A Consensual Marriage

Alternative Names
합의 결혼
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“Please marry me.”

Sei, who was just twenty years old, asks Min-hyuk to marry her without any hesitation.

“Does Yun-sei want to marry me?”


“But you and I are nine years apart.”

“So what? Is it illegal?”

Min-hyuk is embarrassed by her unbelievably calm and stubborn attitude towards her her age.

Eventually, the two marry each other according to the interests of their families and not for the needs of each other.

Saying that she would live like a doll, she stays with Min-hyuk quietly throughout her marriage.

Minhyuk always feels curious and compassion from his wife who acts like an adult, and finds out that there are secrets she wants to hide from him.

One day, when she had unknowingly occupied a larger portion in Min-hyuk’s heart, she said.

“Please divorce me.”

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