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The Fox Concubine

A royal fairy princess traveled to the human world with her pet fox, where the Heavenly Emperor befriended them at first before killing the princess for her royal blood. Before dying, the princess sent away part of the spirit belonging to Hua Mei’er, the fox’s baby. When the Heavenly Emperor realized having royal blood didn’t make him royal, he blocked Mei’er’s memory, and had his illegitimate son, Hu Xiaoyu, take care of the fox baby. After 1,000 years, the grown-up Mei’er lost her memory upon waking, and was told she was a fox spirit by the Fox Spirit Miaoli and that she ruled the mountain she inhabited. Mei’er soon suffered an ordeal where Xiaoyu came to her rescue. Xiaoyu said Mei’er was his wife, which Mei’er couldn’t accept, and she decided to escape with Miaoli. While the two of them were in the city, Mei’er inadvertently became an assassin and was ordered to kill the Lord of Xiaoyao, who was trying to rebel against the royals, and who actually turned out to be Xiaoyu, the man she has been avoiding. Mei’er became close to Xiaoyu after some time together, but after discovering his wandering eye, she left again, and was captured by Xiaoyu.

The General’s Genius Daughter

She was reborn as a strong sorcerer. The ruthless and mysterious South King appointed her as princess, doting on her tenderly; her cruel and powerful Master cherished her as a baby, teaching her everything; the gentle medicine saint treated her as a sweetheart; even his former fiancé began to show his gallantry. Oh, many attractive men wrapped around her, which of course attracted countless green-eyed guys.

The God Of Immortal law


The God of Medicine

Dandi was framed by a traitor Since then, there has been only one Qingyunzi in the world, and one more invincible one. Take the drug away How to reverse the sky, to my hand-Chinese medicine!…

The Golden Age

When you got the crown, you got the responsibility. If you didn’t have the responsibility, you would lose the crown. The day the young men looked up, the emperor was in no shape to keep ruling the country. So he started hunting for the crown. This was a tale about emperors being the prey.

The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years

The worst student of Westroad Academy. The disgrace of the Blake House. A new soul enters the body of Frey Blake, who couldn’t overcome his miserable life and chose death instead. “What’s with this body? I’ll have to work on tuning it from scratch.” The Great Mage Lucas Traumen, with the body of Frey Blake, gains a chance at revenge!

The Great Ruler

The Great Thousand World. It is a place where numerous planes intersect, a place where many clans live and a place where a group of lords assemble. The Heavenly Sovereigns appear one by one from the Lower Planes and they will all display a legend that others would desire as they pursue the road of being a ruler in this boundless world. In the Endless Fire Territory that the Flame Emperor controls, thousands of fire blazes through the heavens. Inside the Martial Realm, the power of the Martial Ancestor frightens the heaven and the earth. At the West Heaven Temple, the might of the Emperor of a Hundred Battles is absolute. In the Northern Desolate Hill, a place filled with thousands of graves, the Immortal Owner rules the world. A boy from the Northern Spiritual Realm comes out, riding on a Nine Netherworld Bird, as he charges into the brilliant and diverse world. Just who can rule over their destiny of their path on becoming a Great Ruler? In the Great Thousand World, many strive to become a Great Ruler.

The Host of an Ancient Spirit

Chen Feng, a young genius, was demoted and suffers all kinds of humiliation and set-backs. One day, he finds a secret pagoda and learns a supreme cultivation skill, which launches his new, invincible life. Beautiful girls throw themselves at him, powerful enemies are afraid of him… all because he has just become the ruler of this realm.

The Human Emperor

Author’s Synopsis: I cannot allow the people who I despise to rule this world! Therefore, Wang Chong stepped through a sea of blood and piles of bones to the throne of the human emperor. He succeeded despite all odds and accomplished a supreme legend. ———————————————————————— Sinwin’s Synopsis: Wang Chong was on the verge of death staring down the horde of mysterious soldiers. He put his final effort into killing his most hated enemy. His country, his people, everyone he loved were all gone… He died with regret. However, destiny has given him a second chance at life.

The Immortal Taoist

In his previous life, because of a cultivation technique that he could not cultivate, Sword Genius Ling Dao was hunted down by the Purple Vine Holy Land multiple times. Not long ago, the Purple Vine Holy Land killed many disciple of Ling Family s. In the end, he was still suppressed by a peerless expert at the bottom of the Divine Sword Mountain. Day and night, he suffered the pain of ten thousand arrows piercing his heart! After his reincarnation, he was Crown Prince Xiao Yao. However, because of the Sword Qi in his body, Ling Dao had become extremely weak, and was unable to cultivate. His mother had left him when he was five, in order to find a cure. His father had barged into the Celestial Dragon Forbidden Area for him a year ago and still had not returned. The King Carefree Palace had been annihilated, Jiang Zhong fled a thousand miles away with him, and Jiang Zhong, on top of the Celestial Sect, had been humiliated … The misfortune that followed after, was that it accidentally helped him to open the peerless Desolate Immortal Slaying Force cultivation technique, and from then on embarked on a journey that defies the heavens! ” It won’t be long before I make them regret their actions! “

The Inverted Dragon’s Scale

Born naturally defective but possessed by the spirit of a divine dragon. Inheriting the divine dragon’s will and power, growing scales and magical claws, imperial waters containing the breath of the dragon, travelling through clouds and summoning rain, an invincible physical body. In this world and era, countless men dream of slaying dragons. LiMuYang has always lived a hard life.

