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A Tale of Strategies For the Throne

If you don’t ascend the throne, you will die. So, brave youth, alongside your loyal knights, defeat monsters, level up, kill the BOSS, and ascend the throne to claim your destiny! To break the curse that he will die before ever reaching adulthood, Garlan had no choice but to return to his previous previous previous previous reincarnation where he was supposed to be the son of destiny. There, he must defeat the big BOSS Heimos who had defied fate to kill him and seize the throne in that past life, thus fulfilling his destiny to become king. He decided to give it a try. After all, he did have the superpower golden finger of five possible redos. And then………… This son of destiny, capable of reloading his save file for five retries… was killed by his nemesis four times. Garlan: “…………” Wait a minute, wasn’t I supposed to be the son of destiny? Fine fine fine, I’m not gonna fight anymore. If you’re so ruthless, go ahead! If you’re so handsome, go be king yourself! With only one life left, still aching from the pain of getting killed four times… Garlan decided to give up fighting for the throne in favor of getting far far away from Heimos and becoming a free little elf. And then….. he sat on the throne, and became the Sage King adored by the masses. Garlan: “???” A certain changer of fate: “Every single time I confess my love, I get turned down. This sucks.” A certain son of destiny: “Every single time, I get confessed to by the very person who killed me, in the very same places I got killed last time, last last time, and last last last time. My heart is very tired.”

A Warm Short Story

This is the story of how the school doctor takes care of the school’s most handsome bully.

A Wave of Exes Came Looking for Me. What to Do?!

Bai Yue Sheng is a Transmigration System clerk, each of his tasks he completes to the 100%, for each one he has gotten the best scores, after he finally passed seven, eight, nine… okay, an unknown number of worlds, Lord God gave him an opportunity to be promoted; the requirement was only to live on an ordinary way for 20 years at his original world. The requirement was easy, Bai Yue Sheng accepted the task, but he could have never imagined that, just after he settled on planet Earth, his “exes” would actually break through time and space to chase him down! Bai Yue Sheng: As a 10/10 slag, how do I break away from the siege of this bunch of mental people… while also living 20 years of an ordinary life? Author: hehe…

A Weasel Pays a New Year’s Visit to a Chicken

The story of a weasel and a small yellow chicken. (*ˉ︶ˉ*)

ABO Cadets

Basic: On the desolate barren planet of Rennes, an Asian teenager named Lin Yuan receives an admission notice for the Empire’s best military academy San Romia. So begins his life changing military school career. Spoilerific: Lin Yuan: Wow! This school’s really great! Everyone even has a separate bedroom! But…why does my next door roommate always knock on my door? And all day long he keeps bothering me, God! So annoying! Lin Yuan: I’m a Beta, my biggest wish is to meet a nice Beta girl, get married, have children and live in peace! Wait a minute… Why does my body suddenly feel strange? Why does this medicine look like drugs to prevent Omega from entering estrus? |=口=| Trembling in his roommate’s arms Lin Yuan blushes and tries to push off his chest: “Wait…wait a minute…I’ve always thought of you as a friend. Don’t do this…..ah….” At that moment, Lin yuan seems to feel that the universe has malicious plans for him. The world is collapsing, who will tell him why the script is so wrong? 2 main pairings: A gentle seme x optimistic uke and loyal dog-like seme x ice queen uke! Alpha x Omega. The author’s not an expert in war, mech, military or Sci-fi. Everything is purely fabricated. Please be respectful.

Advance Bravely

Sergeant Xia Yao, born into a wealthy and renown ancestry, is a playboy who has turned over a new leaf. Yuan Zong is an ex soldier from the special forces who opened a bodyguard training company after being discharged. When Yuan Ru, Yuan Zong’s sister fell for Xia Yao’s charms, but could not break down his erected barriers, she came to Yuan Zong for assistance. Little did she know, the moment Yuan Zong saw Xia Yao, this ex-special force knew no other person would ever catch his eye. And so begins the battle between brother and sister for the most coveted price – Xia Yao’s heart.

