I Have Paid Too Much For This Home

Alternative Names

Su Xingchen inherited a house, where a rare spatial overlap occurred inside.

The person who ‘cohabited’ with him was a young and handsome entrepreneurial elite. This president was very pitiful. Everyday, he didn’t eat well or sleep well, and even had nightmares at night.

Since they happened to live ‘together,’ Su Xingchen also helped the other person cook and clean in passing.

For example, when eating glutinous rice chicken with scallops for breakfast, he shared some. When eating beef stew with carrots and shredded cucumber salad for lunch, he shared some. When eating bitter melon scrambled eggs at night … Oh, don’t like bitter melon? Ok, have pork stir-fry with black fungus instead!

One month later, Su Xingchen was pleased to discover that the president had been fattened up by him (don’t you think?)!

However, what Su Xingchen thought was a mutually harmonious companionship, somehow turned into the other person’s ‘white moonlight’ (unattainable love).

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