Adventurer’s Unique Skill 『RPG』 ~With Only Using the Level System, I easily Powered Up~

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In the world that when one becomes an adult (18yrs old), you’ll get a random skill.
Our Protagonist Kurt just became 18, however what he got was not a Normal Skill.
It was a special skill that among the ten of the thousands only one can get, a Unique Skill.

The skill was 『RPG』.

It was similar to a character leveling their skills on the game.
But, not all unique skills are necessarily strong.
Among them exist outrageous trash skills. At first glance, Kurt’s unique skill seems like trash.
But, that is a terrible misunderstanding……

The level rise if an enemy is defeated.
As the level increases, one can acquire Normal Skills.
An enemy whose level is lower can be defeated easily because of the level difference correction.
Even a dragon’s flame is like a warm breeze in the face of the level correction.

When it is properly raised, then its real value will surface.
Kurt’s Unique Skill is unmistakably a Godly Skill.

This is the tale of an adventure who became the strongest on the world that started from a small countryside village.

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