Wolves’ Den

Alternative Names
狼窝 (NP肉监狱)
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She was kidnapped— kidnapped and put into a private men’s prison.

“In this prison, if you are not obedient… be prepared to face the consequences.”

“Damn it, what are you crying for? Open your eyes!”

Bai Zhi cowered into the corner.

She was like a little lamb dropped into a den of wolves. One wrong move and she’ll be eaten alive.

—In short, this is the story of a pure and sweet FL domesticating a pack of prison wolves. The meat is fragrant and the plot is a little mind-boggling, but this pseudo-thriller is a truly wholesome story.

There will be…

The Beastmen’s huge thing filled with thick essence.

Being pounded and expanded by giant beasts from the front and back.

Being tied up to the bed doing h with the beastmen.

The giant barbed thing of the beastmen husband.

The female lead quick transmigrates and is h’ed by all sorts of wild beasts.

The Male leads are all beastmen, all smut.

Imprisonment with NP (numerous partners) novel.

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