Rescuing the Supporting Character

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The ending of fairy taled is usually a happy ending of the hero and heroine. As for the supporting characters, who will care about their happiness? However, having such a bad thought one day, they suddenly turn dark. They want to revolt, and they don’t want to be the main couple’s stepping stone for their ‘True love’ again. Oh my god! What’s about the plot? What kind of story will it play out with a character like this? Can it still run smoothly? The hero and the heroine are going to be crippled by the supporting character!!!!! Well, there’s actually a project to save the plot from it. By nipping the bud of all evil thoughts from them, and let the hero and heroine live together in happiness. The named of this project is ‘To save the supporting character’. All executors must dutifully do their work, and as for the mean to achieve it? Oh! That’s not worth mentioning~
No matter whether it is a white cat or black cat, if that cat can catch a mouse then it is a good cat.

黑猫白猫 — This is called ‘Black cat or white cat theory’, derived from Deng Xiaoping’s famous conversation. The saying is ‘No matter whether it is a white cat or black cat, if that cat can catch a mouse then it is a good cat’.

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