After the Hero Broke the Engagement With Me, the Village Girl, I Became an Amateur Tamer, but I Can Tame People Too!

Alternative Names
Yūsha ni kon'yaku haki sa retanode mura musume kara akogareno teimā ni nattakedo, teimu tte hito ni mo dekita ndesu ne.
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It’s been 3 years since I promised to marry the brave hero.

But hero, who defeated the demon king and saved the world, after returning didn’t remember the village girl Setsuna at all.

“Good Luck!”

She shouted, before fleeing from the scene.

Setuna, who was basically a girl with no common sense, planned to quit her job of farmer girl of village and switch to her dream job … a tamer!

But …

On the field in the application form, she chose “captives trainer”.

She jokingly tried out her skills on her childhood friend, the guild’s receptionist, Lilim, and to her surprise, it was a success!

She looked disconcerted at Lilim, who started calling her by her nickname.

“It isn’t a hobby!”

This is the story of a village girl who has a power that can brought even the heroes (and friends) to their knees.

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