1LDK, Soshite 2JK

Alternative Names
1LDK、そして2JK。 ~26歳サラリーマン、女子高生二人と同居始めました~
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“Ehh…Uhmm…long time no see, sir”
(…….No way)

Komamura, a bachelor salaryman, has been entrusted to take care of his cousin, Kanon, A Gal JK.
Just as he was wrapping his head around the sudden change in his life as he went on with his work—

“Can I stay with you overnight?”
“Hey, I really think it’s better for you to head back home……”
“That’s the last thing I would ever want to do.”

He was in the city when surprisingly, responsibility came rolling in—
When he met the Runaway JK, Himari, at a loss on what to do.

“Kazu-nii, Himari. I made sukiyaki tonight.”
“Komamura-san, I-I’ll be washing your back…..!”
“All of you just go to bed!”

Their abrupt cohabitation that came out of nowhere.
A heartwarming home love comedy that’s spun from living with two high-school girls

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