world with his new students.