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Yoshiwara Lament

Kasane; the most intelligent, beautiful, celebrated oiran in Yoshiwara; kept a “secret” which she could not share with anybody since the day she first accepted a client. This secret is kept in order to protect her memories with Tetsu, an unforgettable and treasured person to her. One day, a young samurai named Kei comes to her as a client. Kasane falls for Kei, who is both gentle and strong. However, at the same time, when she sees Tetsu’s face when she looks at Kei, Kasane’s faint love is stirred up immensely–

Yotogi no Kuni no Gekkouhime

There was a beautiful princess called Aloe in a certain small country. However, there was another girl named Selene, the second princess, another beautiful princess hidden in this country. Selene was treated as an abominable child by her heterogeneity, kept secret by country, and quietly lived a life in a dark room. But Selene had a bigger secret than anyone knew. The inside of Selene was an old man…….

You Are Brighter than the Sun

She randomly grabbed a man off the streets after finding out her step-mother had been plotting to marry her off to a forty-year-old man. “Do you want to marry me?” Jin Liyuan’s girlfriend had just stood him up, so his lips curved into a small smile as he said, “Sure. I just happen to have my household registration booklet with me. Let’s go register our marriage.” This was how 23-year-old Yin Xiaoxiao ended up in a whirlwind marriage with a man who she had only met twice.

You Are My Only Sunshine

In one lifetime, he gave up his heart so that she might live. In this new lifetime, she’ll pledge her heart to him forever. “I’m your future wife,” she declared her love at their first encounter. Shocked by this mysterious woman professing her love, Mr. Hao chose to take her in and learn more about her. He would give her anything she wanted, except his hand in marriage…because he wanted to be the one who asked “Will you be my future wife?” Will their love blossom again? Will she be his future wife? Follow the journey of Mo Yun & Hao Yansen in “You Are My Only Sunshine.”

You Are My Unforgettable Love

They say the greatest blessing is marrying the idol you always dreamed of. But Qiao Lian knows that reality is different… The Internet claims that Best Actor Shen Liangchuan is a male god who is unaffected by any sexual drive, but Qiao Lian vehemently disagrees. It’s a lie! After finally carrying out the contract, Qiao Lian burst out, “I want a divorce! I don’t want such a life!”

You Are Still Here

Our two leads of vastly different personalities have to battle through misunderstandings, the uncertainties of growing up as well as the greatest barrier that is the unspoken expectations they have of each other. Would their love remain resolute in trying circumstances or would it mellow with time? There is a saying the first cut is the deepest; will that be the case here?

You Boys Play Games Very Well

When he defeats them, he leaves hospice care: A father’s love is like a mountain! Are your shoulders heavy? When he is defeated, he leaves backhanded compliments: You boys play games very well~ Ling Meng is a high-ranked casual gamer playing “The Legend of the Galaxy”. Infamous for his poison tongue, he’s known in the forums as Lemon Dad and he carefully cultivates a following of black powder fans over time. The trajectory of his fate completely changes the day he plays a match against the popular god-tier live stream anchor, Mangosteen. A meme created out of his dying words makes him a countrywide laughingstock and he begins to stalk Mangosteen to determine his rival’s weaknesses…to beat him in a match for revenge! They fight with each other, stream with each other, and even exchange a naked photo with each other. This is the love story of a lemon and mangosteen.

You Came Like Star

“There was nothing Su Kexin wanted more than to marry an ordinary man. So, who could explain her sudden ascension as a CEO’s wife? He promised her a lifetime of happiness, flooded her with endless affection, and treated her like priceless treasure. She thought that perhaps, this was her happily-ever-after. Yet, he threw a stack of papers in front of her one day and said, “Su Kexin, lets divorce.” She finally understood how it felt like to fall from high above and crashing onto ground zero. Five years later, she returned and encountered him again. This time, however, there was a moe little bun of a child at her side. The little bun blinked at the man and said, “Mommy, this mister looks a lot like me.”

You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me!

Wen Tian, on the way to send off his sister, was kidnapped by some people. The multitude of bandits, happy and delighted: Boss, Boss, we have kidnapped a pleasant-looking wife for you. Wen Tian: QAQ The Bandit Head: Come, my wife, let me look at you, baby. SiFang Town has been bustling with liveliness recently. The town’s best-looking Young Master Wen, has been missing for half the month and then suddenly returned with a man. The wild man, called Chu XiangTian, is the head of the bandits in the Western Mountain. Rumors said that it is a devil who kills people without blinking. Everyone sighs incessantly, Young Master Wen is truly pitiful… Young Master Wen, who the people said were pitiful, with widely round eyes stared fiercely, “You sleep in the study room at night!!” The tall and burly man immediately had a black face. Wen Tian with sunken lips, said “You are being fierce….. QAQ” Chu XiangTian soften, itching to hold that person in his arms.

