Zombie Girl, Where Are You?

Alternative Names

When I was young she brought me to a new world, her world. It has been seven years since then, does she still remember who I am?

Book One Summary: This kid, he seems pretty interesting. The zombie queen picked up a small boy due to her boredom, could this kid grow up to become somebody?

Book Two Summary: Leaving her was never my choice, if I appeared in front of her again, can she guarantee to still remember me? Also, how does some random kid become worthy enough to stand besides her?

Book Three Summary: Three different women on stage, three different men who walked the same path, an upright man refuse to control his newly wedded wife and sets off in search of his own woman.

Book Four Summary: I will find the person who I can eat and sleep with, the dark night sky being decorated by the stars, I want to see it with her.

Released Novels
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Chapter 4 7 years ago
Chapter 3 7 years ago
Chapter 2 7 years ago
Chapter 1 7 years ago
Zombie Girl, Where Are You Prologue 7 years ago
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