Beast Piercing The Heavens

Alternative Names
Shou Po Cang Qiong


1. Anyone who has a heart disease… Please, don’t read any further.

2. Anyone who is emotionally fragile… Please, don’t read any further.

3. Anyone who is less intelligent… Please, don’t read any further.

4. Anyone who is reading other xianxia novels… Please, don’t read any further. After reading ‘Beast Piercing The Heavens’, you’ll find that other novels are an insult to your intelligence.

Only for those who believe in this novel, and are willing to give up the entire forest for this single tree… Please, read it!


1. A lot of foreshadowing and suspense.

2. Full of logic and reasoning.

3. A lot of innovative writing skills.

4. The plot is of high quality.

5. Master Sun’s Art of War has been utilized in combat.

6. The cultivation and weapons are described in concise phrases, to enhance readability.

7. The protagonist is vivid and substantial. He distinguishes himself from the masses with his chivalrous disposition, while his personality is a mixture of lofty heroism and an endless romantic.

The above synopsis and conclusions are drawn from the reviews of Chinese readers towards this book, and are not representative of Xianxiaworld.

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