Waiting for a Sunny Day

Alternative Names
Meeting You is Brightly Colored
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Xiao Qing makes a solemn vow in front of her good friends. If she is married, it will not be with hot stock with momentum to rise rapidly. Rising so quickly will certainly not last long. Neither will she marry an unpopular stock that has been falling. Waiting until the hair is white but still not having risen, you will have found that you’ve lost to the point of desiring to jump from a building. If you want to look around, find a potential stock with a good and bright future prospects. However, it is very difficult to find a potential stock, so Xiao Qing has no qualms about wandering the world, marriage completely out of mind.

One day, she meets a potential stock who suddenly says he wants to marry her.

Xiao Qing says that marriage is just like a tomb. “I am still too young so I do not want to lie down in the tomb this early.”

The potential stock says, “A person ultimately has to die once. Early demise, early to be reincarnated.”

In short, this is an out of line woman meeting a belly black (fu hei) male, an inevitable clash between opposing factions and an accident arising from many causes… first marriage then love story.

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