A Billion Stars Can’t Amount to You

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Time stopped at eighteen for Ji Yi, and now all she wants to do is pick up from where she left off. Her career depends on it, and on top of that, she has to survive a fake marriage turned real! Some missed opportunities are irreplaceable, and some misunderstandings between them have proven near-fatal, but for He Jichen, he isn’t just a pretty face—he’s an opportunist. They may have lost their prime years together, but He Jichen is more than willing to spend his remaining years with her. If only she would just trust him… Will Ji Yi be able to find true love in this life? Can she outmaneuver all the snakes plotting her downfall? Only time will tell…

Released Novels
Novel Chapter
Chapter 613 9 hours ago
Chapter 612 9 hours ago
Chapter 611 21 hours ago
Chapter 610 21 hours ago
Chapter 608 1 day ago
Chapter 609 1 day ago
Chapter 607 1 day ago
Chapter 606 1 day ago
Chapter 604 2 days ago
Chapter 605 2 days ago
Chapter 602 2 days ago
Chapter 603 2 days ago
Chapter 600 3 days ago
Chapter 601 3 days ago
Chapter 598 3 days ago
Chapter 599 3 days ago
Chapter 597 4 days ago
Chapter 596 4 days ago
Chapter 594 4 days ago
Chapter 595 4 days ago
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