A Misunderstood Mentor

Alternative Names
The Incident Where My Disciple Became the Most Powerful Among Humans Without My Knowledge, Which Established Me as the Ultimate Most Powerful Person Despite Me Having Absolutely No Strength
Uchi no deshi ga itsunomanika jinrui saikyou ni natteite, nanno sainou mo nai shishou no ore ga, sore wo koeru uchuu saikyou ni gonin sadasareteiru ken ni tsuite
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“Art thou the Sword Saint Alice’s master, the Grand Sword Saint Takumi?”

“Huh, wait, I think you’ve got the wrong person?”

After I was kicked out from my adventurer party, I lived out my retirement in the mountains.

However, my disciple became the strongest human in the world without my knowledge, which started the rumor that her master could only be the ultimate strongest person, eclipsing humanity. Hence, I now occupied rank one on the adventurer’s rankings.

An aspiring student, a dragon, a hero, and a demon lord all came flocking to me, completely misunderstanding everything.

Please stop.

I’m just a small fry, okay?

This is not a story about an OP MC.

It’s a comedy about a bunch of idiots who think I am.

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