Hello, Old Times

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‘Mary Sue’ is a an illness of ‘thinking oneself is the main lead’, we all suffer from it. Don’t be alarmed about it being infectious, it is only declaring the start of growing up. This is a story of the growth of a little girl, perhaps this is also your story. She is Xia Nu, Athena, Tsukino Usagi, Flower Angel*, Siri Tachi, Madame White Snake…..

She thinks that everyone loves her, the world is waiting for her to come to the rescue. Yet she never expected that this world couldn’t be saved by anyone, the only thing she could do, was to grow up. Peter Pan has finally walked to the end of childhood, the time of youth is standing at the end of growing up and looking back, the rough and bumpy road has finally turned into flowers in full bloom.

*[Xia Nu (it can also mean a female fighter/warrior) – A Touch of Zen, Tsukino Usagi is from Sailor Moon, Flower Angel is from Hana no Ko Lunlun, Siri Tachi is from Star Wars, Madame White Snake is from New Legend of Madame White Snake.]

Released Novels
Novel Chapter
Chapter 95 4 days ago
Chapter 94 1 week ago
Chapter 93 1 month ago
Chapter 92 1 month ago
Chapter 91 1 month ago
Chapter 90 2 months ago
Chapter 89 2 months ago
Chapter 88 2 months ago
Chapter 87 2 months ago
Chapter 86 2 months ago
Chapter 85 3 months ago
Chapter 84.2 3 months ago
Chapter 84.1 3 months ago
Chapter 83 4 months ago
Chapter 82 4 months ago
Chapter 81 5 months ago
Chapter 79 5 months ago
Chapter 78 5 months ago
Chapter 77 6 months ago
Chapter 76 6 months ago
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