The Invincible Dragon Emperor

On the Great Land of China, forces clashed for the sake of supremacy and Bloodline Warriors ran amok; the conflict of the strong threatened to shatter heaven and earth. A young man named Lu Li—nothing more than a humble Coffin Carrier from the Northern Desert—came along with Lu Ling, his sister. The two were regarded as puny insects and bullied, but little did people know that Lu Li had the strongest Bloodline of them all in him. He mounted the most handsome of horses and drank the strongest of wines; He bedded the most beautiful of ladies and murdered the most hated of people; He told a huge lie and carried with him an ill-reputation undeserved; He traveled all by his lonesome and danced with devils; He had given his word that he would come back, that he would be strong. And it was because of this that she was still waiting in the city—alone.

The Jade Emperor Told Me to Live-stream!

Mo Ming: “I am following the orders of the Jade Emperor! Don’t try to stop me! Don’t try to stop me!”

The Kind Death God

Growing up in a thief’s den, Ah Dai remained innocent and kind. During one of his thieving runs, he was caught by a powerful alchemist, Ge Li Si, who took him along for his own reasons. Ah Dai’s life was forever changed. Fate lead him to save the number one assassin from the Continent. In order to bring about his revenge, the King of Assassins forcefully brought Ah Dai to a secluded town, and passed on his life’s learnings to him. Following an assassin, will Ah Dai become a demon? Blood sun high in the heavens, Evil will be born. Blood rain across the world, Calamity shall come. Thousand-year destruction to befall the Continent, Who is the Savior? The melding of Kindness and Evil, The fusing of Light and Dark. With the Phoenix’s Blood as guide, Pass all obstacles. With the Dragon’s Blood as bond, Love through eternity.

The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Gluttonous House’s auction had an exceptionally good furnace with a Yin constitution. Everybody wanted to obtain her. Suddenly the little girl in the golden cage opened her eyes, her aura was as cold as death. She was no longer the cowardly Nalan He Xi. She was the gold medal assassin of the 21st century, crossed over to become the good for nothing whom everyone bullied and humiliated. The Nalan manor’s third miss, Nalan He Xi. Her meridians were completely crippled with no possibility of ever being able to cultivate? She’s a genius doctor, this small wound is a simple matter to fix. A father who doesn’t care about her, a mother who doesn’t want her, and everyone is scheming against her? Humph, she doesn’t care, she has a storage space at hand and an unmatchable spiritual beast, while acting innocent she can easily destroy the small Nalan Manor! Ugly face, skin and bones for a body, no one wants her? In the blink of an eye she easily turns into a beauty that wars were fought for, immediately followed by a dozen good looking men as bodyguards! But there is an overbearing man always sticking to her after the auction. Who said I am destined for you? I am myself, no one can decide my future! A certain man says shamelessly “Then I am yours to do with right?”

The King Of Sword

Beng San is a orphan, aside from his name he didnt remember anything else. For years after he lost everything from the great flood, he only want to survive. But fate have different way for him. One fatefull encounter (thanks to his stomach) change everything in his life. Follow beng san as he travel around the world and face his fate.

The King of The Worlds

This is a world where a king is the most powerful. Being a king make you can travel through the world and choose the strongest people in the sub-worlds as retinues As long as countries are established in different dimension spaces, they can integrate their resources, land, civilization, and cultivation system into their own king’s world to expand their territories and accelerate the process of civilization. Qin Yi soon discovered that these dimensions were familiars to him from his previous life. in Naruto s world, the integration of ninja civilization, the whole people are ninja. into bleach world, conquer the world, expand the world map let the world evolve into a shinigami civilization. Is this just finished? No, everything is just beginning! Dragon Ball, journey to the west, Marvels, Pirates, all the sub-worlds, is the nourishment of the King’s world civilization! The first subject he met was Gandalf The first world is Naruto’s.

The Legend of Futian

In a time when the Divine Prefectures of the East Sea were in great disarray, Emperor Ye Qing and Donghuang the Great appeared to save the day. Under their rule, the prefectures united and all nations as well as their kings have been controlled. However, the legend of these two great heroes becomes altered when Emperor Ye Qing’s name is wiped from the history books after his sudden death. All statues and images of him were destroyed and his name a taboo. Only the legend of Donghuang the Great shall live on. Fifteen years later, a young man by the name of Ye Futian begins his journey in search for his true identity. The legend of Futian was going to be one for the history books.

The Legend of the Dragon King

Following the advancement of spirit technology, the humans of Douluo Continent conquered the ocean and discovered two new continents. After being hunted by spirit masters excessively, the spirit beasts are nearly extinct. After countless years of lying dormant, the King of the Spirit Beasts has awakened on the Great Star Dou Forest. It will lead its remaining clansmen in taking vengeance against humanity! Tang Wu Lin is determined to become a powerful Spirit Master. However, when he awakened his martial spirit, it was actually a… Incomparable talent. The battle of the Dragon King. The Legend of our Dragon King hereby begins.

The Legendary Master’s Wife

After an explosion, You XiaoMo finds that he is now a probationary disciple of the TianXin sect. However, he is one with dubious potential, so just when he starts to adapt to his new circumstances, he receives a piece of bad news. If he is unable to produce the required result after half a year to become an official disciple of the TianXin sect, he would be driven out of the sect. While You XiaoMo is going all out to make medicines and earn money, he runs into Ling Xiao. To his horror, he later discovers that Ling Xiao is really someone cloaked in human skin.