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The Brilliant Fighting Master

The war of gods left the earth no winners, but a broken world. Thousands of years later, the soul of the God of war created a new world from the ruins. Nine reincarnations for the same one belief. A youngster looked up at the starlit sky with his sword in hand. Monsters, demons, evil persons…Whoever had the nerve to damage this world would end up dying. To see how a youngster got onto the top of the world little by little, inherited the soul of the God of war, and defend his own world!

The Changing Realm

Dongbo Muchen embarks on an ultimate journey to honor his clan. He will travel the world, conquer all levels of heaven, and reign supreme over all!

The Charm of Soul Pets

Author Synopsis: Cloud birds that soar through the blue sky; Terrorblood wolves that roam the wastelands ruthlessly. Dream beasts that dart through the moonlight forests; Ghost kings that dwell on foggy cliffs. Ocean spirit beasts that haunt the depths of the boundless oceans; thousand-eyed treants that stand unyielding on precipitous peaks. Sword Beetles, Sunset Eagles, Ancient Wood Demons, Chaotic Thunder Sprites, Cursed Demon Fox: Ice… Plants, Beasts, Elementals, Undead, this is the eccentric, variegated, beautiful, and stunning world of soul pets! Our protagonist, a soul pet trainer, had at first a young, mutated soul pet – a Moonlight Fox. In unending fights, it mutated into the stronger Evil Flamed Six-tailed Demon fox and the even higher leveled Queen Flamed Nine-tailed Firefox! Under the companionship of this soul pet, he walked on the path to become a king, catching precious and rare soul pets, and never ceasing his endeavor to becoming the very best! TL Synposis: Many islands dotted the vast oceans of this world. However, some of the islands were a lot more sinister than the rest. Those islands, known as Nightmare Islands, were true nightmares to all but the strongest and most fortunate. Children were kidnapped and thrown on these isolated islands by the Nightmare Palace, forced to sign soul pacts with evil soul pets: Nightmares. These devils slowly devoured the souls of their trainers to grow stronger. If the children did not cultivate fast enough, their souls will be devoured whole, leaving only an empty husk behind. Chu Mu, the protagonist, was an heir to the Chu Clan, but due to a plotted murder, he was thrown on the island, sentencing him to almost certain death. Dancing on the edge of life and death, he struggled to survive with a small Moonlight Fox he captured. When he finally escaped the devilish foremen on his island, he couldn’t help but let a breath out. But little does he know, the experience was only a beginning to a fated journey with his little Moonlight Fox…

The Cultivation Road of a Wicked Boy

The aristocratic juvenile claimed to be less evil, and the people met and fled. A momentary accidental contact with the FireWire caused the destruction of the family to death. If there is no teacher to send a guardian, life is not saved. Five years after the injury was frozen, the memory was lost and lost. For the confidant, he went to his hometown in thousands of miles. When the Nengnai boy found his memory, he knew he had betrayed his own family and his family had been destroyed. His parents were still dead, and he was already a treachery. What is wrong with the pro? Innocence! Just because of lack of strength, hands without power, inability to protect their homes, they are bullied so far, and they can’t speak out! For the newspaper’s ruined family and dead hatred, the oath of death and revenge! But for all my enemies, he must be killed in the day, and blasphemed and destroyed!…

The Daoist Seal

This world has never had gods, only people with strength. Jiang Xiaofan was originally a mortal until he chanced upon a fragment of the Daoist Seal and began practicing the teachings of two ancient, sacred Buddhist and Daoist texts. As he journeys across Ziwei and traverses the galaxy, the seal inside him will be a testament to his path of greatness.

The Defeated Dragon

A world full of magic and wonders, where dragons stand for metals, sprites stand for farming, knights cultivate qi, mysterious wizards dwell. In this world, a man who had transmigrated into the body of a baron, follows the prompts of mysterious symbols to change his destiny.

The Devil’s Cage

A virtual underground game that has no protection. Lurking with players who seek power, fortune and survival. Kieran chose to enter this VRMMORPG game without hesitation because he knows this is his only way out from death. Can he escape death in real life or dying via the game?

The Devilish Immortal

Guided by the meditation, an ordinary boy with a bizarre life finally set foot on the road of immortal and fiend. He could fly freely among God, man, demon, evil, spirit and ghost! Whether or not one could be a fiend, it did not depend on race, but human heart… Standing on the top of the heavens for worship, it was inferior to go back to the mountains and see summer daydream…

The Divine Martial Stars

The earth is to be demolished by the fairy sect of the Milky Way, but people know nothing about it. A bloody fantasy story begins.

The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

A decision can destroy the sun, moon and stars. A finger can kill the Heavenly Overlord. While chatting, the Heaven and ten worlds can be annihilated. A poor little kid walks out from a remote mountain area while holding the Nine Dragons and the Incredible Cauldron. With a control over the time and space eternally, he embarks on the Path to God where he defies the odds of the boundless universe gaudily by fighting against royalty and clashing with the legendary generation.

The Domination of Martial Spirit

The good-for-nothing Childe starts his counterattack with the heaven shattering martial spirit, becoming the unprecedented genius in martial arts that shocks the whole continent. Wielding randomly formidable martial arts, he tramples all his enemies under his feet and dominates the realm of martial spirits. Clans with mysteries, domains unknown to all…slowly unfold in The Domination of Martial Spirit.

