A Sword of Frost

Alternative Names
Yi Jian Shuang Han
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Rumours are circulating throughout the kingdom that Prince Xiao, Ji Yanran, is highly skilled in martial arts, possessing an elegant and refined bearing.

An esteemed royal descendant like this would definitely marry someone who is accomplished in the Four Arts, and proficient in cooking and preparing tea in the future.

Ordinary people simply have no chance.

Inside the Xiao Mansion.

On this day, Ji Yanran had caught the winter chill and was confined to his bed.

Yun Yifeng went to personally cook for him – rinsing the rice, picking fresh vegetables and brewing a pot of chicken soup.

A moment later, His Royal Highness Prince Xiao rushed over in spite of his illness. Head spinning and vision blurred, he asked in concern, “The servants all said that you were messing about in the kitchen. Yun’er, who are you trying to kill again?”

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