Yukine-chan’s Other World Reincarnation

Alternative Names
Yukine-chan no Isekai Tensei ~Watakushi, Tensei Shitara Kyūketsuki ni Nacchatta!? Aite no Chi wo Nondara Aite no Nōryoku ga Kopī Dekiru!? Watakushi ga Onegaishita no wa Sōzō wo Genjitsukasuru Mahō Nandakedo!?~(Kari)
雪音ちゃんの異世界転生 〜私、転生したら吸血鬼になっちゃった!?相手の血を飲んだら相手の能力がコピーできる!?私がお願いしたのは想像を現実化する魔法なんだけど!?〜(仮)
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I, Ookami Yukine.A girl who has been hospitalized for a long time since a child due to severe pain from unknown cause.When I realized, I was already dead.I learned this after I died, but the cause of the sever pain was enormous magical power generated in my body! No one in the hospital would know this.With that, even if I was reborn on earth, the same thing will repeat itself, so the God of earth asked the other world’s God to take my soul.Then, when I asked the other world’s God, the other world is full of monster!? She’s cruel, right!? Because a weakling like me is going to live there, I made a wish to the God! So, what I wished was granted but, my race was changed to demon…Well, I’m grateful for this body, right? Thanks to God that I will not die in another world! Eh? The tone is different with the beginning of the story? I think that I lose my temper midway, but this kind of tone is right, don’t you think? Sometimes, I go back using the tone.For the time being. my goal is not to die in another world! My dream is to travel everywhere richly and enjoying beautiful scenery of the other world!

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