Affection: Call of the King

One day one of the twins born between the werewolf mother Hayato and the human father Gamon, Takahito was suddenly abducted by the Gosford family of werewolves from England. The present head of the family, the pack Alpha Arthur was a muscular, ruthless man. His amber eyes gave off a strong radiance like that of a predator hunting for his prey. Arthur informed Takahito that though he was a man his body was capable of conception. And thus: “You will conceive, and give birth to my child,” he ferociously pronounced as such and forcibly embraced Takahito…

Affection: Fate of the Pair

“I know that this is a bad thing. Despite knowing there’s a possibility of conception, I’m doing things like consenting to being embraced…” Takahito was held down with overwhelming power, confined and assaulted by the Head of the Gosford werewolf family – Arthur. If things go on like this he will probably become pregnant… Tormented by such anxieties on one hand, on the other hand although the man was his enemy of the same gender, Takahito was drawn to the strong, masculine, and filled with a leader’s charm Arthur and who seemed to feel the same attraction. However, the other werewolves of the Gosford Family are ferociously standing in the way in front of these two people…!? (This book is a continuation of the story told in Affection: Call of the King. It is necessary to first read that book for the story to make sense.)

After Being Approached by His Son’s Dad

Five years ago, Gu Jiayu, who climbed out of the mountain nest, entered the entertainment circle in order to cultivate, and in order to overcome the shortcomings of emotional gaps, he used an excellent acting skill to hook up a Chinese “little nobleman” abroad. After a month of falling in love and feeling love, he ran away with guilty conscience after the other party proposed marriage. Five years later, Gu Yingdi had become popular all over the country, but he had a four-year-old son beside him.  One day, the little handsome guy pointed at the man who took up the entire page in the financial newspaper and said, “Dad, this man looks like me!” Gu Jiayi glanced at the calm, handsome man in a suit and shoes in the newspaper, and asked with a guilty conscience, “He has an onion head, and his body is black and black like the top post. Are you sure you look like him?” That night, “Top Door Post” came to the door … Gu Jiayu, “My son, hide your tail!”

After Being Turned Into a Dog, I Conned My Way Into Freeloading at My Rival’s Place

When celebrity singer Ning Yan suddenly found himself turned into a white puppy, he ran into his rival Lin Rong, who just happened to pass by while Ning Yan was at a loss for what to do. Based on the idea that if he had to suffer then Lin Rong must suffer with him, Ning Yan tried all the tricks in the book until he successfully enticed Lin Rong into taking him home. Just as he was dreaming about conning the man out of food and house, the apartment door opened… to reveal a wall filled with his posters and a body pillow in his image on the bed. The man hugged the body pillow, smiled at the puppy and said, “My beloved Yanyan is so pretty, right?” To which Ning Yan could only respond by calling Lin Rong a pervert. — The puppy Lin Rong picked up was a little dramatic. First it bit down on his leg and refused to let go until Lin Rong took him home. That same night it pawed at the closed apartment door wanting to get out. A few good meals later, it flopped belly up in the dog bed and looked at him with thoughtful eyes. One night several days later, Lin Rong came home drunk. He dreamt of the white puppy turning into his beloved Yanyan, lying on top of him in flustered surprise. He also dreamt of Ning Yan touching him everywhere when he realized how drunk Lin Rong was. The next day, the white puppy was curled up peacefully in the dog bed. Lin Rong thought deeply for a second, went into his room, and found the security footage from the living room. He squinted thoughtfully when he finished reviewing the footage.

After Brushing Face At The Apocalypse’s Boss For 363 Days

In the most popular 3D keyboard online game “Tomorrow”, an ordinary player, Zhang Zhiyin has a less common hobby–that is to visit Dr. Y, the ultimate boss – giving him gifts and hugs. As a game produced NPC, the other side naturally has no response, but Zhang Zhiyin still insisted on visiting him rain or shine for 363 days. Until one day he decided to give up the game, the result was hit by a car. Since then, he has been dreaming every night in which he will cross into the realistic world of ‘Tomorrow’ and return to the magical journey of normal life during the day.

After I Got Married, Those Who Betrayed Me Were Reborn

For some unknown reason no matter what Ruan Tang does, he is regarded as black-hearted lotus by people. Any relationship he has falls through, every friend and lover leaves him for his younger brother Ruan Xi. After his reputation is thoroughly ruined and all his loved ones have either left or betrayed him, he decides to give up. So when his family tries to pressure him into marrying one of the most infamous royals, Duke Auston, he agrees. After he marries Auston, he finds this infamously ugly, disabled Duke to be surprisingly cute and decides to seriously pursue him. Ruan Tang finds not only his happiness, but also a caring husband who helps avenge the grievances of his ‘poor, bullied’ Omega.

