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My Disciple Wants to Tease Me Every Day

The number 1 beauty of the cultivation world, Di Jiufeng. Her enchanting beauty can drive any living thing crazy. One day, Fairy Jiufeng had a change of heart, becoming aloof and no longer partaking in mortal affairs. No one knew why. But the legendary Fairy Jiufeng did not have a change of heart, she was kidnapped by the fraudulent transmigration system. Transmigration System: Main Quest – The ancient witch, Deep Darkness, has reincarnated. Avert the apocalypse or die. In order to survive, Di Jiufeng had no choice but to bring home and raise the ancient witch. She suffered bitter hardships in order to reform the demon. A pity, she didn’t know where things went wrong, but her disciple not only refuse to set revenge aside, but even wants to tease her every day! Lumina (Reincarnated Ancient Witch): Be mine or I will destroy the world. Fairy Jiufeng: …… (terrified).

My Wandering Spirit Lady

Su Momo woke up in the hospital, but she found that a female ghost was following her. She does not remember her anymore, but she remembers her. – A romance continued between the living and dead, set in a modern city.

Necromancer Girl

Necromancer girl Nene and her best friend Rose were betrayed by the heroes during war with the demon. They were used as decoy so the heroes could escape. Caught in a dilemma, Rose protect Nene from demon and burned into nothing. In despair, Nene decided to use necromancer’s forbidden magic to return to two years ago. To get revenge on the hero’s party who betray her, and above all, to save her best friend. Nene who successfully return to two years ago immediately left the hero’s party and decided to live the life of “second playtrough”. With undead girl which Nene resurrected, Fran, and Rose who just met Nene for the first time in this world, the curtain of the girls’ strongest second playtrough is open!

Necromancer Girl’s Strongest Second Playthrough

Just because the other members thought she was disgusting, Nene, 14 years old necromancer was kicked from the Hero party. In order to revenge and to get brilliant future, she killed herself and return to two years ago. She decided to play her strongest second playthrough. Manipulating undead swordswoman and dragon corpse with necromancy magic, and using knowledge from first playthrough to trigger the events ahead of the Hero party. Because it was her second playthrough, she can save people and town that she couldn’t save before. Before one knows, the immoral hero party fell down and Nene was adored more than the heroes.

Next Door There’s Memeda

f*ck, the woman next door dared to be so disgusting, ah! Memeda! Memeda your sister, ah! Your whole family are memeda, ah! Who will collect her from MD, ah! Ling Xiao Xiao roared, afterwards she miserably completely discovered— That she was the one that collected memeda, ah…. T_T **memeda is the cuter way of saying muah, the kissing sounds.

Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne

After coming out of a tunnel… it was pitch dark. When I woke up, it was dark. First, I need to grasp the situation… While in thoughts, white, foggy figures appeared, it’s utterly dark as usual, just what is happening? When I noticed, I have reincarnated! Moreover, my gender has changed!? Wouldn’t you usually get a cheat ability when reincarnating!? God! Isn’t this conversely a start with a handicap! *This is a heartwarming story of a little carefree girl.

Noble Witches: 506th Joint Fighter Wing

In order to maintain Noblesse Oblige, two witches rush about the blue sky!

Not Sure, But It Looks Like I Got Reincarnated in Another World

A story about a girl who regained the her middle-aged man’s memories through an accident and has no particular goal.

Overbearing City Inspector Fell In Love With Me

Under her gentle appearance, Xiao Man, the owner of the hotpot stall, has a heart that was just as spicy as her hotpot, vowing to fight the evil forces to the end. Long Jia, a female city manager, seemingly has an overbearing and aloof temperament, but she actually has a different side unknown to the public. That night, in Laji street, the hotpot stall owner met the female city manager who came to enforce the law, and so a love-hate relationship began to be staged.

Princess, Spare My Life

A female assassin transmigrated into an ancient world and turned into a female prince consort. Whether it be a cold and ruthless modern killer or a scheming first princess, they will both fall once they encounter love. — Yuan Sheng, an assassin of the modern era, made a fatal blunder on one of her missions and died. The next thing she knew, she transmigrated into a world similar to ancient China and became the prince consort of the county’s Princess Minghui, Gu Yuemin. However, even in her new life, she is still a woman!

