A Joyful Happenings in the House – The Gentle and Virtuous Man that Fall from the Sky

Alternative Names
A Joyful Happenings in the House
Jia You Xi Shi
The Gentle and Virtuous Man that Fall from the Sky
Tian Jiang Xian Shu Nan
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——Do you know, what the beings called men are supposed to act like?

——Virtuous and gentle; must follow the three orders and four virtues; obey their own mother in their house and once married, obey their wife, and when the wife passed away, they must follow what the women ordered them to; that’s the rules of Dong Nu Tribe.

——Since you’ve stolen all the work that a woman is supposed to do, what am I supposed to do? Let me tell you, how a man should be!
They need to have large build, there must be three buttons left unbuckled. When they walk, they should looked unrestrained, and when they are standing, they should look casual and elegant. At times they will smoke, and raises my chin with one of the hand, lowering their head and puffs out all the smoke into my face. Looking at me with a worn out, deep, helpless, sad and luring eyes and say:”Woman, from now on, you shall be mine.”

——You prefer this type of……beast and animal?

Alright, no matter how frivolous Dear Wife is, I won’t go over the line and inquire about it. But if we don’t get married first, you won’t ever be that beast’s woman.

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