This MC Is Kickass

Alternative Names
Quánxí wǎngyóu, zhège nǚ zhǔ diǎo zhà tiān
This MC is Kickass

While creating her character, the game’s system randomly generated a “unique” name for her.

To avoid being recognized by her friends in reality, Shen Jingbin went for broke and made her in-game character look as ugly as possible, turning her into the ugliest character in the game.

But who would have thought that these days, even NPCs would judge her based on her looks! What should she do now?!

Thankfully, she had enough luck to overturn that. Hidden quests, amazing pets and top quality equipment were all lined up for her taking.

Even male gods were offering themselves up to her!…

Released Novels
Novel Chapter
Chapter 325 1 month ago
Chapter 324 1 month ago
Chapter 323 1 month ago
Chapter 322 1 month ago
Chapter 321 1 month ago
Chapter 320 1 month ago
Chapter 319 1 month ago
Chapter 318 1 month ago
Chapter 316 317 1 month ago
Chapter 315 2 months ago
Chapter 314 2 months ago
Chapter 313 2 months ago
Chapter 312 2 months ago
Chapter 311 2 months ago
Chapter 310 2 months ago
Chapter 309 2 months ago
Chapter 308 2 months ago
Chapter 307 2 months ago
Chapter 306 2 months ago
Chapter 305 2 months ago
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