Ultimate Scheming System

Alternative Names

I am the best when it comes to taking divergent paths. With just a flip of my hand, I shall take the path less commonly travelled. I search far and wide, only to find myself unbeatable and unrivaled. So now I ask, who else can match my awesomeness?

Acting tough is second nature to me and I am a lone wolf.

The road is long and winding but I shan’t feel lonely as long as I am able to act tough!

Life and death bore me and I do whatever I deem fit.

“Young man, way back when I started acting tough, you were still learning how to put on your underpants!” Xu Que thus decided to take the path of acting tough. He decided to act tough every single god-damned day. If he wasn’t acting tough, he was scheming for the best way to act tough!

Released Novels
Novel Chapter
Chapter 814 1 day ago
Chapter 813 1 day ago
Chapter 811 2 days ago
Chapter 812 2 days ago
Chapter 807 4 days ago
Chapter 808 4 days ago
Chapter 806 5 days ago
Chapter 805 5 days ago
Chapter 801 1 week ago
Chapter 802 1 week ago
Chapter 799 1 week ago
Chapter 800 1 week ago
Chapter 794 1 week ago
Chapter 793 1 week ago
Chapter 791 1 week ago
Chapter 792 1 week ago
Chapter 789 1 week ago
Chapter 790 1 week ago
Chapter 787 2 weeks ago
Chapter 788 2 weeks ago
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