Qualia the Purple

Hatou Manabu has a very odd friend at school named Marii Yukari. Yukari has purple eyes and a bizarre way of looking at the world: she sees all living things as robots. This has not always worked out well for Yukari, even costing her a best friend when she was younger. However, Yukari insists that the things she says she sees is true, and her vision seems to give her insight into the abilities of others. Manabu thinks she’s just weird, but she soon realizes that Yukari has unexpected talents. Her eyes allow her to view the world in a different way, and even the police come to hear her insights. Eventually, her eyes also get Manabu wrapped up in dangerous plots, and force Manabu to not only step up and take a much more proactive role in her own life, but also to question what being a human or a robot actually means.

Queen’s Blade Rebellion: Illustrated Story

Set after the events of Queen’s Blade, this is the story of the Princess Knight Annelotte, and how she gathered comrades to stop the tiranny of the Queen. Published originally in the Hobby Channel website.

Raising The Zombie King

In the eighth year of Apocalypse, after being left behind by her teammates for the seventh time, Lin You picked up a Zombie King. She was quiet, harmless, and not ugly-looking. Lin You decided to raise her.

Reborn as the Hero’s Daughter! Time to Become the Hero Once More! (WN)

One of the six people called heroes, Reid, fought alone against the Devil, and ended up dead. After meeting with a suspicious god, he woke up again and found out he has born again as a baby. Moreover, as a daughter of his former companions. In order to regain his former power, Reid/Nicole has to go through a life of hardships to reach the ideal he aims for.

Reincarnated as a Dark Elf ~The Strongest Magician Conquers a Parallel World~

The man who can singlehandedly broke the stalemate of the war was called “The Empire’s Strongest Magician”. Mowing down his enemies with tremendous magical power, as if a “demon” incarnate, an existence feared by his own allies. [— — Why do I look like this?!?] For some reason the man’s appearance was that of a young dark elf girl. Even though [God] granted him the strongest magical power and the ability to read people’s minds, God thought that was boring, so the man was reincarnated as a girl. This is the chronicles of a perfect corporate slave becoming a dark elf and the process in which he climbs his way up in a parallel world.

Ruri to Yuri to Hime to Majo

In a country, during some time period. There, a single beautiful princess slipped away from the castle. Her reason was simple, to get away from the arranged political marriages. It’s not a joke to marry and live your life with a person you don’t love. However, she was facing skilled soldiers as her opponents. She would soon be found. Although, somehow, she continued to run away, hide, and sometimes even got covered in mud. As a result, she caused the soldiers to scatter. Only after relieving her parched throat with river water did she begin to calm down. It was only her imagination that they scattered, though. A nearby “Found her” in a sharp voice could be heard. Hearing it, the girl stood at once, loosing her balance and falling into the river. Then, there was the splashing flow of the river— and when she opened her eyes the next time…

Saving My Goddess

A sweet and healing story of a funny young knight-errant who saved (abducted) a nerdy Goddess. Sweet fantasy fairy tale story.

She Said I Gave Birth to Her Child

  Yang Shiluo felt from the bottom of her heart that this was the most confusing moment of her life.   First, Lai Zuoyi returned home with a child.   Yang Shiluo tried not to be sad, but Lai Zuoyi’s next sentence is… “She’s ours.”   ”What?”   ”I said, ours.” Lai Zuoyi looked at her with a puzzled expression, “Yang Shiluo, don’t tell me, you have forgotten that this child is ours?”   ”What!”   Yang Shiluo looked at Lai Zuoyi in horror, but the her expression didn’t show that she was joking – and, what scared her the most was, how could two women give birth!?   She was completely clueless.

Stranded on a Deserted Island, What to Do?

The arrogant and poisonous Duke’s daughter and the silent bodyguard both feel the difficult, embarrasing and shameful way of survival after being stranded on a deserted island. Hua Mu, a Guide who has no power to restrain the chicken, could only rely on the silent Sentinel Bai Zhen’s ability to survive.

Strawberry Panic!

Strawberry Panic, the first yuri light novel in North America, is set at Astrea Hill, where three exclusive all-girl schools converge. At St. Miator Girl’s Academy, gentle breezes scatter cherry blossoms across its lush campus. Nagisa, a normal and cheerful high school student, is stunned when she meets Shizuma, the school’s top student, whose beauty takes her breath away. When Shizuma unexpectedly reciprocates Nagisa’s feelings, both love and wacky chaos soon erupt.