You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

He is an undead who is devoid of all humanity, he is the one and only supreme overlord, he is a man who has severe mysophobia. There are many people who try to act cool in front of him, whatever soldier king, assassin, system user, transmigrator, reincarnator, the strong returning, the strong coming down from the mountain, person coming back from the immortal world, reincarnation of the devil king, immortal emperor possessing someone’s body, and so on, all of them do not know what will happen next

You Have Guts!

Being plagued by same dream for the past six years, Chu Yanshen out of the sudden discovered a little boy who looks just like him. It was only then, did he, Chu Yanshen learnt that he has been deceived by the little lass six years ago…..

You Know Too Much

In short, a mischievous cultivator goes down the mountain to gain experience, only to return to the mountain as a hipster. He gets ruthlessly disciplined by his martial elder brother as a result…

You Look Like You’re Made of Money

She gnashed her teeth as she faced the abuse from the Imperial concubines in the Imperial harem, forced to endure many calamities. After travelling through time, Su Yan thought that that ** little bi*ch was right: good people don’t live long and misfortune lasts for a thousand years. But no matter whichever era she was in, she would tightly grasp the thickest golden thigh and never let go. Looking at it now, it seems that her husband had the thickest thigh. Till now only modern people were transmigrating back but what happens when an Imperial Concubine transmigrates into modern time? What happens when modern and ancient values clash? Hilarity, action and seduction ensues.

You Owe Me Your Draft

Can a draft be eaten: Did you order the takeout to my house? Thanks. Selective blindness: Draft! Can a draft be eaten: Next time order the beef brisket noodles. I don’t like sour vegetables. Selective blindness: Draft! Can a draft be eaten: Oh, can you help me hire a household helper? My clothes are still soaking in a pail of face-wash like substance. Selective blindness: Draft! Can a draft be eaten:… this must be automatic reply. When you return and see this, also call a mechanic for me. My washing machine at home has been spoilt for a long time. Selective blindness: Can you be even more shameless? Can you can you can you? Draft you jerk! Can a draft be eaten: How difficult is it to make a telephone call. I need to concentrate on writing my draft.

You Shine in the Moonlit Night

Ever since the death of someone important to me, I’ve been living recklessly. After I became a high school student, there was a girl in my class who remained hospitalized due to “luminescence disease.” This disease is named for the fact that the bodies of those who suffer from it glow faintly when exposed to moonlight, and that glow becomes stronger as their time of death draws closer. The girl’s name is Watarase Mamizu. After learning that she doesn’t have long to live, and there are things that she wants to do before she dies… “Will you let me help you with that?” “Really?” As this promise was made, the time that had frozen for me began moving again –

You Shine in the Moonlit Night +Fragments

Watarase Mamizu: a girl hospitalized for the incurable “Luminescence Disease.“ She, who had a short life ahead of her, entrusted her last wishes to her classmate, Okada Takuya. This is Mamizu and Takuya’s after story. “Even now, I still love you.” Takuya, who has become a little older, and his friend, Kayama, are featured in this sequel. Other episodes featuring the two that were not in the main volume are also included. The world of You Shine in the Moonlit Night that impressed all of Japan and depicted life and death, love and the brilliance of life, returns.

You Use a Gun, I Use a Bow

SGH is a multiplayer online tactical competitive shooting game. When Wen Xi first came into contact with the game, like most people, he used a gun as his main weapon. But his shooting skills were too poor, often having teammates vent about whether he was the master of outlining the human body. Until one day, he picked up a bow. Since then, SGH has had another archer assassin named “Wency”. It’s said that his arrows never miss their shot, a hundred shots and a hundred hits, killing with one blow. It’s said that only the first ranked sharpshooter “Mac” succeeded in killing him. It’s said that he likes “Mac”. Wen Xi: …where did this rumor come from? Mac, come out and clarify! Mo Chen: En, it’s a rumor. Actually, I like you. A shou who wholeheartedly wants to make money through livestreaming vs. A gong who wholeheartedly wants to trick the shou into joining his team. Game settings are based on PUBG. 1v1 sweet.

You Used to Be My World

Charlie Jiang doesn’t really care about the marriage with Mandy Song. During the three years of their marriage, he doesn’t even try to understand her. He has always only listened to Vivi Qiao’s one-sided words and condemns Mandy Song of crimes she never committed. Has it never occurred to him that when there is a crisis in Jiang family, Mandy Song agrees to their marriage without slightest hesitation, for what? Charlie Jiang never cares for Mandy Song, so he never knows that for such a long time he used to be her world, her whole world. But even if he knows, what difference would that make? I, Mandy Song, is simply not the one he cherishes in heart. For Charlie, only Vivi matters the whole world to him. How pathetic!

You’re Beautiful When You Smile

[Yao Yao, if it’s you, how would you go about dating a professional gamer?] Tong Yao thought for a moment, before earnestly responding — — If it was me, I wouldn’t date a professional gamer. If I had that kind of patience, then I might as well use it to get into Tsinghua University or Beijing University.

You’re Gonna Break the Engagement? Right?

A noble girl is engaged to a prince. One day the prince tells her he will break off the engagement. She is very happy. Now she won´t have to go through the harsh queen training. However, is the prince for real or is he just joking