The City of Terror

Alternative Names

What the hell is this, what the hell had happened here?

Only a night passed by, just why and when did this house become so dilapidated?

The floor and the table had all been covered by dust; the newly posted Zhan Liangying poster on the wall had been tattered and fully worn-out. Why and when did his charming handsome face transformed into an old monster? Even his laughing faces sending the chills down the spine.

Cobwebs scattered and covered the wall like a mist. A withered orange and blackened rotten apple covered by mildew lay motionlessly on small table in the corner of the room, covered by filth as if it was taken from the mud; the aluminum frame windows glass grayed out as it was covered by thick ash; while layer of lights penetrated silk-sized small cracks on windows glass.

A monitor screen on the table next to the bed had all been covered by the cobwebs, accompanied with a dirty cup filled with filth covering a withered insect body inside…

The air filled with a slightly choking smelly dust.

Everything seemed so grayed out as if it was in black and white old movies.

A night had gone by, and everything aged as if a century had been passed.

Mother… is this a dream?

It must be a dream!!!

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