After Reverse Transmigration, I Became the Four Arch-Enemies’ White Moonlight

Jin Yanliu, the man with divine facial features, mega-rich, is viral at the age of twenty. One day, he finds out that he is actually living in a book called “Taking Turns to Dote on.” In the book, his body is the one that someone else’s soul will transmigrate into. According to the plot, the soul will spend his money, enjoy his fame, and use his beauty—to seduce the four big shots within the story. Ha! It wouldn’t matter if he didn’t know, but he’s got to fight back since he knows already! As a result, Jin Yanliu set his eyes on the four big shots from the text. The first big shot: His brother who looks mellow and calm on the outside but is actually sick and dark with paranoid and fanatical deviations. The second big shot: his well-known archrival in the showbiz world. The third big shot: The cautious leader of his anti-fans and has extreme fighting strength. The fourth big shot: The tyrannical, cold blooded disabled bigshot who never experienced any warmth. Jin Yanliu personally groomed them all to be his worst enemies. After doing so, he set free his inner self, became unbridled with arrogance and squandered money. Soon, he went from the legend of the entertainment industry to the joke. Finally, he jumped into the river, just as the novel had foretold. Transmigrate! Transmigrate! Better transmigrate fast so that you could receive this mess and be oppressed by these big shots! But… Why isn’t he transmigrating?! Why?! Befuddled, Jin Yanliu was quickly surrounded by the big shots. They stared at him with red eyes filled with hatred, yet they couldn’t help but yearn for him. F*ck. A bit too exciting, this is.

After the Rebirth, the Male God Have Seen Me

As a member of the popular combination, the famous traffic in the entertainment circle, Xiaosu Luosu, girlfriend powder, sister powder, and pro-mother powder all over the entertainment circle, is the only one who has a delicate body and has no acting skills in the north and south of the river. However, who can think of it from the best idol to the unpopular star that nobody cares about overnight. However, Luo Su, who was born again, found that Ji Yun, a film singer who studied the acting skills, was known as the ‘old play bone’, had a soft spot for him. The prestigious director’s character is so strange and odd, but he is addicted to him. The fervent little boy who is very popular is hot on his search. The paparazzi who mastered the direction of the entertainment circle became his ‘dog leg’. However, all this is no match – The film emperor actually became his value powder. Luo Su: This is impossible, the cold movie king can not be so superficial! Shadow Emperor: I am actually a face value party.

After Transmigrated into a Book, I’ve Gained an Entire Family of Cannon Fodder

Qi Xing Chen gets transmigrated, he transmigrates into a pleasure reading novel about showbiz world and becomes a cannon fodder of this novel. This character’s name only appears one time on the tombstone, because he gets killed by the main male lead of the book. Due to this, Qi Xing Chen can only say you reap what you sow to the original owner. However, his goal now is to stay alive throughout the story, so that he can somehow return to the real world. But, when he seems to have some issue when he knows about his new family’s style. Cannon Fodder Dad: I’ll buy you a private jet and build a private airport next to our family’s mines. Isn’t it enough for you to play for half a month? Cannon Fodder Older Brother: The Hollywood movie that we co-produce and the hottest IP drama of the year, you can chose between the two. Cannon Fodder Younger Brother: (push the paparazzi’s head into the muddy water) Oh, you dare to secretly take pictures of my brother, I will make you see the sun rising at the crematorium forever! Cannon Fodder Childhood Friend: Xing Xing’s graduation project is being mocked by the entire social media? Teaching Assistant, give him my projects so he can play with them. So, Qi Xing Chen, who has not been spoiled all his life, waves his hands in tears: Isn’t it just to kill the popular male lead? Don’t waste your life away, let me do it! * Later, the male lead has calmed down from his high and buttoned up, looking at Qi Xing Chen on the sofa with flushed face and curled toes: “Not enough or pretending to be dead, hm?” (thinking that he could) change his fate! Bottom x most-sought-after star! Top — You’re the brightest star in my night sky.

