House of Sweets ~un petit nid~

Alternative Names
Okashi no Ie ~un petit nid~
お菓子の家 〜un petit nid〜
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He only needed one thing important to him—and that would be enough.

Kase has been recently laid off. He’s dreading the job search process when Agi, the tough-looking owner of a bakery, calls out to him and gives him a job on the spot. Kase is unsociable and doesn’t know how to deal with people, and the warm friendly atmosphere of the bakery leaves him unsettled and confused. A fire at his apartment somehow ropes Kase into living with Agi, and as they spend more time together, Kase feels helplessly attracted to Agi’s gentle hands. The kinder that Agi treats him, the more Kase finds himself dependent on Agi, and Kase’s overflowing feelings almost overwhelm him…

Former yakuza turned bakery owner x Antisocial loner trapped in the chains of the past

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