When Xiaoxiang Guys Meet A Jinjiang Girl

Alternative Names
Dāng xiāoxiāng nán zāoyù jìnjiāng nǚ
Khi Nam Tiêu Tương Gặp Nữ Tấn Giang
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This is a story about how a female character in Jinjiang made others suffer after having discovered her tragic fates under the pen of the author.

The protagonist says, “If I’m thrown into misfortunes by heaven, I’ll have to turn the entire world into tragedies.

The lord, king, general, scholar, master of evil cult who don’t do anything important, but only talk about sex or love, will have to pay direly.

If you don’t go to hell, who will?”

In an illogical place like this, where any bizzarre things can happen out of nowhere, the heroine will transform into the Ultra(wo)man, fend off ugly monsters and keenly twist sufferings into honor.

Note: Xiaoxiang & Jinjiang are 2 largest web literature sites for Chinese novels. Xiaoxiang novels often have male leads lacking ethics & noble qualities => slag heroes

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