An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are S*aves, Form A S*aves Only Harem Guild

Alternative Names
(Old Title: S Rank Boukensha no Ore wa Dorei no Kanojora to Tomo ni, Dorei dake no Harem Guild wo Tsukuru)
Uragirareta S Rank Boukensha no Ore wa, Aisuru Dorei no Kanojora to Tomoni Dorei dake no Harem Guild wo Tsukuru
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An S Rank Adventurer that’s feared by everybody, Egil, had only done monster subjugations alone the whole time since becoming an Adventurer.

But one day, Egil was brought along by an acquaintance to a s*ave auction.

Something like a s*aveーーwas what Egil had thought but, when he fell in love at first sight with a virgin s*ave called Eleanor, he knocked down with all the gold he earned from quests without any hesitation.

But she has a secret. It is that she holds a strong resentment towards her childhood friend Adventurer who sold her off to a s*ave trader and she has set her heart on revenge. Egil who learned of that, vowed to lend a hand in that revenge.

Not all s*aves are badーー.

Afterwards, those girls who are s*aves gather around Egil and ended up being together with him.

This is a tale of the world’s strongest S Rank Adventurer, Egil, forming a harem guild with those girls who are s*aves and travelling the world.

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