You’ve Been Fired!

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Bai Duanduan fell in love at first sight with a man in the waiting area of a restaurant. His gaze was profound, expression forbidding, and he was even frowning slightly, like a fairy descending into this world.

She decided to take the initiative. When the man received her request to exchange numbers, he showed a charming smile and—

This handsome man took Bai Duanduan’s restaurant pager and gave her the pager he had just taken. “Oh, number 89, it’s almost my turn. I’ll exchange my 250 with you.”


The man smiled gently. “Thank you.”


The second time they met by coincidence, Bai Duanduan had not given up and decided to persevere. But just as she was about to strike up a conversation, he picked up the phone—

“Who’s the opposing lawyer? Bai Duanduan? Wants a settlement? Dream on.”

“In this world, is there any case I, Ji Lin, cannot win or any high-ranking official I cannot get rid of?”

WTF! The person I’ve set my sights on is the legal community’s infamous eccentric Ji Lin?!

UPDATE SCHEDULE [tianshumeng]: Sporadic since I’m currently working on 4 different novels. I will try to stick to a once every two weeks schedule but may update faster or slower depending on how busy I am.

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