High Comprehension Low Strength

Alternative Names
Need for strong comprehension less work information

Taking up his father’s post, protecting the goddess, an uncommon road for cultivating to immortality. The Xiao family’s dandy Xiao Chen has been degraded to being the trash son of the clan, his father’s whereabouts unknown, his fiancée became the mistress, Xiao Chen became his fiancée’s servant, and most lamentable at is that not only does he not get paid, he even has to pay rent! Only… all this is unimportant, there is spring for unlucky youths as well…

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Chapter 55 1 year ago
Chapter 54 1 year ago
Chapter 53 1 year ago
Chapter 52 1 year ago
Chapter 51 1 year ago
Chapter 50 1 year ago
Chapter 49 1 year ago
Chapter 48 1 year ago
Chapter 47 1 year ago
Chapter 46 2 years ago
Chapter 45 2 years ago
Chapter 44 2 years ago
Chapter 43 2 years ago
Chapter 42 2 years ago
Chapter 41 2 years ago
Chapter 40 2 years ago
Chapter 39 2 years ago
Chapter 38 2 years ago
Chapter 37 2 years ago
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