The Dragon’s Pet

Dragon spirits have always protected the land of Nanjiang. Chenxi, a quiet girl, accidentally becomes the reincarnated guardian of the dragon spirit Pixie, going from her current lifetime to Nanjiang, where Pixie, having lost its power, is now a piece of jade. A mystical saying leads to a massive brawl over the jade. Chenxi masquerades as the leader of a martial arts clan to protect jade, and meets a man who is a headhunter for jade. During the fighting, secrets are uncovered about Nanjiang. Thieves are not who they pretend to be, and the guardian job is much more complex. When human greed leads to the dragon’s anger, inevitable battles loom in Nanjiang.

The Emperor Descending the Heavens

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the Heavenly Imperial Palace tore open the void and entered the Wilderness, opening the Cultivation Era. Tens of thousands of years later, the youth entered the void and returned. After cultivating for a thousand years, he established the legend of being an undying. The Heavenly Imperial Palace opened, concealing the secrets of the ancient era, exposing the mysterious veil to the world. The mysterious Heavenly Mystery, Void Flows, Hell’s Yellow Springs, Ancient Sea of Stars, Ancient Dao of Stars, Ancient Desolation of Immortals, Ancient Realm of Heavens, Sea of Immortals, Shattered Dao Domain, and Divine Realm of the Nine Heavens were all born. However, in the vast world, all of this was just the tip of the iceberg.

The Empress’s Gigolo

In a world where its inhabitants can destroy a city wall single-handedly, the empress has a kirin as her pet, and the imperial palace of Great Xia has a pool containing a dragon. There is also a Sword Mountain where spirit swords occasionally leave in search of a master . Bootlicking the empress, Ren Baqian ascended to the apex of life.

The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

In her past life, Jun MuYan had a hard life and died miserably. Her unborn child was ripped from her to be refined as an elixir, and even her own flesh was used as someone else’s stepping stone. In this arduous life, she has an outwardly cold, adorable Bao (treasure/baby) beside her. “Xiao Bao, that woman who wants to form a contract with the sacred beast is Mommy’s enemy.” Thus, the top sacred beast becomes Xiao Bao’s pet. “Xiao Bao, this God Musician’s inheritance is too powerful!” Tiny hands move, and the place of inheritance opens. Jun MuYan becomes the only successor of the God Musician. “Xiao Bao, this man is always pestering Mommy and doesn’t let go!” Xiao Bao immediately strikes to drive said man away… hey, you can’t be driven away!? You’re my father? What father? Can you even eat that?

The Epic of Shatter Star

Real men have ambition. The storm descends once more. Even mortals cast of clay, you can shatter stars. After war waged by the hundred clans, war hero Sui Xingtuan* was framed as a traitor to the human clan. He was purged and met with destruction. The truth is buried in thousands of miles of sand sea under the surging yellow sands. Six years later, a slave merchant named Wen Qubing ascends to fame under the title of Skinflayer Wen. He specialized in hunting down those remnants once associated with Sui Xingtuan. However, behind this, there is a secret not known by anyone… The former location of god sealing, the Shatter Star lost storehouse, the young lady of the dragon clan, and the demon god’s descent, when all these factors come together, the curtains will rise on a new legend.

The Everlasting Supreme Immortal

Even in his dreams, he can laugh himself out of slumber. His pets are none other than the legendary Primordial Chaos Emperor Beasts. His pet chicken is the “Perpetual Purgatorial Phoenix”. His black cat is the “Primordial Chaos Thunder Fiend” whose power refines the myriad realms with thunder and lightning. Even his smallest pet is incapable of perishing by a trillion deaths, also known as “Myriad Realms’ Undying Beast”. Li Tianming will from then on control his ten Primordial Chaos Emperor Beasts to become the Everlasting Supreme Immortal. He will traverse the myriad realms and become the god of all! Living beings, be they immortals or demons, will tremble in his presence.

The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich

This is the story of a crazy lich carrying a game system and terrorizing an entire world. ” Let’s look at the daily quest today… These two bullshit choices again, destroy any city with 30 thousand and above people, rewards of 10 thousand evil points. Take the lollipops of three little kids, rewards of 1 point. If both are not done then -2 points.” “Ptui! You think I’m stupid, if I really destroy a city I’m guaranteed to spawn a squad of medieval paladins full of epic ranks to come and subdue me. At that time I won’t be able to spend anything. I’ll just kindly be my lollipop bandit.” I’ve already had enough of being a notorious lich, who says that liches can’t be good people? I definitely have to beat this damned system and be an upright good person.

The Favored Son of Heaven

Qin Fen had once been abandoned and broken until, one day, he picked up a liquid metal ball that turned his life upside down. This is the interplanetary era where Classical and Modern Wushu are competing. Classical Wushu enables followers to grow as powerful as dragons and elephants, whereas Modern Wushu enables followers to freeze monsters or even extinguish erupting volcanoes. Qin Fen steps onto the stage of both Classical and Modern Wushu while belonging to neither. With the exquisite combination of both Classical Wushu and modern technology, he will pave a way to become a legend. He is one of a kind, a favored son of heaven.

The Female Lead is a Black Lotus

An outwardly gentle, two-faced on the inside top x a silly, free and easy ordinary bottom What do you do if you tranmigrate into a villainess? Lin Siyi: Good thing the female lead is a holy mother. As long as I get along with her, I’ll be good. She wants to hug the female lead’s thigh to avoid death but finds out that the one who put the original body to death was actually the female lead?! The female lead she thought was a white lotus is actually completely a black lotus? Lin Siyi prepares to run. Nan Xueqing closes in step by step. “I never said I was a good person.” Since you’ve provoked me, do you think you can escape?