Eroge Reincarnation  ~Please don’t collect Onee-chan’s CGs~

Alternative Names
エロゲ転生  ~お姉ちゃんのCGは回収しないで下さい~
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When she thought she reincarnated into an eroge, her little brother who was the game’s protagonist was also a reincarnator. Plus he was her past life’s little brother too!? The protagonist’s sister and not a capturable target but with plenty of ero events ‘Alice’ , as she evades her ero events she seeks the True Ending with her slightly disappointing little brother ‘Dean’. But she can’t avoid the ero events……。 ※Erogame characters with a low sense of virtue. It will progress with main story sister’s pov with brother’s pov as supplements. Roughly planned to be R18, tentacles and such are present. It’s romance, but the romantic interest is not the brother.

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