After Being Extorted

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Warning: The title may be misleading, NOT about BDSM.

The story of how a beautiful fragile shou, who initially thought that he was the one forcing the other person into a one-sided love affair, but somehow he ended up being continuously forced into tears by that certain someone. (and he still thought it was his fault.)

In his hot-blooded youth, Su Yuan fell for Ning Jun the moment he first laid eyes on him. With his then-influential family background, Ning Jun became his target and he even resorted to underhand tactics to extort and force him.

Flash forward to a couple of years later, and Su Yuan was no longer the respected and feared only-child of the Su Family. However, the reluctant target of his forced passions of the past, Ning Jun, was now an extremely popular person…

Su Yuan felt that he owed Ning Jun a lot, and that’s why his guilt-filled self could not deny Ning Jun anything, and there was nothing Ning Jun asked of him that he did not do.

Note: Not heavy smut…

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