Beastly Fēi that Go Against the Heaven: Coerced by the Huáng Shū

Alternative Names
Nì tiān shòu fēi: Huáng shū dàrén jié gè sè

“Master, there is someone who cursed that HuángFēi is an evil star”

“Cut his tongue and feed it to dogs.” A certain Wáng said softly.

“Master, there is someone who accidentally bumped into HuángFēi.”

“Chop his hand and feed it to the wolves.” Even with an indifferent tone, a certain Wáng seemed to have a possessive nature.

“Master, there is someone who said that HuángFēi has ran away.”


A certain Wáng narrowed his eyes and sneered: “It’ll be the best if she doesn’t get caught by BěnWáng, otherwise BěnWáng will certainly let her know, what is called ‘yùbàbùnéng’.”

A modern era special agent crossed the world and become a wolf girl, originally believed that she’d played around with wolfs all the time, in the end she really did, but this ‘wolf’ wasn’t a wolf at all, he was actually a perverted wolf!

* Fēi/HuángFēi : Imperial Concubine

* HuángShū : Imperial Uncle

* Wáng : King/Prince (under the Emperor)

* BěnWáng : the way Wáng address himself.

* yùbàbùnéng : idiom, cannot stop even if he/she wants to.


By: raltzero

* The synoposis above is technically correct. This is if you want to read a synopsis that doesn’t have Chinese pinyin in it.

“Heaven-Defying Bestial Imperial Concubine: Seized By The Emperor’s Uncle”

“Your Majesty, someone cursed the Imperial Concubine to be a demon star.”

“Cut his tongue and feed it to dogs.” A certain King said in a light and gentle manner.

“Your Majesty, someone’s hand accidentally bumped into the Imperial Concubine.”

“Chop his hand and feed it to wolves.” In an indifferent manner, a certain King said possessively.

“Your Majesty, someone said that the Imperial Concubine ran away.”

“Ran away?” A certain King’s sharp eyes narrowed, then said with a sneer: “It’s best if she doesn’t get caught by this King, otherwise this King will let her become aware of what ‘wanting to stop but can’t’ means.

A modern era crossed over to become a wolf-girl. She originally believed that she could dance around with wolves, and in the end she truly did, but this ‘wolf’ was one of those wolves. He was a perverted wolf!!

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