After Transmigrating, the Wealthy Actor and I have a HE Ending

Sheng Xing Ze accidentally gets pulled into an absurd BL story and becomes the cannon fodder villain who only lives up to three chapters of the book. In order to survive, he decides to stay away from the protagonists. #You follow your unrequited love, I will follow my mediator dream# The director and his wife are having a quarrel: Sheng Xing Ze: I’m coming! After that, the filming crew watches as the director runs around confessing his love to his wife on a loudspeaker. The Idol King and the Idol Queen breaks up: Shen Xing Ze: I’m coming! After that, the news of the Idol King kneeling down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend is all over Weibo. The president and his wife wants to divorce: Shen Xing Ze: I’m coming! Later on, the president books out the entire building to apologize to his wife. The Film Emperor and his boyfriend quarrels: Shen Xing Ze: …Don’t get in my business. The Film Emperor: …. #Got found out that I’ve mistaken my spouse likes to wear women clothes, what should I do, waiting for response# Shen Xing Ze’s fans have always been in distress, their idol is so different from other idols. Other idols will try to compete for a chance to be the male lead, but their idol only focuses on being the golden mediator. Other idols’ fan meetings will have games for them to play to win the idols’ autographs, their fan meeting is about requests to sort out family conflicts and couple quarrels. The Film Emperor and other famous celebrities are willing to let him gain some popularity from them, their idol will straight out reject them because he doesn’t know them well. #Idol wants to retire from acting to become the host of a blind date show#

Aggrieved Fish Sprite

The protagonist Mo Li is a legendary doctor with unparalleled skills. He has a secret: in fact, he’s actually a fish sprite that has attained human form. Wishing to find similar companions, he has travelled all over the world in search for them – but, besides him, other fairy folk simply do not exist! Though he did not manage to find any comrades, however he often got unjustly implicated in the troublesome affairs of others.

Agreement of Being Gay for 30 Days

F University’s two most attractive men, Wang Guangning and Zhang Lingyi, always competed regardless in what respect. From appearance to talent, from popularity and even to the number of abdominal muscles, they always contested with each other. Even the woman they pursued was the same. Yet, these two xiao cao¹ who self-proclaimed themselves as being peerless in the aspect of love, were both completely rejected by the same woman. Hence, they decided to retaliate against society by becoming gay. Through the method of tossing a coin, the two youths determined who would be the gong², and who would be the shou². Setting an agreement to be gay together for thirty days, they were very professional by even following the《30 Things Couples Must Do Together》guide downloaded from online and thus prepared to follow the standard procedures to being gay for their first time. For example: Watching a movie together…Hey, shou shou, when you see a frightening scene remember to lean on my shoulder, alright? Warming their hands together in the same pocket…Hey, don’t wear that large military jacket outside, it’s really embarrassing! …… Learning how to be gay from an unreliable guidebook for couples, two straight guys clash and end up with an unexpected outcome. Their thirty days agreement has finished, yet can they truly return to their former lifestyles as if nothing ever happened? [1]校草: the male version of 校花. It’s used to describe the most attractive guy of the school. [2] 攻 and 受: gong, meaning the attacker or the seme and shou, meaning the receiver or the uke in Japanese terms.

Aloof King and Cool (Acting) Queen

Summary: The queen’s essential feature is this: [must be a woman or a feminine-looking man]. ——- “No, no! That’s no good at all!” This is the story of an unfortunate young man who tripped into a different world and had to become the Queen of the largest country in that world. “Being held by a man is no joke!” Thinking it’s impossible for him, he decides to act as someone with a cold personality!

Amnesia Guide Of A Mermaid

Every year in march, Qin Ruoshui will change into a mermaid and spend his courtship period in the sea. When he comes out of the deep sea, his natural instincts as a mermaid will cause him to seal up all his memories of the courtship period. One day, a young man came to him with a fish scale, made a wish and became his new housekeeper. However, this new butler was really shameless and always deliberately seduced himself. Qin Ruoshui always thought about dismissing him. Until one day, Qin Ruoshui discovered that the new housekeeper seemed pregnant. Qin Ruoshui: Who was it! He is dead now! Later, he felt the breath of his own blood on the child. Qin Ruoshui ? ? ! ! !